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3-4 November, 2009 | Denver, USA


3-4 November in Denver, Colorado, USA

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  Sense & Locate
Reflecting the development of wireless sensors, using both traditional RFID-based technology and new mesh network-based technology, this event will explore wireless locating and sensing.
  Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
WSN, otherwise known as Ubiquitous Sensor Networks (USN) will be used to automatically monitor building occupancy and climate control, oil and gas pumping, forest fires, avalanches, the effect and likely effect of hurricanes, traffic, hospitals and much more over wide areas over the coming years. The WSN industry will grow rapidly to exceed two billion dollars in yearly sales in the next ten years and about six billion dollars during the following ten years. In addition, new this year is coverage of energy harvesting and energy storage for small electronic devices.
 Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS)
RTLS encompasses RFID, USID (ultrasound identification), SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave), NFER (Near Field Electromagnetic Ranging), Infrared and UWB (Ultrawide band). The benefits of an instant and accurate account of assets and people means that RTLS is being used in manufacturing, healthcare, the military, postal and courier, leisure and retail sectors.


With a proven track record in organising RFID, Printed Electronics and Smart Packaging events, IDTechEx is applying its expertise in facilitating business to this event dedicated to locating and sensing.
  Attend this event to
  • Do business and network with the key players in the locating and sensing industries at the commercial exhibition
  • Discover the latest developments and implementations within RTLS and WSN during the two-day conference
  • Expert opinions will be given by end users, industry thought-leaders and researchers; giving you a comprehensive view of the industries
  • Experience locating and sensing in action during local company tours
  • Access the independent view at the Masterclasses led by IDTechEx Analysts; leaders in their fields.
  Main Contacts
Sarah Lee
Event Manager

Tel: +44 1223 813703

Ricky Purnell
Sales Manager
+44 (0)1273 777134
The fifth annual Active RFID, Real Time Locating Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks event from IDTechEx
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