Presentations for 2016

3D Printing Europe 2016

3D Printed Electronics Process Chains - Enabling Novel Applications And Mass Production (28 Apr)
A Hybrid Approach To Accelerate Adoption Of Metal 3D Printing (28 Apr)
Additive Manufacturing Of Implants - The Path To Production (27 Apr)
AM Photopolymers - Unrivaled Performance For Demanding Applications (28 Apr)
Bridging The Gap (28 Apr)
Challenges For Production Implementation Of Additive Manufacturing At Lockheed Martin Aeronautics (27 Apr)
Challenging Traditional Processes - 3D Printing And Established Small - Medium Size Businesses (28 Apr)
Do Advanced Digital 3D Printing And Additive Manufacturing Technologies, Now Widely Available Have A Place In The Jewellery Manufacturing Environment? (28 Apr)
Multi-Material Voxel Based 3D Printing (27 Apr)
Performance, Growth And Innovation in Additive Manufacturing: Opportunities And Challenges For The Industry (27 Apr)
Reprinting The Law - Legal Aspects Of 3D Printing (28 Apr)
The Next Wave Of Desktop 3D Printers (27 Apr)
The View From A 3D Printing Bureau - How People Are Purposefully Using Nylon SLS Today (28 Apr)
Update On The 3D Printing Industry: Latest Developments And Future Opportunities (27 Apr)

3D Printing USA 2016

3D Printed Advanced Biomimics (17 Nov)
3D Printing Buildings: DUS Architects / And Henkel Corporation (17 Nov)
Advanced Graphene Composites For 3D Printing (17 Nov)
Evolving Into Agile Electronics Development (16 Nov)
Multi-Nozzle Valved Extruder (17 Nov)
Next Generation High Performance Materials For FDM (17 Nov)
Old Company Embraces New Technology : Caterpillar And The Additive Manufacturing Journey (16 Nov)
Progress Toward Production Implementation Of Additive Manufacturing (16 Nov)
Red Queen Protocol (17 Nov)
Solving manufacturing challenges with SLM (17 Nov)
Space Boom: A Martian Frontier (17 Nov)
Update On The 3D Printing Industry: Latest Developments And Future Opportunities (16 Nov)

Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2016

Advantages Of GaN Transistors For Electric And Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles (28 Apr)
Auto 2025: Industry And Consumer Perspective Of The Self-Enabling Vehicle (27 Apr)
CUER: Innovation in Solar Racing (28 Apr)
Daimler's road to FCEV Market Introduction (27 Apr)
Electricity Strikes Back - The Forces Awakens (28 Apr)
EV Developments In Hungary, Integration Of European Components Into The Amber One Prototype (27 Apr)
EV Forecasts 2016-2026 For Land Water And Air Vehicles In 45 Sectors And Their Technology Roadmap (28 Apr)
EV Technology Megatrends In The Next 20 Years (27 Apr)
From System To Product: Thinking Big About Future 48V Motor Controllers (28 Apr)
Future Of Light Electric Vehicles: Connected & Autonomous (27 Apr)
KURT E-Vehicle For Enabling Urban Mobility: Versatile, Scalable And Cost-Efficient (27 Apr)
Mild Hybrid 48V Vehicles 2016-2031 (28 Apr)
On The Way To Sustainable Mobility - The Launch Of The Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Mirai (27 Apr)
Polycarbonate Glazing Benefits For EV Performance (27 Apr)
Smart Mobility For Berlin - Digital.Smart.Electric (27 Apr)
SolaRoad - Paving The Way Towards A Green Mobility System (28 Apr)
The Future Of The City Bus - A Potential Scenario (27 Apr)

Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2016

A Brief Outlook On Electric Vehicles And Smart Transportation (16 Nov)
Bidirectional Charge And Traction System (BCTS) - A combined Solution For e-Mobility And Charging (17 Nov)
Building Low-Cost EVs With 300+ Miles Of Range (17 Nov)
Electric Vehicles: The Melodrama Of The Coming 20 Years (16 Nov)
Energy Harvesting With Thin-Film GaAs Solar Cells (16 Nov)
From Tabletops To Teardrops - The Leading Edge Of Solar Racing (16 Nov)
How Rapidly Deployed Microfactories Will Efficiently Produce Mainstream Vehicles (17 Nov)
Magnetisable Concrete For Wireless Charging (17 Nov)
Maximizing Range & Democratizing Zero-Emission Electric Buses (17 Nov)
Nissan LEAF-To-Home Commercialization (17 Nov)
Plug-in Vehicle Behaviors: An Analysis Of Charging And Driving Behavior Of Ford Plug-in Electric Vehicles (16 Nov)
Prognostics And Health Monitoring Of Li Batteries: Application To Electric Vehicles (16 Nov)
Small Format Lithium-Ion Cells For Emerging Battery Storage Applications (17 Nov)
Solar Car: Together We Power The Future (16 Nov)
Solar For Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (17 Nov)
Sun Flyer: Update On The Solar-Electric Flight Trainer (17 Nov)
The Nuances Of The Solar Sports Car (16 Nov)
Ultracap based Storage - The Future of E-Mobility (17 Nov)
Wireless EV Charging With MagnetoDynamic Coupling: A Modular Approach To Wireless Power (16 Nov)

Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2016

A Universe Of Energy - Systems To Capture It All For Planet Earth, Our Solar System, And Beyond - Building & Expanding Our Energy "Toolbox" (27 Apr)
Applications Of Energy Harvesting In The Industry And Its Barriers (27 Apr)
Challenges To Hardware Design Of A Wireless Energy Harvesting Switch (28 Apr)
Contrasting Energy Harvesting With Wireless Power Delivery (28 Apr)
Current And Future Wireless And Energy Autonomous Sensing In Industrial Applications (27 Apr)
Elbit Systems™ Energy's Hybrid Aqueous Supercapacitor (HAS) - powering the next generation Of Energy Storage (28 Apr)
Energy Harvesting Design Kit "To Go" (28 Apr)
Energy Harvesting Forecasts For The Next Decade (27 Apr)
Energy Sources For Ultra Miniaturized Implantable Smart Systems (28 Apr)
Holistic System Design Approach For Embedded Energy Harvesting Systems In Real-World Applications (28 Apr)
Johnson Ambient-Heat Engine (27 Apr)
Light Energy Harvester Power Module For IoT Applications (27 Apr)
Manufacturing Technology Of All-Solid- State Thin-film Li Batteries For IoT Applications (28 Apr)
Performance Analysis Of Photovoltaics Under Mixed Spectrum Indoor Artificial Lighting Conditions (28 Apr)
Powering IoT With Durable And Reliable Energy Harvester Systems Based On Thin-Film Thermoelectrics (27 Apr)
Progress On Flexible Low-Cost Organic Thermoelectric Material And Device Development At CDT (27 Apr)
Stretchable Energy Harvesters For Power In Motion (28 Apr)
Switch On The Future - Powering Switch Applications Using Various Radio Standards For Building Automation & The IoT With Ambient Energy (28 Apr)
The Evolution Of Self-Powered IoT Systems (27 Apr)
Versatile Energy Harvesting System With Tunable Vibration Harvester And Micro Battery (27 Apr)
Vibrational Energy Harvesting: 3D Printing & MEMS (28 Apr)

Energy Harvesting USA 2016

Design And Analysis Of Aero-Elastic Energy Harvester Design (17 Nov)
Developing Energy Harvesting Technologies For IoT Applications (16 Nov)
EME-Harvester (17 Nov)
Endless Power Supply For IoT Through Durable And Reliable Thin-Film Thermoelectric Energy Harvesters (17 Nov)
Energy Harvesting Forecasts: Challenges And Paths To Success (16 Nov)
Harvesting Energy From Humans To Power Wearable Devices (16 Nov)
High Performance And Low Cost Thermoelectric Generators: Advanced Materials, Additive Manufacturing, And Applications (17 Nov)
Johnson Ambient-Heat Engine (16 Nov)
Low-Cost, Roll-To-Roll Printed, Organic TEGs: Why ZT Is Not The Most Important Factor (17 Nov)
Marine Condition Monitoring (17 Nov)
Switch On The Future - Powering Switch Applications Using Various Radio Standards For Building Automation & The IoT With Ambient Energy (16 Nov)
The Future of Energy - Man vs Machine (16 Nov)
Thermoelectric Generators For Waste Heat Recovery Applications (17 Nov)
Triboelectric Harvesting: Microwatts To Megawatts (17 Nov)
Truly Transparent Solar (17 Nov)

Energy Storage Innovations USA 2016

A Smart Energy Storage Device That Enables Digitalization Of The World (16 Nov)
Deploying Lithium Sulfur Cell & Battery Systems Technologies: The Breakthrough Years 2016-2018 (17 Nov)
Development Of Sodium Ion Batteries For Stationary Energy Storage (17 Nov)
Emerging Mass Transit Applications for High Performance Battery Systems (17 Nov)
Energy Storage Innovations: Disrupting The Energy Sector Or Being Disrupted From Within? (16 Nov)
Energy Storage Using Multivalent-Ion Intercalation Chemistry (17 Nov)
Fitting Batteries To Devices (16 Nov)
Flexible Storage For Deep Renewable Penetration (17 Nov)
Ground Breaking Metallic Sodium Batteries (17 Nov)
High-Energy, Ultra-Fast Charge (5X Conventional Fast Charge), Low-Temperature Capable Cells Containing Enevate's Silicon-Dominant Composite-Film Anode (17 Nov)
Innovations In Lithium Ion Technology (17 Nov)
Optimum Energy Device For Wireless Sensor Node (17 Nov)
Solid State Batteries For The IoT (16 Nov)
Solid-State And Polymer Batteries: Technologies And Markets (16 Nov)
The Renaissance Of Lithium Metal: SolidEnergy's Role In The Future Of Lithium Batteries (17 Nov)
Unlocking The Promise Of Silicon Anodes With Graphene (17 Nov)
Why Does The Internet Of Things Need Thin And Flexible Batteries? (17 Nov)

Graphene Europe 2016

Cost-Effective, Green, One-Step Process For Producing Ultra-High-Quality Graphene (27 Apr)
Direct Liquid Exfoliation - A Reliable Route To Graphene And 2-Dimensional Materials (27 Apr)
Graphene And Carbon Nanotubes: Existing And Future Markets (27 Apr)
Graphene And Innovation For The Energy Industry: The Point Of View Of A Technology User (27 Apr)
Graphene Battery - Commercializing Graphene For Energy Storage And Beyond (27 Apr)
Graphene Silicon Anodes, Next Step In Energy Storage (27 Apr)
Graphene Ultracapacitors - Breakthrough Technology Ready For Mass Production in 2016 (27 Apr)
Graphenea Roadmap: Wafer Scale Integration (28 Apr)
Low-Cost Conductive, Flexible Circuits Made Of Graphene Based Materials (27 Apr)
Printed Sensors: The Evolution Of Materials (28 Apr)
Prototype Wearable Fitness Monitor Based On Flexible Graphene Sensors For Visible And Infrared Light (28 Apr)
Solving The Critical Dispersion Challenge With Nano Carbon Materials (27 Apr)
Three Commercial Applications For Graphene Nano Particles - CPI Graphene Centre (27 Apr)
UV Color Protection With Graphene (28 Apr)
Vittoria's Graphene Revolution: A Competitive Advantage (28 Apr)

Graphene USA 2016

Advancing Graphene Towards Commercial Applications (16 Nov)
Cost Competitive Conductive Graphene Ink For Industrial Application (17 Nov)
Cost-Effective, Green, One-Step Process For Producing Ultra-High-Quality Graphene (16 Nov)
Flat vs. Crumpled. Graphene For Energy Storage Applications (17 Nov)
Global Graphene Market Survey Results And The Development Of Graphene Standards (17 Nov)
Graphene And Carbon Nanotubes: Existing And Future Markets (16 Nov)
Graphene Battery: Impact On Electrical Vehicle And Beyond (17 Nov)
Graphene Enhanced Aircraft Prototype (16 Nov)
Graphene: Uniting Biology And Electronics (16 Nov)
Real World Applications In Graphene, Taking The Greatest Discovery From Manchester Into The Real World (16 Nov)
xGnP® Graphene based Sustainable Solutions for Automotive Applications (16 Nov)

IDTechEx Sensors Europe 2016

Addressing Flexible Force-Sensing Demand. The Race To Mass Commercialisation (28 Apr)
Breathalyser For Daily Diabetes Testing (28 Apr)
Flexible Printed Sensors Wearable Technologies (28 Apr)
Flexible Ultra-Thin Films And Touch Sensors (28 Apr)
Inkjet-Printed Organic Single Crystals As Low Power Consuming, Flexible X-Rays Detectors (28 Apr)
Microfluidic Synthesis Of Semiconductor Nanoparticles For NIR Sensor Applications (27 Apr)
Multi Functional Sensors - VocalZoom (27 Apr)
NFC And Printed Electronics - A Perfect Match For Flexible NFC Sensor Tags (27 Apr)
Printed And Flexible Sensors: Current Status Of The Industry (27 Apr)
RFID Sensors As Smart Object Interface In The World Of IoT (27 Apr)
Screen Printing Of Alloy Pastes And Alloy Composites For Temperature Sensor Integration (28 Apr)
Sensors For Cyber Chemical Systems (28 Apr)
Single Chip Calibrated Temperature Monitor ASIC (27 Apr)
The Future Of Electronic Noses (28 Apr)
Thermal Activity Sensors Enabling Smarter Workplaces And Buildings (27 Apr)
Thin-Film Image Sensors: Technology And Applications (27 Apr)
Wearable Technologies- Seamless Physical And Digital Integration (27 Apr)
Wet Etching Of Gold Foils To Produce Flexible Electrochemical Biosensors (28 Apr)

IDTechEx Sensors USA 2016

Beyond The Supply Chain- How Quantifying Shelf Life Makes You Money And Provides A Platform For Premium Pricing (16 Nov)
Collaborating For A Fundamental Improvement In Active Matrix Force Sensing (16 Nov)
Connecting the Dots Between Mobile Fitness and Mobile Health (17 Nov)
Customizing the IOT (17 Nov)
Environmental Sensing - Use Cases And Context Awareness (16 Nov)
Flexible, Hyper-Elastic Strain Sensors And Their Applications (16 Nov)
Fully Printed Sensors For Realizing Innovative HMI Concepts (17 Nov)
Large Area Active Pressure Sensor Sheet Driven With Organic TFT Array (16 Nov)
New MID Packaged Sensor To Measure Ultra-Low Mass Flows Or Differential Pressures Down To 5 Millipascals (17 Nov)
Printed And Flexible Sensors: Current Status Of The Industry (16 Nov)
Printing The Connectivity (17 Nov)
Sensors For The Internet Of Awareness - Leading The Transformation From IOT To IOA (16 Nov)
Standalone SLAM In A Box (16 Nov)
The Application Of High Impedance/Capacitively Coupled Electric Potential Sensors To Wearable Devices. A Single Arm ECG. (17 Nov)
The Ultimate Biosensor (17 Nov)
Touch Interaction Taken To The Next Level (16 Nov)

IDTechEx Wearable Europe 2016

A New Generation Of Micro-Display For A Smarter World (28 Apr)
Applications In Motion Analysis With Wearables (27 Apr)
Enabling Technologies For AR And VR Smartglasses (28 Apr)
Epson Moverio In 2016: From Vision To Reality (28 Apr)
eTextiles For A Smart Bed (28 Apr)
MEMS Sensors Inspiring Wearable Devices (28 Apr)
New Trends In Thin, Flexible And Disposable Wearable Sport Devices (28 Apr)
Platform Technologies For Wearable Electronics (28 Apr)
Presentation by (28 Apr)
Robust Wireless IP500 IoT Infra Structure: Wearables And Sensors To Cloud (27 Apr)
Smart Uniforms - A B-To-B Compelling Model For Smart Textiles (28 Apr)
Temperature Sensing Yarn For Remote Temperature Measurement (28 Apr)
The Hyper-Connected Individual , Household & City Meets The Healthcare Sector: The IOT Opportunity (27 Apr)
The Hyper-Connected Individual , Household & City Meets The Healthcare Sector: The IOT Opportunity (27 Apr)
The Hyper-Connected Individual , Household & City Meets The Healthcare Sector: The IOT Opportunity (27 Apr)
The Internet Of Me - Data Empowering Patients (27 Apr)
Thermo-Plastically Deformable Circuits For Embedded Randomly Shaped Electronics (TERASEL) For Intended Application In Lighting (28 Apr)
Wearable Technology In 2016: As The Hype Fades (27 Apr)

Internet of Things Applications Europe 2016

(28 Apr)
(27 Apr)
How Will Digitization Become A Key Driver Of The Energy Transition? (28 Apr)
Implementing IOT And Measuring ROI Across The Food Industry Value Chain (27 Apr)
IoT & Wearable, Challenges For Technologies And Standards (27 Apr)
IoT Security - User-Friendly And Secured IoT Device Commissioning (28 Apr)
IoT: Show Me The Money (28 Apr)
On-Chip Energy Storage For Internet Of Things (28 Apr)
Protocols For IoT - Spoilt For Choice (27 Apr)
Regional Support To IoT Strategies Within The SmartCAT Strategy (28 Apr)
Smart Connectivity - Closing The Gap Between The Machine Floor And The Cloud (28 Apr)
The Internet Of Things: Why Is The Promise Taking So Long To Fulfill? (27 Apr)
The Next Generation Of RAIN RFID - More Than Just An ID (28 Apr)

Internet of Things Applications USA 2016

Best Practices in Industrial IoT Cybersecurity (17 Nov)
From Disappointing To Delightful: How To build With IoT (16 Nov)
How Can We Intuitively Manage The Transition Between Autonomous & Manual Modes Of Driving So As To Eliminate Mode Confusion? (17 Nov)
Innovations In Digital Technologies Transform The LifeSciences Industry (16 Nov)
IoT For Aviation Industry (17 Nov)
IoT: Show Me The Money (16 Nov)
Mobility 4.0: Physical Mobility & Information Mobility Coming Together (17 Nov)
Next Generation IoT Analytics: Edge To Core; With Distance Deep Learning (16 Nov)
Power To The Devices (17 Nov)
Powering The Internet Of Things (17 Nov)
RAIN RFID Is Enabling IOT, Connecting Billions Of Everyday Things (Panel Discussion) (16 Nov)
Smart Homes: Upgrading The Consumer Experience With Gesture Control Interface (17 Nov)
The Big Opportunity: Autonomous Vehicles And Robotics In Agriculture (17 Nov)
Transformational Manufacturing: The Tip Of The Iceberg (16 Nov)
Translating IoT Into Innovation At Every Level (16 Nov)
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), The Internet Of Things (IoT) And Modernization Of The Electric Grid - An Overview (17 Nov)
Using IoT Standards To Create A Competitive Advantage (16 Nov)

Printed Electronics Europe 2016

A New Paradigm In Atmospheric Plasma Processing For Low Cost Manufacturing Of Ultra-Barrier Films. (28 Apr)
Advanced Polymer Composites By Electric Field Induced Particle Alignment (28 Apr)
Advances in Thin, Printable Conductors (28 Apr)
Aesthetics Matter: Printed Electronics And Photonic Curing In Automotive Applications (27 Apr)
Flexible Electronics For Smart Packaging And Interactive Games (28 Apr)
Flexible Hybrid Electronics For Sensor Systems Applications (27 Apr)
Flexible OLED For Automotive Lighting: Prospects, Trends And Recent Results (27 Apr)
Fully-Integrated Injection Molded Structural Electronics Solutions For Mass Production (28 Apr)
High Performance Organic Field Effect Transistors: Improved Materials As Basis For Robust Processes (28 Apr)
High Resolution Printing Technology For R2R PE Process (28 Apr)
High-Efficiency Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diodes (QLEDs) (27 Apr)
High-Rate Nano And Microscale Printing Of Electronics, Sensors, And Functional Materials Applications (28 Apr)
In Mold Electronics: The Next Generation Human Machine Interface Technology (28 Apr)
Ink-Jet Printed Perovskite Solar Cells (28 Apr)
Inkjet Printing In Manufacturing. (28 Apr)
LCD Display With Metal Oxide Semiconductor iXsenic® Coated On Gen 4 (28 Apr)
Multi Material Inkjet Deposition Solutions With Aerosol Jet Technology And Post Processing Integration (27 Apr)
Organic And Large Area Electronics Under Horizon 2020 (28 Apr)
Polymer Nanostructures Fabrication And Use In Sensing Applications (27 Apr)
Printable Siloxane Dielectrics And Conductors - A New Class Of Inks And Pastes For The IoT Era (28 Apr)
Printing Of 3D Shaped Conductive Traces In Mass Production (28 Apr)
Rapid Prototyping For Functional Printed Electronics Using Inkjet Printing (28 Apr)
Reducing Dimensions, Increasing Functionality - The New Ink-Jet Silver From DuPont (28 Apr)
Shaping The Future Of Smart Packaging - Extending The IoT's Boundaries To Bridge The Physical And Digital Worlds (27 Apr)
Synthesis And Formulation Of Particles Inks For Inkjet And Aerosol-Jet Printing Methods (28 Apr)
TempTraq: A commercial Evolution Of Printed And Flexible Electronics (27 Apr)
The Global Printed Electronics Market 2016-2026 (27 Apr)
Ubiquitous Displays And Sensors - Activating Surfaces With Flexible Electronics (27 Apr)
Welcome and Introduction (27 Apr)

Printed Electronics USA 2016

5 Ways Ultra-Thin Batteries Are Changing The World And Here's How It Will Happen. (17 Nov)
Aluminum Ink For Flexible And Wearable Electronics (17 Nov)
Applications Of Photonic Curing, And Enabled Materials (17 Nov)
Conductive Copper Ink (17 Nov)
Creating Global Opportunities And Purpose For Printed Electronics Through The Eyes Of A CPG (16 Nov)
Design, Development, And Integration Of Printed Electronics, Energetics, Materials, And Sensors (PEEMS) For US Army Applications (16 Nov)
DuPont Advanced Materials For Printed Electronics (16 Nov)
Electric Conductive Paste -DOTITE- for Printed Electronics (17 Nov)
Flexible Hybrid Electronics - The Tipping Point To Drive Printed Electronics Market Growth (16 Nov)
Flexible OLED For Automotive Lighting: Prospects, Trends And Recent Results (17 Nov)
Flexible OLEDs For Consumer Products (17 Nov)
Fully-Integrated Injection Molded Structural Electronics Solutions For Mass Production (16 Nov)
Functionalized Polymer Films For Next-Gen Printed, Flexible And In-Mold Electronics (16 Nov)
Graphene Glass Radiant Heaters - Is This The future? (17 Nov)
High Resolution Functional Materials Deposition Systems Combining Aerosol Jet With Ink Jet Printheads Capabilities And In-Line Photonic Post Drying/Curing For Complete Integrated Processing (17 Nov)
Hot Innovations And Products In Printed Electronics (16 Nov)
Inkjet Printing for OLED Mass-Production (17 Nov)
Integrating A Collaborative Robot Into The Contact Crimping Process (17 Nov)
Intelligent Papers: Creating A Bridge Between Paper And The Digital World (17 Nov)
Meyer Burger Flexible Electronics Manufacturing Solutions (17 Nov)
OrgaconTM PEDOT:PSS Unique Transparent And Flexible Conductor Technology (17 Nov)
Perovskite Photovoltaics: The road To Commercialization (17 Nov)
Printed Electrochromics. The Face Of The Internet Of Everything (17 Nov)
Printed Organic Photovoltaics Go Green: A Breakthrough In Single Junction PCE 11.5% Using Non Halogen Ink For R2R Process. (17 Nov)
Recent Development Of Graphene Elastomer Nano-composite And Graphene Inks (17 Nov)
Towards Roll-To-Roll Production Of Perovskite Based PV: Challenges And New Opportunities For (Thin Film) PV (17 Nov)
Transparent Barrier Films For Encapsulation: Beyond Barrier (17 Nov)
Welcome and Introduction (16 Nov)

Wearable USA 2016

ALPHACLO : The World First AI Coaching Tech Wear (17 Nov)
Design Rules Of Integration - How To Design Garments That Can Accommodate Electronics And How To Choose Electronics That Integrate Well Into Apparel. (17 Nov)
Enabling Technologies For AR And VR Smartglasses (17 Nov)
Fabric sensing in Automotive (16 Nov)
Fashioneering: Merging Two Industries (17 Nov)
From Space Development To Consumer Markets (17 Nov)
Functionalizing Textiles (17 Nov)
How Augmented Reality Will Improve Our Interactions With Computers (17 Nov)
Lumo Run, Biomechanics And The Future Of Wearables (16 Nov)
Plasma Deposited Water And Corrosion-Proofing Is Coming To Wearable Devices' Rescue (16 Nov)
Seizing The Opportunity: Wearable Success Is As Much Science As Art (17 Nov)
Smart Textiles And Wearables: 12 Years' Experience In Production - Lessons Learned From Those Who Do It (17 Nov)
Stretchable Thermoset Polymers Enable The Next Generation Of Flexible Electronics (16 Nov)
The Failure Of Smart Glasses And The Dawn Of The Consumer AR Device (17 Nov)
The Internet Of Me - Data Empowering Patients (16 Nov)
The Next Generation Interface (17 Nov)
Wearable For A Smarter World (17 Nov)
Wearable Technology In 2016: As The Hype Fades (16 Nov)