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Conference Agenda

Thursday, 21 Nov 2013


3D Printing LIVE!

09:00Loughborough University
Hybrid and Multi-systems 3D Printing for novel functional products
Dr Russell Harris, Professor/Head of Additive Manufacturing
Loughborough University
United Kingdom
09:25Tethers Unlimited
SpiderFab: Enabling Self-Fabricating Spacecraft Using Additive Manufacturing
Mr Robert Hoyt, CEO & Chief Scientist
Tethers Unlimited
United States
 Functional 3D Printing
09:50Princeton University
3D Printed Bionic Nanomaterials
Prof Michael C McAlpine, Department of MAE
Princeton University
United States
10:15Harvard University
Batteries and 3D Printing
Prof Jennifer Lewis,
Harvard University
United States
11:15Rochester Institute of Technology
3D Printing With Embedded Electronics
Dr Denis Cormier, Professor
Rochester Institute of Technology
United States
 Software Manufacturing
Capability Assessment of Combining 3D Printing (FDM) and Printed Electronics (Aerosol Jet) to Produce Fully Printed Functionalized Devices
Mr Ken Vartanian, Director of Marketing
United States
12:05Microsoft Startup Business Group
The Windows 3D Print Pipeline
Dr Emmett Lalish, Mechanical Engineer
Microsoft Startup Business Group
United States
The New Software Defined Supply Chain
Mr Partha Bose, Leader of Global Electronics Practice
United States
 Technology Developments
14:05NC State University
3D Printing of Liquid Metals
Prof Michael Dickey, Professor
NC State University
United States
14:30Sandvik Osprey Limited
Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing
Mr Toby Tingskog, Business Development Manager
Sandvik Osprey Limited
United Kingdom
 Desktop Printing
14:55Leapfrog 3D Printers
The Current and Future State of Desktop 3D Printing
Ms Saswitha de Kok, Commercial Director
Leapfrog 3D Printers
3D Printing Barriers to Success
Mr Rob Grosche, Founder & Director
3D Printing: A Realistic Appraisal of the Future
Mr Raghu Das, CEO
United Kingdom
16:10Track 5 ends

Thursday November 21, 2013

Technology Developments (14:05 - 14:55)

14:05 - 22:00 "3D Printing of Liquid Metals"
1. This talk will discuss printing liquid metal microstrutures.
2. The process can be done at room temperature and is compatible with plastics.
3. The results structures can be encased in polymer and may be flexible and stretchable.
4. This work represents a unique way to pattern metals in a simple manner.
14:30 - 14:55 "Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing"