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  1-2 April 2014, Berlin, Germany
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Printed Electronics Asia 2014 Summit

This networking and vital information exchange summit will cover:

  • Learn about the most important market and technology developments and global trends.
    Presented by the world's leading developers covering new technical and commercial breakthroughs
  • A full schedule of tours to meet leading organizations in and around Tokyo.
    Visit five organizations and see their capabilities and the technology in action
  • Managed networking and introductory
    Targeted introductions specific to your business interests
  • Analyst insights and one to one analyst access time.Targeted introductions specific to your business interests

The event will be attended by end users, system integrators and suppliers. Attendees are involved in business development, corporate strategy, research and development, engineering and innovation.

Competitive Technology and Market Research Appraisal

Conference sessions designed by industry analysts will give you clear appraisal of the emerging technologies, including:

Future of Transparent Conductors   Paper Electronics
OLED versus LED Lighting   Global Market Analysis
The Energy Storage Gold Rush   Touch Sensors and Screens
OLED Displays   System Integration
Energy Harvesting   Bistable Display Technology
Photovoltaics   Printed Electronics Manufacturing
Flexible and Stretchable Electronics   3D Printing
Logic and Memory   Actuators
Printed Conductors   Sensor Technology

Feedback from past attendees:

What an excellent conference. In the near future it will be one of the biggest conferences in the world

Samsung Electronics

If you are involved in printed electronics in any way, this conference is a must for networking with academics, material suppliers, equipment suppliers, processors and even potential customers.


This event has been carefully organized providing opportunities for interactions between all levels of the business market


Very good overview on all major PE topics. Good mixture of all important printed electronics fields and applications! Congratulations!

Renolit AG