Graphene Electronics: From Flexible Device to Radio and THz Frequency Applications (Graphene LIVE! Europe 2014)

Dr Liam Britnell, Research scientist
Bluestone Global Tech
United Kingdom
Apr 02, 2014.

Presentation Summary

Graphene is a single sheet of carbon atoms and has attracted enormous attention for electronic applications. As a truly two-dimensional conductor, graphene is light-weight, strong, transparent and, at the same time, possesses unprecedented carrier mobility, higher than that of any other semiconductors at the same thickness. These attributes have made graphene one of the most promising candidates for high-frequency electronics and transparent flexible conductors.
Here we report the mass production of graphene films by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process and a dry transfer technique to allow for a high-throughput production of graphene films on various flexible and rigid substrates. Graphene-based touch panels and other flexible electronic applications are demonstrated. We will also report the progress of the integration of graphene for high-frequency electronics, based on a novel negative differential resistance (NDR) behavior observed in graphene devices. These potential of these graphene devices in radio and THz frequency applications will be demonstrated.

Company Profile (Bluestone Global Tech)

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Bluestone Global Tech (BGT), established in 2011, is dedicated to the development of graphene technology with the ultimate goal of utilizing this "wonder material" to enhance our lives. BGT has pioneered the mass production of high-quality graphene enabling the commercialization of many graphene-enhanced applications such as advanced displays, flexible electronics, and energy storage materials.
BGT is partnering with industrial application developers around the world to commercialize graphene-based products. We also provide end-users, universities and R&D labs with our high-quality CVD graphene, silicon-graphene anode material and graphene oxide.
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