An IDTechEx Conference SeriesEnergy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2011
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Tuesday, 21 Jun 2011

 Opening Presentation
 Keynote Presentations
09:25Living PlanIT
09:55United Technologies Research Center
11:15GE Energy Germany GmbH
12:05Maxim Integrated Products
12:35Infinite Power Solutions Inc

Track 1

 Assisted Living and Healthcare Applications
14:30Future-Shape GmbH
14:55Universite Joseph Fourier
 Energy Harvesting Applied
 Application of Energy Harvesters to Textiles/Fabrics
16:40University of Bolton
17:05ETH Zurich
 Signage and Media
17:55Opalio media
18:20Day 1 Track 1 Ends

Track 2

 Thermoelectric Energy Harvesters
14:30Marlow Industries
 Wireless Sensor Applications
14:55SolarPrint Ltd
 Mesh and Sensor Networking: New Developments
15:20Siemens AG
16:15Schneider Electric
16:40Millennial Net
17:05Dust Networks
17:30University of Washington
18:20Day 1 Track 2 Ends

Wednesday, 22 Jun 2011

Track 1

 Footstep Harvesting for Grid Replacement
08:30TU Munich - Electrophysics
08:55Powerleap Inc
09:20Sustainable Dance Club
09:45University of Hull
 Energy Harvesting for Vehicles
10:45Holst Centre/IMEC-NL
11:10Eindhoven University of Technology
 Metrology Requirements for Energy Harvesting
11:35National Physical Laboratory
 The Venture Capitalist View
12:00Target Partners
 Significant Energy Storage Progress
 Vibration and Motion Based Energy Harvester
14:25Fraunhofer IKTS
14:50Kanazawa University
 New Photovoltaic Options: Printed & Flexible
16:10G24 Innovations Limited
16:35SunFlake A/S
17:00Konarka Technologies GmbH
17:25Day 2 Track 1 Ends

Track 2

 Home and Industrial Automation - Rapid Roll-Out
08:30EnOcean GmbH
08:55E-Senza Technologies GmbH
09:20Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd
09:45Robert Bosch GmbH
10:45ABB AG
 Real Time Locating Systems: Roll-Out
11:10Samsung SDS
 Ultra Low Power Electronics and System Design
11:35Texas Instruments Incorporated
12:00Microchip Technology Inc
13:35Imperial College London
14:00Tyndall National Institute
14:25ShortLink AB - Kista office
14:50Loughborough University
15:15Fraunhofer IIS

Tuesday June 21, 2011

Assisted Living and Healthcare Applications (14:30 - 16:15)

14:30 - 14:55 "SensFloor - A Large-area Wireless Sensor System for Ambient Assisted Living"
  • Principle and integration technology
  • Applications
  • System aspects
  • Implementations
14:55 - 15:20 "Biofuel Cells: Towards the Development of Implantable Devices"
  • An easy and fast construction of biofuel cells based onphysical inclusion of enzymes and redox mediators within prssed graphite discs.
  • Mediatorless high-power glucose biofuel cells based on compressed carbon nanotube-enzyme electrodes.
  • In vivo demonstration of performance of a biofuel cell implanted in the retroperitoneal space of freely moving rats.
15:20 - 15:45 "Sensors Integration in Electronic Textiles Platforms for Monitoring in a Natural Environment"
  • Presents several platforms developed in the last ten years in the frame of research projects targeting different applications.
  • Includes health care and rehabilitation to security purposes.
  • Special emphasis will be given to the description of technical and functional solutions implemented to satisfy functional and comfort requirements.
15:45 Break