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Tradeshow Contacts
Sales Director - Printed Electronics, Graphene
+44 (0)1223 812300
Sales Director - Printed Electronics, Graphene & 3D Printing
+44 (0)1223 810297
Sales Director: Wearable Technology and Sensors
+44 (0)1273 900 810
Printed electronics demonstration. Number of printing and process steps in interactive sessions, printing functional inks

Manufacturing Street

See printed electronics being made!

Manufacturing Street is a live multi-technology printed electronics demonstration area in the tradeshow. It brings together organisations in the supply chain who will demonstrate a number of printing and process steps in interactive sessions throughout the event, printing functional inks.

Manufacturing Street provides a unique opportunity to see a combination of processes in one place. As the equipment is being set up, used and all the process steps made, experts will talk you through everything that is happening, covering what you need to know about printing electronics - along with all the secrets!

The "Manufacturing Street tour"

This will take attendees through the steps of manufacturing this yearb€s hand out demonstrators, shedding light onto the materials, manufacturing processes and integration of devices that takes place in order to deliver a complete product in the consumerb€s hands. For more information and to register for these tours, please contact Chris Clare at C.Clare@IDTechEx.com

Feedback from past Manufacturing Street contributors:

We worked with IDTechEx to reflect the readiness of printed electronics, through Manufacturing Street and the demonstrators. We got fantastic feedback on it, and it is helping us to strengthen supply chain relationships as well. The end-users we spoke with responded well, and this gives them confidence going forward that many of the challenges have been worked out and the industry is now addressing system-scale optimization. We have shown that printed electronics is closer to volume use than people realized.