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Energy Harvesting & Storage and Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS

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Linear Technology Corporation
Linear Technology Corporation (Nasdaq: LLTC), a member of the S&P 500, designs, manufactures and markets a broad line of high performance analog integrated circuits for major communications, computer and industrial companies worldwide. Linear (or analog) circuits provide an essential bridge between our analog world and the digital microelectronics used in consumer products, wireless communications, networking products, computers, medical electronics, factory automation and automotive electronics. Linear Technology provides customers with high performance amplifiers, comparators, voltage references, monolithic filters, linear regulators, DC/DC converters, battery chargers, data converters, communications interface circuits, RF signal conditioning circuits and many other analog functions.
Sponsoring:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
Silver Sponsors
ALGRA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of custom-made printed plates, panels and input systems. The company specializes in keyboards based on the piezoelectric effect. Decades of experience, patented technologies, modern production facilities and thrive for perfection make ALGRA a unique partner for companies with exceeding demand in function, durability and design.
ALGRA offers two different technologies for piezoelectric-based input systems: Dynapic® and Dynasim®. Both technologies enable to mass-produce vandal-resistant keyboards that can withstand more than ten million switching cycles. The keyboards are extremely slim and have homogeneous surfaces with an attractive appearance thanks to a wide choice of applicable material, such as metal, glass, polymers and more.
At:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
Analog Devices
Analog Devices designs and manufactures semiconductor products and solutions. ADI sensing, energy harvesting, processing, and connectivity technologies offer best-in-class power efficiency, precision, and reliability to ensure even the most demanding IoT applications are empowered with the right data at the right time, with the right level of accuracy.
At:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
Canova Tech delivers silicon IPs, design Services and product solutions to the semiconductor industry worldwide. Founded in 2005, Canova Tech is constantly improving the quality of the services by working passionately with a professional team of creative and motivated staff.
Energy harvesting, ultra-low power and efficiency, sensor conditioning and power management are the natural topics to be addressed by Canova Tech. As result of internal research and development activities, Canova Tech unveils ETA, a collection of Silicon-Proven Semiconductor IP blocks dedicated to Energy Harvesting and Ultra Low Power Applications.
At:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
Laird is a global technology company focused on providing components and solutions that protect electronic devices from electromagnetic interference and heat, and that enable connectivity through wireless applications and antenna systems. Custom products are supplied to all sectors of the electronics industry including the handset, telecommunications, data transfer and information technology, automotive, aerospace, defense, consumer, medical, mining, railroad and industrial markets. Laird employs over 9,000 employees in more than 47 facilities located in 16 countries.
At:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
Microsemi Corporation (Nasdaq: MSCC) offers a comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor and system solutions for communications, defense & security, aerospace and industrial markets. Products include high-performance, radiation-hardened and highly reliable analog mixed-signal integrated circuits, FPGAs, SoCs and ASICs; power management products; timing and voice processing devices; RF solutions; discrete components; security technologies and scalable anti-tamper products; Power-over-Ethernet ICs and midspans; as well as custom design capabilities and services. Microsemi is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif., and has approximately 3,000 employees globally. Learn more at www.microsemi.com.
At:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
Saft Batteries
Saft (Euronext: Saft) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced technology batteries for industry. The Group is the world's leading manufacturer of nickel batteries and primary lithium batteries for the industrial infrastructure and processes, transportation, civil and military electronics markets. Saft is the world leader in space and defence batteries with its Li-ion technologies which are also being deployed in the energy storage, transportation and telecommunication markets. Saft's 4,000 employees present in 19 countries, its 16 manufacturing sites and extensive sales network all contribute to accelerating the Group's growth for the future.
At:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Supercapacitors Europe 2013
SolarPrint Ltd
SolarPrint, founded in 2008 based in Dublin, Ireland. The company develops dye sensitised solar cells (DSSC), a third-generation printable solar cell technology.
Light energy harvesting technologies, where energy is derived from external sources such as ambient or diffused light and then captured and stored, are an increasingly common focus for energy efficiency management systems. However, the capabilities of current solar solutions used within wireless sensors have peaked.
SolarPrint's technology supports higher functionality to enable the ability to scale more power-hungry wireless solutions than possible with other solutions. When it is integrated into wireless sensors for energy harvesting purposes in buildings, DSSC provides significant cost savings by eliminating wired networks and the need to replace or lengthen the life of batteries.
At:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
STMicroelectronics N.V.
ST is a global leader in the semiconductor market serving customers across the spectrum of sense and power and automotive products and embedded processing solutions. From energy management and savings to trust and data security, from healthcare and wellness to smart consumer devices, in the home, car and office, at work and at play, ST is found everywhere microelectronics make a positive and innovative contribution to people's life. By getting more from technology to get more from life, ST stands for life.augmented.
In 2012, the Company's net revenues were $8.49 billion. Further information on ST can be found at www.st.com.
At:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
ZF Friedrichshafen
CHERRY is a registered brand of ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Under the CHERRY product brand, the Electronic Systems business unit develops and produces components for industrial and household applications, as well as computer input devices.
ZF is a worldwide leading automotive supplier for drive line and chassis technology with 121 production sites in 27 countries. With roughly 72,100 employees, the group achieved sales of approximately €15.5 billion in 2011. ZF is among the 10 largest automotive suppliers worldwide.
At:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
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American Elements
American Elements is the world leader in engineered & advanced materials including high purity metals & chemicals, nanoparticles, organo-metallics and crystal-grown materials for thin film, lasers, semiconductors, photovoltaics, and electronics. American Elements maintains research and laboratory facilities in the U.S. and manufacturing/warehousing in the U.S., Europe, China & Brazil. www.americanelements.com
At:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Printed Electronics Europe 2013Supercapacitors Europe 2013
Adaptamat Ltd
AdaptaMat Ltd, Helsinki Finland is the manufacturer of single crystal Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys.
Magnetic Shape Memory is a smart single crystal metal alloy. MSM element elongates/contracts 6% of its length as magnetic field is applied to it. Movement is proportional with the field strength. Other functional properties of this material:
1. Villari effect i.e. inverse magnetostriction i.e magnetization changes proportionally with element's length.
2. Permeability changes with the element's length.
3. Resistance changes with the element's length.
4. High Temperature Shape Memory alloy.
Applications: vibration energy harvesters, sensors, self-sensing actuators, pumps, vibration damping
For information : www.adaptamat.com
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
Anagear BV, founded in 2010 by a team of industry veterans, is a privately held, fabless semiconductor company, located in Rosmalen, The Netherlands. With a team of highly skilled design engineers, Anagear develops and markets a family of smart power management devices for ultra low-power battery supplied applications and self-powered wireless sensor nodes.
The ANG101x Power Management and Supervisory IC product family combines clean-tech PV- and TEG energy harvesting with Li battery backup, dynamic voltage scaling and enables extremely long standby operation while critical parameters and/or sensor inputs are autonomously being monitored.
Anagear's products offer unique, competitive and effective technological solutions for smart power management in ultra low power applications.
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
Arrow Electronics
Arrow Electronics is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions, with 2012 sales of $20.4 billion. Arrow serves as a supply channel partner for over 100,000 original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers and commercial customers through a global network of more than 470 locations in 55 countries. A Fortune 150 company with 16,500 employees worldwide, Arrow brings technology solutions to a breadth of markets, including telecommunications, information systems, transportation, medical, industrial and consumer electronics.
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
AVX serves a broad range of markets including: telecommunications, data processing, automotive, consumer and medical sectors. A broad array of specialty and advanced product offerings including high power ceramic and low ESR tantalum capacitors, connectors, thick and thin film capacitors, filters, circuit protection products, RF microwave capacitors, KDP oscillators and resonators, varistors and integrated passive components differentiate AVX as the passive component industry technology leader.
AVX is a leading international supplier of electronic passive components and interconnect solutions with 26 manufacturing and customer support facilities in 15 countries around the world.
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Supercapacitors Europe 2013
Cellergy designs, develops and produces Pulse Supercapacitors for industrial, consumer,
mobile, and medical electronic devices and applications.
Cellergy is a global supplier in the field of flat, low-voltage, high-current and high-capacity
Aqueous Electrolyte Supercapacitors for pulse applications. Cellergy's breakthrough
proprietary screen printing process enables the delivery of cost-effective, energy-saving, highperformance, customizable and environmentally-safe supercapacitors.
Cellergy is a subsidiary of PCB Technologies (http://www.pcb.co.il), a member of the Prior Tech
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Supercapacitors Europe 2013
CSEM is a private Swiss research and technology organization (RTO). Our 400-strong workforce specializes in micro- and nanotechnologies, systems and surface engineering, and low-power information and communications technologies. Our mission is to deliver advanced technologies and unique R&D services to industry by targeting emerging, strategic, high-impact technologies for the benefit of our customers and partners. In this way new products are brought to market and new ventures are continuously created. Our technologies are able to address the needs of a very wide range of fields, from healthcare, watch-making, aerospace, security and medical, to consumer electronics and cleantech.
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
EnerBee is a technology transfer project developed by an interdisciplinary team from Grenoble University (Grenoble INP, CEA LETI, Joseph Fourier University and CNRS) localized at MINATEC, France.
EnerBee harvesters emerge from microtechnologies studies transposed to the centimeter scale.
Our patented technology can harvest energy from displacement with no time dependence: Timeless Harvesters.
EnerBee is as efficient with very slow movements as with high speed displacements. Translations and/or rotations can be harvested contactlessly, with no cogging effect.
EnerBee know-how includes both harvesters and Power Management System. Stamp-sized prototypes can supply proprietary or custom wireless transmissions (Ultra Wide Band, ZigBee Green Power, EnOcean ...).
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
Fitcraft Energy
Fitcraft Energy are designers and manufactures of the SUNSET Power Station comprising of a unique lithium Ion power storage unit, inverter with Firewall, and Battery Management Systems for on and off grid applications. The SUNSET Power Station is completely scalable in infinite multiples of 2 kWh storage.
Having completed over 100Mw of solar farms across Europe we offer a complete in house EPC service from electrical design to overseeing the commissioning of the installation by the Network Provider.
Using monitoring and control systems we have designed and built we can offer live data feeds and remote control anywhere in the world.
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
Fraunhofer IIS
In close cooperation with our partners and clients we provide our research and development services in the following areas: Digital radio broadcasting systems, audio and multimedia technology, digital cinema systems, design automation and integrated circuits, wired, wireless and optical networks, localization and navigation, high-speed camera systems, imaging systems and nanofocus X-ray technology, medical sensor solutions and communications technology in transport and logistics.
The group "integrated energy supplies" conducts research and development in the field of power and battery management, wireless energy transmission and energy harvesting. Typical applications of the resulting ICs, software and electronic systems are wireless sensor notes or hybrid and electric vehicles.
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
The GENESI project brings wireless sensor network technology to the level where it can provide the core of the next generation of systems for structural health monitoring that are long lasting, pervasive and totally distributed and autonomous. The partners of the project are University of Rome La Sapienza, University of Twente, University of Bologna, ST Microelectronics, Tyndall, Solexperts, and Treesse.
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
Libelium offers a hardware and software platform for the Internet of Things so that system integrators, engineering and consultancy companies can implement reliable Smart Cities or M2M solutions to end users within the minimum time to market.
All our products are modular, horizontal and fast-learning and include extensive documentation and support through a Community of developers. Our main products are:
  • Waspmote: low consumption sensor device for the creation of wireless sensor networks that integrates more than 50 different sensors.
  • Meshlium: the only multi-tech router integrating Wifi mesh (2.4GHz - 5GHz), ZigBee, GPRS, GPS and Bluetooth technologies in a single unit.
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
Marlow Industries Inc
Marlow Industries, a subsidiary of II-VI Incorporated, is the world's leading producer in quality thermoelectric technology. Marlow Industries develops and manufactures thermoelectric modules and value-added systems for the aerospace, defense, medical, industrial, automotive, power generation and telecommunications markets. Marlow prides itself on providing standard or custom modules and sub-assemblies at quality standards above our customers' requirements. Marlow's EverGen™ thermal energy harvesting solutions provide the highest power available at the lowest delta temperature—from microwatts to kilowatts, perpetually and reliably powering wireless sensors & actuators to larger scale waste heat recovery systems.
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
Nissha provides valuable products and services to its customers and society at large through proprietary technologies developed based on printing as its core area of business. Nissha was founded in Kyoto, Japan, in 1929 with the aim of "creating a company that specializes, at an unparalleled level, in sophisticated photographic printing rather than the more commonplace typesetting". Based on this founding principle, Nissha gradually expanded business activities by applying the technical expertise. Currently, Nissha conducts operations in three business fields; Industrial Materials, Devices, Information and Communication. The company is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
Sol Chip
Sol Chip is a cutting edge solar technology company with long-standing expertise in the semiconductor industry. Sol Chip develops, sells and Licenses a cost-effective, compact Solar Battery technology that integrates solar energy sources to power wireless sensors and mobile electronics devices. The company offers the missing technology that will improve batteries' life or in some cases eliminate the need of a battery as a power source in low power applications.
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
Founded in Berlin in 2016, the SEG Sonnenrepublik Energie GmbH wants to solve the rising energy problem of today's mobile devices. Therefore it has created innovative premium design solar chargers for USB as well as 12V devices, such as smartphones, cameras, notebooks and others. The USP of the Sonnenrepublik products are highest efficiency and functionality, sustainable materials and designs, and German quality level. R&D results and brands are continuously protected by patents. Beside their standard product range the Sonnenrepublik also offers custom design developments and power supply projects for industrial customers and smart cities, ranging from miniature energy harvesting solutions up to power supply systems in the Kilowatt range.
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
UK Energy Harvesting Special Interest Group
The Energy Harvesting Special Interest Group (SIG) is bringing together communities along the Energy Harvesting value chain—from academia, materials technologies, devices, systems integration and through to the user communities helping build a vibrant and productive Energy Harvesting community in the UK.
A partnership between the NanoKTN, Electronics, Sensors, Photonics (ESP) KTN and Materials KTN; the Energy Harvesting SIG is accelerating the development and commercial use of products, processes and services based on EH technology.
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
University of Twente - WiBRATE
WiBRATE explores new paradigms for developing innovative strategies for wirelessly monitoring and controlling vibration using a network of intelligent embedded devices that power themselves using harvested vibration energy. WiBRATE brings together a unique combination of experts from industry and academics. The consortium consists of Universiteit Twente, Inertia Technology, Centro Ricerche FIAT, Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab, LMS International, Università della Svizzera italiana - AlaRI, and Perpetuum Ltd.
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013
Wroclaw University of Technology
Company: Wroclaw University of Technology - WUT, Institute of Materials Science and Applied Mechanics, Continuum Mechanics Division
Activity Details: Continuum Mechanics Division performs activities in several fields, include smart materials and structures, energy harvesting, high pressure composite vessels for gaseous fuels (hydrogen, methane), reinforced composite structures, dimensional analysis and theory of similarity, biomechanics, dynamics of mechanical systems, constitutive hypotheses, elasticity and plasticity theory, materials technology (nano-materials, new plastics and their technology, changes in microstructure and material properties, sol-gel technology), fracture mechanics and the fatigue of materials, methods of experimental mechanics, modelling of processes in mechanics, rheology, strength of materials.
Exhibiting at:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013