Technology, Applications & Opportunities
10 - 11 April 2019 | Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany

Exhibition Theater Agenda

Situated in the exhibition hall, the theater is open to both exhibition only and conference attendees.
You will hear about latest research and company highlights, Panel discussions and forums. The Exhibition theatre is also the venue for the IDTechEx awards ceremony.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019


Company Updates

11:40 am Modus Research and Innovation Limited
Mr Derek McKenzie, Project Manager/Product Development
High Performance Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing: Case Studies In Laser-Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT)
12:00 noon Accumold
Aaron Johnson, VP of Marketing and Customer Strategy
The Shrinking World - Micro Molding Essentials
12:20 pm HARTING AG
Mr Elis Hirvonen, Head of Sales and Project Management
Innovations In Automation, E-Mobility And Connectivity
12:40 pm Innovation Network for Advanced Materials (INAM)
Ms Antonia Caraveteanu, Entrepreneurial Business Developer
Do You Work With Advanced Materials?
1:00 pm Europlasma
Filip Legein
Strategies To Protect Wearable And Portable Electronic Devices With Plasma Deposited Functional Nanocoatings

Energy In Wearables

1:20 pm Thrive Wearables Ltd
Dr Jacob Skinner CEO
Battery-Less Wearables
1:40 pm ZHAW
Prof Juan-Mario Gruber, Professor / Head of Research Group Autarkic Systems
Intelligent Shoes Powered by Energy Harvesting
2:00 pm VARTA Microbattery GmbH
Mr Andreas Warta, Key Account Manager-OEM Europe
Compact Microbatteries In Wearable Technologies
2:20 pm Jenax Inc
Mrs EJ Shin, Managing Director
From Battery Constraints To Freedom Of Design Innovation In Wearables

High Resolution Manufacturing

2:40 pm XTPL S.A.
Aneta Wiatrowska, Technology Director
Versatile Ultraprecise Dispensing Technology To Print Nanomaterials
3:00 pm Asahi Kasei
Yushi Matsushita, Production Technology Engineer
Flexible Electronics with Submicron Patterns Fully Printed by R2R Process.
3:20 pm Nanotechnology Lab LTFN
Dr Argiris Laskarakis, Head of Organic Electronics Group
Enabling Artificial Intelligence In Nano-manufacturing Of Printed Electronics By In-Line Metrology And Control
3:40 pm FocalSpec Ltd
Ms Sanna Rantanen, VP, Sales & Marketing
Line Confocal Imaging In Printed Electronics Automated Quality Control

Women In STEM

4:00 pm Ultimaker BV
Dr Diana Garcia- Alonso, Team Leader Materials Research & Processing
Breaking Barriers: Career Development For Women In STEM
4:20 pm PA Consulting
Maria O'Callaghan, Managing Consultant
Breaking Barriers: Career Development For Women In STEM
4:40 pm IDTechEx
Dr Céline Ramond, Business Development Manager
Breaking Barriers: Career Development For Women In STEM

Graphene Commercial Opportunities

5:00 pm Abalonyx AS
Dr Rune Wendelbo, CEO
Up-Coming Industrial Applications Of Graphene Oxide And Graphene Oxide Derivatives
5:20 pm IIT /BiDimensional
Dr Francesco Bonaccorso, Technologist
Towards Large Scale Manufacturing Of Graphene And Related 2d Crystals
5:40 pm Sixonia Tech GmbH
Dr Martin Lohe, Executive Director
E-Graphene Brings Hope To The Hype

Day 1 Ends - Awards Ceremony Commences

Thursday, 11 April


Printed Electronics Manufacturing

10:40 am SURAGUS GmbH
Mr Marcus Klein, CEO
Upcoming Trends In Monitoring The Integrity Of Flexible Printed Electronics Along The Value Chain

Graphene Commercial Opportunities contd.

11:00 am Atomic Mechanics Ltd
Dr Aravind Vijayaraghavan, Science and Innovation Lecturer, Nanomaterials
Ultra-Thin Flexible Transparent Force Sensors And Human Machine Interfaces
11:20 am BioMed X GmbH
Dr Alexey Tarasov, Group Leader-Nanomaterial-Based Biosensors
Graphene-Based Electronic Immunosensor with Femtomolar Detection Limit in Whole Serum
11:40 am CNM Technologies
Dr Albert Schnieders, Managing Director & CTO
Carbon Nanomembranes - The Other Carbon-Based 2D-Material

Printed Electronics Applications

12:00 noon Denkigami
Mr Valerian Blos, CTO/R&D Manager
Denkigami - Printed Educational Electronics
12:20 pm IMEP LAHC
Ms Do Hanh Ngan Bui, Research Engineer
Increasing Transmission Of Electromagnetic Signals Through Thermal Insulation Glass

Art Augmented Applications

12:40 pm BILIANA K The Art of Technology
Ms Biliana K Voden Aboutaam, Owner
Art Augmented Applications, IoT The Art Of Technology

Exhibition Theater Sponsor

1:00 pm Texas Instruments
Mr Matthieu Chevrier, Principal architect
Embedded Analog Intelligence

China: Massive Disruption and Your Opportunities

1:20 pm IDTechEx
Mr Ray Lung, AP Business Development Director
Introduction And Overview
1:40 pm IDTechEx
Dr Richard Collins, Senior Technology Analyst
China's Progress In Advanced Materials
2:00 pm IDTechEx
Dr Luyun Jiang, Technology Analyst
2:40 pm IDTechEx
Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman
Electric Vehicles And China

Session Ends


China: Massive Disruption and Your Opportunities

Thursday, 11 April

1.20pm - 2.20pm
"China: Massive Disruption and Your Opportunities" A series of talks by IDTechEx Analysts covering the markets and opportunities in China for key technologies including: Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage, 5G/IoT, Displays, 3D Printing and more.

China has disrupted many technology industries. Solar photovoltaics rapidly moved to being mass manufactured in China. The highest volume desktop 3D Printer manufacturer is Chinese. The competition has also resulted in driving innovation. For example, the increase in LCD display manufacture in China was one of the key drivers for display companies to move to OLED displays - and now foldable OLED displays - to remain competitive. Consumers have greatly benefited.

This forum covers three areas where China is making huge gains, often not reported in European and American media. Specifically, it address the activities in advanced materials, such as graphene and light weight materials; China's 5G and IoT activities and goals; and the strong focus of electric vehicles in China. The data has been collected by, and will be presented by, IDTechEx analysts who closely study the global emerging technology trends.


Mr Ray Lung
AP Business Development Director
Introduction And Overview

Dr Richard Collins
Senior Technology Analyst
China's Progress In Advanced Materials

Dr Luyun Jiang
Technology Analyst

Dr Peter Harrop
Electric Vehicles And China

Women In STEM

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

4.00pm - 5.00pm
IDTechEx is proud to host a panel discussion on "The Case for Diversity: Increasing Inclusion in Tech" at the IDTechEx Show! Berlin 2019. Over the past few years, we have witnessed a strong emphasis being placed on increasing the representation of women and minorities in STEM but the questions still remains on what more needs to be done to achieve parity. Our panel discussion aims to shed light on some of the experiences to date of women in STEM fields and why there is such a strong business case for increasing inclusion.

The panel will be held at the Exhibition Theatre of the IDTechEx Show! in the Estrel Convention centre on Wednesday 10th April at 16.00-17.00. There will refreshments served at the back of the Exhibition Theatre at the end of the discussion for both the audience members and participants.


Dr Diana Garcia- Alonso, Team Leader Materials Research & Processing

Maria O'Callaghan, Managing Consultant

Dr Céline Ramond, Business Development Manager