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The two optional expert-led masterclasses are intended for audience participation and discussion. They are effectively interactive consultancy sessions. At each masterclass you will have the chance to handle many samples, see demonstrations, and take away printed copies of presentations.

RFID Masterclass: 09:00 - 12:30, 9 November
  • Chip and chipless tag technology evaluations and their applications
    Market forecasts and trends;
  • Examples of RFID being used, how many have been sold and
    into which markets;
  • New applications and advice on entry to market;
  • EPC: building blocks, challenges, product design and opportunities
    Ubiquitous ID.

Smart Packaging:

Smart Packaging Masterclass: 13:30 - 17:00, 9 November
  • Mechanical, chemical, electrical and electronic smarts
  • Organic and printed electronics - technologies and their impact
  • Non-electronic & electronic laminates for brand enhancement & diagnostics
  • The exploding market for smart medicine and food condition monitoring
  • Opportunities for packaging - combining electronics with packaging
  • Packaging becoming part of the product/combining technologies