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PassAgeNow! (PAN) - Bringing you Anything & Everything CONTACTLESS. Now, The Age of CONTACTLESS Has Arrived!
At the dawn of the contactless era, PAN magazine was conceived & launched since the beginning of 2007 (after its sister publication - CardsNow!Asia (CNA) - achieved the world's No. 1 status since October 2004).
Building on the successful foot steps of CNA, PAN strives to be the industry's most preferred and referred publication with features on the industry's most experienced and trusted experts and professionals.
When you think of promoting & reaching out to your contactless industry's customers worldwide, remember that PAN has the network ability to reach your target audience most effectively, just like how CNA does it, as the world's current No.1 trade & technology magazine for the cards industry.
PAN has a circulation of about 27,000 copies every issue (and an estimated global readership of 80,000) reaching out to nearly 100,000 contactless industry professionals.
Business Weekly Eastern England
Business Weekly, headquartered in Cambridge UK, is the voice of Europe's innovation capital - the East of England - and circulates only to senior executives.
Still in private ownership after almost 20 years, Business Weekly offers a unique cross-media coverage of major industries and tech clusters that embraces its core print edition, a thriving e-paper and downloads to mobile.
While it covers the activities of East of England companies, the majority of these operate internationally and Business Weekly's newspaper and website have a global reach.
While 71% of web traffic is generated from the UK, 13% comes from the United States, 2% each from China, India and Canada and just under 2% from each of the following - Germany, France, Ireland, Australia and Spain.
Subscribers include electronics companies in the US and Japan and digital printing and major industrial players in every country on the planet. Business Weekly works with UK government agencies and major corporate influencers to facilitate new trade and investment for its executive subscribers.
CircuiTree is the only global magazine covering printed circuit board manufacture. Its monthly blend of technical and business articles are complemented by columnists who are regarded as industry experts. CircuiTree also translates technical articles into Chinese for its Asian edition. Please visit our website for a free subscription or advertising information.
Compound Semiconductor
Compound Semiconductor is the only print magazine serving the III-V and II-VI industry. It has a global circulation (BPA audited) in established, growing and emerging areas of the market. Our subscribers meet our strict terms of control so that we can guarantee you the best route to reach your target customer. Compound Semiconductor delivers unrivalled coverage of GaAs and III-V integrated circuits, LEDs, photovoltaics, telecom components and wide-bandgap semiconductors, and it is a must-read publication for anyone working in this industry. There will be eight issues published in 2009, plus three supplements and an enhanced version of the annual Buyer's Guide.
Further information is available on our website
GravurExchange is an independent Web-based enterprise promoting the global gravure industry. Its mission is to gather gravure information from around the world and make it available to industry players via its Web postal, which is populated with an industry calendar, news, print glossary, and an extensive Resource Guide. GravurEzine, GravurExchange's e-magazine, launched in November 2006 and reaches out to 5,000+ gravure professionals worldwide. Visit the website to download your free copy.
Going To Meet is a database of relevant events around the world. It maintains a wide list of interests ranging from science, culture, technology, race, religion, and many others. Along with its easy-to-use search engine, it also serves as a one-stop-website to knowing the most important details in every event.
Ink World Magazine
Ink World is the largest trade magazine in the world covering the US$15+ billion global printing ink industry, reaching over 5,000 subscribers worldwide. Ink World's editors and correspondents provide extensive and accurate reporting with incisive articles on the companies, the people and the trends in the global printing ink industry.
Please visit our web site for further information:
Rodman Media
70 Hilltop Rd.
Ramsey, NJ 07446
201-825-2552 / Phone
201-825-0553 / Fax
Label & Narrow Web
Label & Narrow Web Label & Narrow Web magazine (circulation 10,500+) is devoted to the global manufacture of labels and other products using narrow web technology, and covers business trends, technologies, products, and events
Institute of Nanostructured Materials & Photonics (Europe)
JOANNEUM RESEARCH has 14 research centres and is one of the largest non-university research institutions in Austria. Our role as an innovative partner for business and administration is reflected in our wide range of services: apart from applied research and development for small and medium-sized enterprises we offer custom-designed technical business consulting and vast expertise in interdisciplinary management of complex research contracts at a national and international level. Research is geared to the demands of business. We develop and improve products and processes in the fields of geological sciences and the environment, biotechnology and environmental technology, electronics and information processing, materials and processing as well as economy and technology.
Institute of Packaging and Graphic Arts
Croatian Institute of Packaging and Graphic Arts was founded in 2001 under the auspices of Tectus Ltd. with the aim of fostering business cooperation between Croatian economy, foreign companies and international organizations, and promoting the packaging and graphic arts professions.
This is achieved by the continual publishing activities, professional assemblies, consultations and the organization of the annual award for best packaging in Croatia - CROPAK, thanks to which the packaging of Croatian products is presented globally. Its main goal is to promote and reward technological advancements of packaging as a means of protection, identification and promotion of a product.
IAT is also publishing 'Ambalaza' (Packaging) and 'CROprint', the only trade journals for the packaging and graphic arts industries in Croatia. They are highly targeted and distributed across the packaging and printing sector of the region.
In 2008, the Institute became a member of WPO (World Packaging Organization) and EPIC (European Packaging Institutes Consortium). Web page of the Institute is
OLED is founded in 2005 and is the leading OLED information website on the internet today. Our goal is to inform and to give a comprehensive resource for people which are interested in the OLED Display technology.
OLED-Info is the leading OLED web site on the internet today. OLED-Info is a comprehensive resource for OLED professionals, and for people who want to learn more about this exciting new technology. OLED-Info focuses on Organic LEDs, a new display technology that promises to deliver thin, power efficient and bright displays.
Organic and Printed Electronics (OPE) Magazine
Organic & Printed Electronics serves professionals involved in the development, integration and utilization of organic and printed electronics products and technologies in North America. The publication provides a cost-effective way for vendors providing products and services for the organics and printed electronics marketplace to reach qualified buyers and specifiers with a magnitude that has not been possible before.
Packaging Essentials
Packaging & Converting Essentials supports the online marketing activities of suppliers to the packaging, converting, graphical and related industries via posting of industry related news releases and a supplier-website focused directory. The topics cover materials manufacturing and converting, the graphical industry, the packaging industry equipment manufacturing and supply-chain related activities. The target groups are companies and professionals active in the printing, converting, packaging, retail and distribution industries.
Printed Electronics World
Printed Electronics World provides you with a daily update of the latest industry developments. Running for over 10 years this free portal covers the progress to printed electronics in all its forms - from transistor circuits to power, sensors, displays, materials and manufacturing.
Hosted and written by IDTechEx, the leading printed electronics analyst and event organiser, articles provide commentary, analysis and give a balanced view of the issue. You can opt-in for an email to be sent to you every Wednesday listing the new articles posted in the previous week. We aim to make this service your most valuable tool for keeping up to date with the printed electronics industry.
PV-Tech/Photovoltaics Intl. & Fabtech
Semiconductor Fabtech, the reference journal for the leading-edge semiconductor industry, is specifically aimed at influencing the senior personnel responsible for leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing equipment and materials specifying and purchasing decisions for production, process development and R&D. The journal has been at the forefront of IC fabrication technology coverage for over 12 years, providing real-world manufacturing editorial that targets IC manufacturing decision makers worldwide.
Industry Wizards is a global community of subject matter experts in industrial technology, including RFID, RTLS, Lean Manufacturing, AutoID, Sensors, Information Technology, Standards, Regulations, Intellectual Property and Patents. Whether you are just learning, trying to improve your manufacturing operations, facing a mandate from a trading partner, or need a subject matter expert, you can find help here.
Ink World Magazine
Ink World is the largest trade magazine in the world covering the US$15+ billion global printing ink industry, reaching over 5,000 subscribers worldwide. Ink World's editors and correspondents provide extensive and accurate reporting with incisive articles on the companies, the people and the trends in the global printing ink industry.
Please visit our web site for further information:
Rodman Media
70 Hilltop Rd.
Ramsey, NJ 07446
201-825-2552 / Phone
201-825-0553 / Fax
Royal Society of Chemistry
The RSC is the largest organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences. Supported by a worldwide network of members and an international publishing business, our activities span education, conferences, science policy and the promotion of chemistry to the public.
The most popular German Solar Portal Site provides extensive information on Solar Thermal, Photovoltaics, Solar Buildings and Renewables in German and English - since 1997. Solarserver offers well-founded, comprehensible Reports and international News on Renewables focussed on Economy, Politics and Environment at
Swiat DRUKU (The World of Printing)
Swiat DRUKU" ("The World of Printing") is a Polish monthly leading magazine for printing industry containing articles concerning digital processes, press and postpress, paper and newspaper market, sign and advertising techniques and many other, that is why it is respected not only by the representatives of printing industry, but also of many related trades. It was launched in 1993. It is regarded as a reliable source of knowledge for both, the beginners and the advanced readers. It is being read by owners of printing companies, management, workers of printing houses, graphic studios, advertising agencies, deliverers of new technologies. The magazine is being composed in cooperation with the biggest and greatest specialists in printing industry. Our website is complementary to the printed version of the magazine. Every week we are also sending newsletters and thanks to them our readers have the direct access to the latest news.
SYS-CON Media network of i-Technology sites is the premier online source with the most influential online publications that provide key decision makers with the resources they need to evaluate and leverage new and existing technologies that can boost their IT systems' efficiency, and provide their company with competitive business advantages. Addressing issues, trends, and technologies, such as Java, AJAX, SOA, Eclipse, Linux, .NET, Wireless, Flex, Web 2.0, Virtualization, Enterprise Open Source, and Web Services, no other media sites deliver such depth and breadth of information to aid IT professional in making the right purchasing decisions. delivers to advertising partners the most efficient and highest performing outlets to reach their target audience. With a combined 1.2 million IT professional, SYS-CON Media has the tools (SYS-CON.TV) and the experience you need to deliver a message that is striking and unforgettable.
Veritas et Visus
In Latin, 'Veritas et Visus' means 'Truth and Vision'. The organization's mission is to provide readers with pertinent, timely and affordable information about the flat-panel display industry, with the goal of bringing together news, interviews, conference summaries, tutorials, and analysis into a format that is useful to readers. Veritas et Visus offers five specialty newsletters covering 3D Displays; Touch Screens; High Resolution; Flexible Displays, and Display Standards.

For information on becoming a media partner, please contact

Corinne Jennings Cara Van Heest
Marketing and Administrative Coordinator

Tel: +1 617 577 7890
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