An IDTechEx Conference SeriesWireless Sensor Networks & RTLS USA 2011
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Nov 15
Nov 16
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Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS Summit USA 2011

EH-logoThe World's largest event on the topic, with over 400 attendees and 40 exhibitors - co-located with Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2011

Attendees to the conference can attend the sessions in this event at no extra cost, and will receive access to the presentations given at the event.

We bring the whole topic together for you in one venue

What to expect at Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS Summit USA 2011

  • End user perspectives, requirements, case studies
  • Many World first announcements from suppliers
  • Hands-on demonstrations of some of the latest technologies
  • Application to building control, process automation, military and aerospace
  • How these electronics are impacting Healthcare, consumer electronics, media and textiles
  • Application to the smart grid and land, sea and air vehicles
  • New progress with thin film energy storage and ultra low power electronics
  • State of the art developments with energy harvesting from heat, light, motion, biological reactions and wireless power transfer

Conference: November 15-16

Over 50 world class speakers - some presenting for the first time - cover the components, materials and applications in the following topics:

Exhibition: November 15-16

Europe's largest exhibition on energy harvesting and storage technologies, ultra low power circuits and complete systems, including wireless sensor networks.

  • Home and Industrial Automation - Rapid Roll-Out
  • Case Studies: Assessment of paybacks from energy harvesters
  • Real Time Locating Systems: Roll Out
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Footstep Harvesting for Grid Replacement
  • Application of Energy Harvesters to Textiles/Fabrics
  • Assisted Living and Healthcare Applications
  • Bringing Radical Changes to Vehicles
  • Home and Industrial Automation - Rapid Roll-Out
  • Significant Energy Storage Progress
  • Thermoelectric Energy Harvesters
  • Vibration and Motion Based Energy Harvester
  • New Photovoltaic Options: Printed & Flexible
  • Ultra Low Power Electronics and System Design
  • Mesh Networking: Roll Out
  • New Consumer Electronics Applications Energy harvesting technologies: electrodynamic, thermovoltaic, photovoltaic, piezoelectric, bio-electric, bio-energy
  • Energy storage technologies: batteries and capacitors
  • Ultra low power electronics
  • Market and technology analysis and forecasts
  • Latest technology developments and trends
  • Meeting place for users, investors, suppliers, developers, system integrators and government representatives

Masterclasses: November 14 and 17

Have your questions answered by experts in interactive consultancy-style sessions, which will bring you up to date with the topics. Masterclass delegates also attend exclusive company visits
  • Introduction to Energy Harvesting for Low Power Electronics
  • Wireless Sensor Networks, RTLS and Active RFID
  • Energy Storage
  • Photovoltaics: Technologies, Markets, Progress
  • Electric Vehicles: Batteries, Infrastructure, Energy Harvesting

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