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Academic Poster Session

As part of our exhibition we have an area dedicated to academic posters. Applicants have to be teaching or studying full-time, and must purchase an academic pass of $299. All posters have to be pre-approved by our technical analysts. This pass will give you access to the two day conference and exhibition, plus a posterboard.

Poster titles include:

There will be a
'Best Poster Session'
award with a
post-conference article in our online journal

For further details, please email'Poster Session'
or sign up at

David Pera &
Pedro Gomes

University of Lisboa, Portugal
"E-Turbine - Eolic Concentrator For Energy Harvesting In Highways And Urban Environments."

AK Batra MD Aggarwal
Kunal Grover
Kaveri Batra

Alabama, A&M University, USA
Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, USA
MM College of Dental Sciences and Research, India
"Novel Techniques To Sustain Functionality Of Medical Devices Via Human Energy: An Overview"

Assist. Prof. Mira Trebar University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
"How Traceability Systems Can Benefit With RFID Temperature Data Loggers"
Rushi Vyas &
Dr. Manos Tentzeris
ATHENA Research Group, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
"Kinetic, Solar & Far-Field RF Energy Harnessing Technologies for Battery-less Operation of Wireless Sensor Modules."
Dr Katey Lo Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
"Thin Thermoelectric Generator System for Body Energy Harvesting."