Small Format Lithium-Ion Cells For Emerging Battery Storage Applications (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2016)

Mr Darren Bischoff, Director of Business Development & Marketing Sales
United States


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USA 2016 Audio Presentation - Boston-Power*

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Presentation Summary

Energy storage products have experienced significant growth in the past two years and are expected to grow 2-3x by 2020 to support demand for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. Today, this has spawned many new emerging applications which can be enabled or enhanced by battery storage. Looking further out to 2050, our reliance on energy storage and distributed power are going to increase dramatically as the world's population will be predominantly found in urban areas. There remain many questions about the right technologies to take us there with a continual lack of standards in the market.

Speaker Biography (Darren Bischoff)

Darren Bischoff joined Boston-Power in 2013 and currently serves as Director of Business Development and Marketing with a focus on partnership development and driving requirements for new products. With over 15 years experience in electronic materials, Darren has dedicated his career to commercializing innovative technologies. As an early team member of electronic paper pioneer E Ink, Darren spent nearly 12 years launching ultra-low power display products with roles in operations, marketing and business development. He next served as Director of Products for MC10, a developer of flexible electronics. Additionally, Bischoff has provided consulting services to early stage technology companies spanning displays, photovoltaics and semiconductors.

Company Profile (Boston-Power Inc)

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Boston-Power is an energy storage technology company that focuses on integrating lithium-ion technologies into electric vehicles, energy storage systems (ESS) and a wide range of industrial, consumer, medical and military applications.
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