International Conference and Tradeshow
The Applications, Technology
and Opportunities for Graphene
  1-2 April 2014, Berlin, Germany
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Tuesday, 01 Apr 2014


Graphene LIVE! & Supercapacitors

 Graphene LIVE! Keynotes
Graphene: Analysis of Technology, Markets and Players
Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, Head of Consulting
United Kingdom
11:45TATA Steel Global R&D
Graphene/Carbon Applications as Metal Corrosion Inhibitor and Energy Applications
Dr Siva Bohm, Principal Scientist
TATA Steel Global R&D
United Kingdom
12:10Chalmers University of Technology
Graphene Flagship
Prof Jari Kinaret, Professor
Chalmers University of Technology
12:35National Graphene Institute (NGI)
Commercialisation Strategies for Graphene: Beyond the Sticky Tape
Mr Ivan Buckley, Project Manager
National Graphene Institute (NGI)
United Kingdom
 Supercapacitors Keynotes: Applications in Transport & Electronics
Can Supercapacitors Replace Batteries?
Mr Franco Gonzalez, Technology Analyst
United Kingdom
14:35University of Cambridge
Development of Flexible Printed Circuit Embedded Supercapacitors - Examples for Consumer Electronic Applications
Dr Pritesh Hiralal, Research Associate
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom
14:55Imperial College London
Supercapacitors as Fuel Cell Life Extenders
Dr Billy Wu, PhD Research Postgraduate
Imperial College London
United Kingdom
 The Graphene Opportunity in Supercapacitors
15:45THALES Research and Technology
Supercapacitors Based on Mixtures of Graphite/Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes
Dr Paolo Bondavalli, Head Of Nanomaterials Group
THALES Research and Technology
Graphene Market Opportunities in Energy Storage Applications
Mr Jesus de La Fuente, CEO
17:10Graphene Batteries AS
The Role of Graphene in Batteries and Super-Capacitors
Dr Rune Wendelbo, CTO
Graphene Batteries AS
Cost Effective Production and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes
Mr Levan Tatunashvili,
18:00Day 1 Ends

Wednesday, 02 Apr 2014


Graphene LIVE!

 Graphene Applications
R&A: From Lab To Market
Mr Mario Celdran, CEO
09:25Haydale Limited
Functionalisation - A Key Enabler for Realising the Full Potential of Graphene
Dr Martin Kemp, Business Development Director
Haydale Limited
United Kingdom
09:50Xolve, Inc.
Optimizing Carbon Nanomaterial Systems for Commercial Applications
Mr Miguel Mireles, VP
Xolve, Inc.
United States
10:15CrayoNano AS
Towards High-Efficiency Nanowire/Graphene Hybrid Solar Cells
Dr Helge Weman, Founder & CTO
CrayoNano AS
 Touch Screen and ITO Replacement with Graphene / CNTs
11:15Cambridge Graphene Platform
Low Cost Graphene & 2D Layered Material Inks for Printed Electronics
Mr J. Patrick Frantz, CEO
Cambridge Graphene Platform
United Kingdom
11:40Bluestone Global Tech
Graphene Electronics: From Flexible Device to Radio and THz Frequency Applications
Dr Liam Britnell, Research scientist
Bluestone Global Tech
United Kingdom
12:05Canatu Oy
CNB™ Films for High Contrast, Flexible and Formable Touch
Dr David P Brown, CTO / VP Business Development
Canatu Oy
12:30Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin
Growth and Characterization of Large Area Graphene
Mr Gerald Troppenz,
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin
 Scaling up Graphene Production
14:05Thomas Swan
A New Industrially Relevant Route to High Quality Graphene
Dr Andy Goodwin, Commercial Director
Thomas Swan
United Kingdom
14:30Applied Graphene Materials
Scalable Routes for the Synthesis and Commercialisation of Graphene
Prof Karl Coleman, Chief Technical Director
Applied Graphene Materials
United Kingdom
14:55Nano Carbon
New Graphene-Based Products Manufacturing and Characterization
Dr Wlodzimierz Mischke, Vice President
Nano Carbon
15:20Grafoid Inc.
Graphene Excellence in Synthesis Capabilities from Upstream Mining to the opening of Downstream Applications
Dr Gordon Chiu, President & Co-founder
Grafoid Inc.
15:45Grupo Antolin
Graphene Oxide - The Technical Background
Mr Christopher Lillotte, Sales Manager Advanced Carbon Materials
Grupo Antolin
16:40Graphene LIVE! Ends

Wednesday April 02, 2014

Graphene Applications (09:00 - 11:15)

09:00 - 09:25 "R&A: From Lab To Market"
How to scale graphene production up
.- The new companies relationship model.
.- Choosing the right partner..!!
.-Technoscience for society.
09:25 - 09:50 "Functionalisation - A Key Enabler for Realising the Full Potential of Graphene"
09:50 - 10:15 "Optimizing Carbon Nanomaterial Systems for Commercial Applications"
Solvent-based exfoliation of nanomaterials provides simple, scalable, cost-effective routes for producing commercially useful quantities of a range of nanomaterials in the form of highly exfoliated solvent dispersions. The dispersions can in turn be used to deliver active nanomaterials into and onto many different commercial application targets. Polymer nanocomposites exhibiting enhanced mechanical, electrical and barrier properties have been a primary area of research and development at Xolve. The ability to cost-effectively exfoliate different types of nanomaterials and produce co-exfoliated mixtures containing more than one type of nanomaterial in an interactive system has opened up exciting new possibilities to optimize polymer nanocomposites for specific types of commercial applications. Using this approach, Xolve has produced new mixed nanomaterial polymer composites with unique performance properties compared to those based on a single type of nanomaterial.
10:15 - 10:40 "Towards High-Efficiency Nanowire/Graphene Hybrid Solar Cells"
• How semiconductor nanowires can be grown on graphene substrates
• Advantages of nanowire/graphene hybrid solar cells
• Challenges and future plans
10:40 Break