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Meet the IDTechEx experts

Come along to the IDTechEx booth #I16 and meet our team of analysts!
Email khasha@IDTechEx.com to book your appointment with them today.

Dr Peter Harrop
Functional Materials / Electric Vehicles / Wearable Technology / Energy Storage
Dr Harry Zervos
Principal Technology Analyst
Internet of Things / Energy Harvesting / Printed Electronics
Raghu Das
Printed Electronics / Energy Harvesting / Internet of Things / 3D Printing
Yasuo Yamamoto
Manager, Business Development
Functional Materials /
Printed Electronics
Dr Jon Harrop
3D Printing
Rachel Gordon
Technology Analyst
3D Printing
Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh
Head of Consulting
Conductive Inks / Graphene /
Photovoltaics / OLED Lighting
Dr Guillaume Chansin
Technology Analyst
Flexible and OLED Displays /
Printed Sensors
Franco Gonzalez
Technology Analyst
Supercapacitors / Electric Vehicles / Functional Glass
Dr Xiaoxi He
Technology Analyst
Energy Storage / RFID /
Printed Electronics 
James Hayward
Technology Analyst
Wearable Technology