Cost-Effective, Green, One-Step Process For Producing Ultra-High-Quality Graphene (Graphene USA 2016)

Dr Anna Mieczakowski, Chief Operations Officer
Cambridge Nanosystems
United Kingdom


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USA 2016 Audio Presentation - Cambridge Nanosystems*

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Presentation Summary

Among a variety of techniques currently employed, solvent exfoliation and oxidization (with subsequent reduction) of graphite are the two main methods for graphene nanoplatelet synthesis. While these methods have improved greatly over the past few years, they still do not provide a reliable way for high-quality graphene production on a large scale. Dr Anna Mieczakowski from FGV Cambridge Nanosystems will present a novel, green and cost-effective method for catalyst-free, continuous, large scale production of graphene from a gaseous hydrocarbon feedstock in our proprietary microwave plasma reactor system.

Speaker Biography (Anna Mieczakowski)

Dr Anna Mieczakowski is the Chief Operating Officer at FGV Cambridge Nanosystems Ltd, where her role is to ensure that the Company delivers a wide range of high-quality graphene products, applications and projects to the market. Previously, Anna worked in User Experience (UX) consulting, healthcare consulting and the software industry, and has extensive experience of managing complex programmes in both industry and academia. She holds a PhD in Engineering Design from the University of Cambridge and her work has been published in public reports and articles in leading international journals, books and conferences, as well as being disseminated in design exhibitions for both public and business benefit. Anna is also an Industrial Fellow at the Cambridge University Engineering Design Centre, a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, as well as a Member of the Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy and Pembroke College.

Company Profile (Cambridge Nanosystems)

Cambridge Nanosystems logo
Cambridge Nanosystems is a UK-based start-up born out of Cambridge University that specialises in advanced materials.
Our graphene innovation:
We have developed a ground-breaking new method of producing ultra-high-quality, impurity-free graphene in high volumes for the very first time. Our process is based on the bottom up, molecular assembly of graphene sheets, using natural gas as carbon precursor and without the need of a catalyst. The innovative production method enables the commercial scale production of these multi-functional, high-performance materials.
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