An IDTechEx Conference SeriesEnergy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2011
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New for 2011 - Energy Harvesting in Action

The exhibition at Munich will feature hands on demonstrations of current and future technology from companies and universities:



POWERleap is a product development company making flooring that harvests energy from pedestrians to generate usable electricity! In high-traffic spaces like airport terminals and train stations, POWERleap's PowerFlooring offsets power consumption of electronic displays, lighting, and more. In locations of changing occupancy like corporate offices and parking garages, POWERleap's SmartFlooring powers embedded wireless transmitters to save energy and track data. At the IDTechEx conference, POWERleap will be demonstrating the full spectrum of their capabilities and offerings. Keep your eyes open and feet active to take part in the future to energy harvesting!

Sustainable Dance Floor

The company Sustainable Dance Club™ developed the Sustainable Dance Floor™ (SDF). It was launched in the market in 2008 as the world's first energy generating floor. It is now used as eyecatcher for sustainable innovation at many events and exhibitions, ranging from a pavilion for renewable energy at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver to use in a campaign to present a new electric car at the Paris Auto show.


    To generate electricity, the floor will compress maximum 10mm when being stepped on. This small compression is enough to activate the internal generator of that module that will produce up to 35 Watt of sustained output per module. The dance floor is a scalable floor with modules of 75x75x20 cm each. The energy generated by movement is converted into electricity that is used to make the dance floor react to the public in an interactive way or to power other systems. This experience can be custom designed.