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Speakers at Smart Labels Europe 2004

Conference Overview


11 October 2004                   

Nice Acropolis

Gallieni 3, Level 2

RFID Masterclass (morning - optional)

Smart Packaging Masterclass (afternoon- optional)

Smart Active Labels Consortium Meeting (optional)

Tour of ASK Labs. Limited places (post afternoon

masterclass). Enquire at


12-13 October 2004

Nice Acropolis

Les Muses, Level 3

Conference (two tracks) & Exhibition

Meet the Experts Cocktail Reception(12 October)



14 October 2004

IBM RFID Test Center

Nice Acropolis

Implementing RFID Masterclass (morning - optional).

Includes a tour of the Center. Transport will be provided.


easyEPC for Implementers Masterclass. This is a full day

and runs alongside Implementing RFID. Please choose one

of these to attend.


12 October 2004 - Users Experiences and Needs

08:00 Registration/Refreshments & Exhibition

Full Forum - Towards Item Level Tagging

08:45 "RFID smart labels 2005 to 2015: forecasts, investment opportunities and what to expect" Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx, UK

  • 2005 to 2015 forecasts
  • Hot sectors and investment opportunities
  • Over supply and under supply
  • The Mount Everest of RFID – item level tagging

09:00 "How Airbus and Boeing are using RFID"

Jens Heitmann, Head of Systems, Airbus, Germany and Ken Porad, Program Manager,  Boeing, USA

  • Our uses of RFID
  • Implementation process and testing
  • Our results and next steps

09:30 "Addressing Wal-Mart's directive: Our 'Living' RFID Lab" Jim Hyslop, Vice President of R&D, Tibbett & Britten, Canada and Tom Coyle, Sr.Vice President, The RFID Practice, Icon Nicholson, USA

  • Laboratory Test processes
  • Distribution Centre RFID Application Assessment
  • RFID Middleware

10:15 "How Worldwide Fruit successfully designed and implemented an RFID solution in to the retail supply chain" Dave West, Operations Manager, Worldwide Fruit, UK

  • About Worldwide Fruit
  • How we became involved with RFID
  • Where we were prior to implementing RFID
  • The objectives we set out to achieve using this technology
  • Our RFID solution and it's benefits
  • The future and further developments

10:45 Refreshments & Exhibition

11:15 "Item level tagging - a reality at Marks & Spencer" David Albin, RFID Business Consultant, Marks & Spencer, UK

  • Why item level tagging?
  • The realities of item level trials on clothing
  • Building the RFID business case

11:45 "Our experience with implementing RFID at Kaufhof" Uwe Quiede, Head of RFID, Kaufhof Warenhaus AG, Germany

  • Pilot with Gerry Weber
  • Results
  • Roll out activities in the Metro Group.

12:15 "Implementation and approach to RFID in Japan" Hiroaki Kabamoto, Assist.Gen. Manager of RFID Technology, Dai Nippon Printing, Japan

  • Taking RFID in the wide sense, smart cards and IC tags
  • Review of actual issue: technology and business issue
  • Cost reduction strategy of RFID
  • Some incarnation of RFID project in Japan

12:45 Lunch & Exhibition

Track One

Track Two




Chairman: Bruno Moreau, Director, ASK, France Chairman: Raghu Das, Managing Director, IDTechEx, UK

14:15"An RFID enabled warehouse: Business case analysis" Scott Andersen, Product Manager, International Paper, USA

  • Defining an RFID Solution to solve a real world warehouse problem and deliver value
  • Stories from the war front - what we didn't know, what we know now
  • Achieving full organizational buy-in
  • Would we do it again? Not if, but how soon will we start

14:15"The Future of RFID cards and tickets in RATP Paris public transport" Michel Barjansky, Head Marketing, RATP IT Dept. Innovative Customers Technologies Unit, RATP (Paris Transport), France

  • Our deployment strategy for a pure contactless system
  • Some facts about the single ticket buyer
  • Difficulties in adequate security and low enough cost
  • Could future technologies change the game?
  • How we could cope today

14:45 "How we used RFID to revolutionise our gas cylinder supply chain" Olivier Gruet, Business Development Manager, Air Liquide, France

  • From legal constraints to efficiency, the improvement of a supply chain
  • Costs, benefits, and payback
  • Mobile Asset Management: building new services

14:45 "RFID in tyres at Michelin" Dr Patrick King, Global Electronics Strategies, Michelin, USA

  • Practical reasons for tagging tyres
  • The US TREAD Act and other applications
  • Practical and industrial aspects of applying RFID tags to tyres
  • How we are progressing international standards

15:15 "Turning the dream into a reality" Andy Robson, Business Development Manager, CHEP, UK

  • A supply chain vision for RFID-EPC
  • The real-world experience
  • Developing the right supply chain solutions
  • Realising the supply chain value
  • Future possibilities

15:15 "RFID and Near Field Communication - Going beyond the internet of things" Trevor Crotch-Harvey, Sales Director, Innovision R&T, UK

  • Driving the adoption of RFID - world's smallest and lowest cost standards compatible reader
  • Challenges in design and implementation
  • New applications and revenue opportunities in transport sector, healthcare, retail and consumer
15:45 Refreshments & Exhibition 15:45 Refreshments & Exhibition
Building Global RFID Systems & Standards  

16:15 "RFID - the Integration Challenge" Keith Alexander, Managing Consultant, IBM, UK

16:15"RFID within Express Transport and Logistics" Trevor Peirce, RFID Program Director, DHL/Deutsche Poste, Belgium

  • Introduction to DHL and why we are interested in RFID
  • Our RFID general requirements / wishes
  • DHL RFID pilots and development model - The next steps

Postal, Passports & ID

16:45 "RFID agent technology for the supply chain" Geoff Barraclough, British Telecom Auto-ID Services, UK

  • Technical considerations for Implementing RFID
  • Deployment: How not to implement RFID
  • RFID Process Integration
  • BT's RFID experience/key learnings

16:45“Using RFID to measure postal mail flows” Constant Hardy, Director Research and Development, La Poste (French Postal Service), France

  • La Poste uses radio-tags in letters with readers placed at locations through the logistics chain
  • Tracking letters allows us to determine process failures in the transportation of post
  • Multiple-use RFID access cards for postal services

17:15 "RFID: Streamlining the supply chain" Manish Bhuptani, Director of Network Services Market Development, Sun Microsystems, USA

  • Fundamental process changes in the supply chain that will allow partners to profit from a new set of RFID data
  • Collecting, sharing, analyzing and acting on realtime RFID data
  • Transitioning IT infrastructure to support the collection and processing of large amounts of generated data
  • Real world examples demonstrating practical strategies to streamline the supply-chain for RFID

17:15 "RFID for electronic passports" Patrick Henzen, Business Development, Philips Semiconductors, Austria

  • Market outlook for E-passports
  • Update from semiconductor perspective
  • The Philips offering for E-passports

17:45 Session Ends

19:30 Departure from hotels for Meet the Experts Cocktail Reception

17:45 Session Ends

19:30 Departure from hotels for Meet the Experts Cocktail Reception


13 October 2004 - Latest Technology Developments and Smart Healthcare Europe 2004

08:00 Registration/Refreshments & Exhibition

Track One Track Two
State of the art in Tags and Readers

Smart Healthcare Europe was previously attended by 120 delegates in London in 2003. Now combined with Smart Labels Europe, delegates can attend this session to learn of the latest developments in healthcare.

08:20 Chairman's Introduction: Jean Cooper Moran, Technology Analyst, Item IQ, UK 08:20 Chairman's Introduction: Mike O'Shea, Director - Corporate AutoID/RFID Strategies & Technology, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, USA

08:30 "RFID products for mission critical applications" Joe Pleshek, Business Development Director, BemroseBooth, UK

  • RFID labels for postal authorities
  • Limited use, low cost smart tickets for transport
  • Smart tickets for major sporting events

08:30 "Empowering RFID in healthcare at McKesson" Doug Ebert, VP Strategic Development, McKesson, USA

  • How a large distributor of medical supplies incorporated RFID tags into shipments to meet customer needs
  • How a pharmacy distributor incorporated RFID tags into shipments to enable lot tracking and recall
  • Potential applications of RFID technology within acute care facilities
  • Barriers and concerns that must be addressed before acute care facilities would implement RFID technologies

09:00 "Exclusive: The worlds first flexible coil on chip tag operating at UHF" Anton Tombeur, Senior Research Scientist, Philips Research, The Netherlands

  • Recent work on low-power RF-circuits and RF IC technology has resulted in fully integrated, ultra thin (5-20um) and flexible RFID tags that can be embedded, for example, in paper
  • These short-range tags need no external connections, and have a small, integrated antenna on board: assembly costs are dramatically reduced compared with those of conventional approaches where an external antenna is used

09:00 "Challenges in use of RFID in a healthcare application" Bernard Lim, VP-Technology, Vasogen, Canada

09:30 "Reader-to-Reader, connecting wirelessly to your world" Bernard Vian, Marketing Director, Inside Contactless, France & Anton Fischer, International Product Marketing Manager, Honeywell, Germany

  • Reader to reader data transfer
  • The benefits of readers behaving as tags

09:30 "Auto-ID as seen by a for-profit American hospital" Dr In K Mun, Director of Bio-Medical Research, Aventura Hospital & Medical Center Florida, USA

  • Challenges faced by American for-profit hospitals
  • How RFID / Barcode (Auto-ID) is perceived
  • The ideal outcome of current Auto- ID discussions for us

10:00 "The benefits of battery-assisted labels in challenging environments: Evidence from the field"

Gidy Weisglass, European Sales Director,     Power Paper, Israel

  • Limitations of passive RFID
  • Advantages of battery-assisted labels
  • Evidence from the field showing how battery-assisted labels overcome challenging RFID environments

10:00 "RFID technology from Purdue Pharma's perspective" J. Aaron Graham, Vice President - Corporate Security, Purdue Pharma, USA

  • The added value it brings to patients, wholesalers, regulatory and law enforcement officials
  • Brand integrity and consumer confidence
  • RFID as a consumer safety initiative

10:30 Refreshments & Exhibition 10:30 Refreshments & Exhibition

11:00 "Global SAW tags demonstrate high performance in challenging applications" Clinton Hartmann, President, RFSAW, USA

  • Tagging metal & liquid items
  • Long range, rapid reading with anticollision
  • Full intensity 5 megarad (50 kilograys) gamma sterilization
  • Entire pallet reading for difficult materials
  • Worldwide legal, low power operation
  • Secure encoding, with EPC compliant capacity
  • Proven “Chipless” SAW technology

11:00 "RFID for healthcare security" Kevin Smith, Technical Services Manager, Xmark, Canada

  • RFID Security Applications in Healthcare
  • Infant Protection Application
  • Emergency Response Application Overview
  • Case Studies


11:30 "Advances in printing RFID smart labels" Mike Caterina, Sales Director, Parelec, USA

  • High speed manufacture of RFID smart labels

11:30 "Testing the adoption of a tagging and tracing system for the pharmaceutical supply chain" Francesco Felletti Spadazzi, Project Director, Felletti Spadazzi, Italy

  • Which are the pharmaceutical products traceability objectives
  • Which are the steps that we can test in our prototype
  • Which are the conditions needed to adopt the RFID technology in the pharmaceutical environment
  • Which are the parties engaged and involved in the test


12:00 Lunch & Exhibition

12:00 Lunch & Exhibition

Printed Electronics


13:30 "Intelligent RFID enabling the

paperboard computer" Patrik von Bergen, VP Sales and Strategic Partnerships, Cypak, Sweden

  • New RFID technology making static objects smart, secure and connected
  • Turning packaging solutions into data capturing devices
  • Application areas: Intelligent Pharmaceutical Package, SecurePak, Others
  • Business cases supporting intelligent RFID

13:30 "Track and trace for blood products" Dr. Frank Kriebel, VP Research & Development, KSW Microtec, Germany

  • Blood traceability via RFID and temperature sensor
  • Data system model
  • Blood bank process model

14:00 "Printed electronics for polymer RFID applications" Wolfgang Clemens, Head of Applications, PolyIC, Germany

  • Polymer electronics
  • Printing technology for simple, low-cost, high volume electronics
  • Polymer RFID tags
  • Roadmap and cost estimations

14:00 “How the French army are tracking medical equipment using RFID” Jean-Philippe Verger, Director, Tracemed, France

  • Interoperability with civil medicine and military thanks to RFID
  • Implication for the tracking of materials and maintenance of equipment
  • Management and analytical compatibility

State of the Art in Active RFID and Ultra Wide Band Tags


14:30 "Exclusive: The worlds longest range tag - but what else does it do?" Ollie Smith, Business Development Manager, Appleton, USA

  • Ranges up to 700 meters
  • The need for RFID with greater range, functionality, etc than is available today
  • The new Telegesis system - low cost, low power, secure
  • Applications - access hatch status (vibration/ water level/ heat), hospital asset tracking, temperature monitoring etc

14:30 "Project Jumpstart: Proving the value of RFID in the pharmaceutical industry" Michael C. Schmaltz, Manager, Accenture Technology Labs, France

  • The FDA’s position on the adoption of RFID
  • Item level tagging of drugs for Wal-Mart
  • Co-operation by retailers and drug companies to prove the value of RFID
  • Results and next steps

  The Big Picture

15:00 "The new addition to RFID: benefits and applications of Ultra Wide Band tags" David Theriault, Director, Strategic Relations, UbiSense, UK

  • the advantages of ultra wide band tags
  • case studies – tracking people and assets
  • UWB tag standardisation
  • the future outlook for UWB tags with existing RFID tags

15:00 "The EPC Network"

Dr Mark Harrison, Associate Director, Auto-ID Labs, University of Cambridge, UK

  • What is the EPC Network?
  • Technology Building Blocks
  • Update on standards development
  • What's available now?

15:30 Refreshments & Exhibition

15:30 Refreshments & Exhibition


Smart Packaging: Beyond EAS & RFID

Covering time temperature indicators, sensing and diagnostics and printed electronics.

16:00 "Value added dairy products through intelligent and smart packaging" Henrik Skou Pedersen, Packaging Manager, Arla Foods, Denmark

  • Future consumer demands
  • How to respond to these demands with intelligent and smart packaging applications
  • Future packaging concepts in the dairy area, how will they look? (talking milk carton, etc.)

16:00 "EPC Global, the future of supply chain management is here today" Xavier Barras, Manager, Gencod EAN France, EPCglobal, France

  • How does it work?
  • EPCglobal adoption
  • Work in progress
  • How to get involved 

16:30 "Smart new products excite labels and packaging" Sjoerd Van Driesten, Project Leader, New Products and Business, Avery Dennison, The Netherlands

  • Chill and Frozen; some thoughts
  • Driving forces (consumers, legislation, innovators, entrepreneurship)
  • Applications (mainly food)
  • Next generation TTI. Reclosure technology
  • Future prospects
  • Other work - UV inhibition (passive), smell detection (passive), chlorine dioxide (active)

16:30"Lessons from over 800 RFID case studies" Lorna Garrett, Marketing Consultant, IDTechEx, UK

  • The most common applications
  • Where the action is - frequency, range, tag price, country, etc
  • Active RFID - more important than most realise

17:00 "British Airways - Smart labels (TTI Labels) used to monitor catered food served onboard British Airways flights" Peter Ronnow, Chairman, Vitsab, Sweden

  • Basic Time Temperature concepts
  • Actual temperature profiles from kitchen to onboard flights
  • Smart labels and food regulations; some guidelines for quality food
  • Commercial benefits from the use of smart labels

16:45 "RFID labels: it all ends up with chip and paper" Jean-Michel Dupont, C Labels Line Product Manager, ASK, France

  • technology breakthrough
  • benefits of paper based smart labels
17:30 Conference Ends 17:00 Conference Ends

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