3D Printing Barriers to Success (3D Printing LIVE! USA 2013)

Mr Rob Grosche, Founder & Director
Nov 21, 2013.


IprintTechnology (Mr Rob Grosche) - Audio Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

3D printing holds many unrealised promises. Scan- print -sell- replacing old industries with high quality tabletop manufacturing.
It is actually already old news, because it has already happened and old, capital intensive industries are already struggling to survive.
Innovation reprap- like IBM- is opening new industries.
Collaboration across boarders is unparalleled in technological history.
Trade barriers like Borders & IP hinder success.
So with IP being open source, what are the chances to build a large or super profitable business ?

Speaker Biography (Rob Grosche)

Founder & Director of IprintTechnologies P/L
German born optician, programmer, system analyst, private researcher,
equipment designer and 3D printer manufacturer.

Company Profile (IprintTechnology)

IprintTechnology logo
IprintTechnology is a private company, founded by Robert Grosche, after 4 years of research into 3D CNC motion technologies. Iprint specialises in 3D desktop printers, scanners and software. Having launched less than 2 year ago, IprintTechnology already ranks among the top 5 3D desktop-printer makers in the world with sales in the seven digit range. Our educational rage is well known as 3Dstuffmaker.
Staff numbers already exceeds 70 with sales in over 90 countries. We have over 20 engineers in new product R&D, which ensures that IprintTechnology is ready for exponential growth in the 3D printer market.
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