Inkjet Printing In Manufacturing. (Printed Electronics Europe 2016)

Dr Wouter Brok, Manager Research - Business Unit Printing
Meyer Burger Group


Europe 2016 Presentation - Meyer Burger Group*
Europe 2016 Audio Presentation - Meyer Burger Group*

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Presentation Summary

In recent years, tremendous advances have been made in print head technology and functional ink performance. At the same time, inkjet printing is recognized as a value added technology that can either replace existing production methods and/or introduce new product design possibilities. These two developments have amplified one another and resulted in the introduction of inkjet printing in production facilities. In this contribution an update will be given about the state of the art of industrial inkjet printing equipment and the various applications for which these tools are being used.

Speaker Biography (Wouter Brok) W.J.M. (Wouter) Brok is Reseach Manager at PiXDRO, the inkjet printing division at Roth & Rau B.V. in the Netherlands. He studied applied physics and earned a Ph.D. in gas discharge physics. In 2007 Wouter joined OTB Engineering, which later became Roth & Rau B.V. At this company he worked on systems and processes for manufacturing of different solar cell concepts. His present focus is on industrial inkjet printing for applications in various fields, such as photovoltaics, semicon, displays and touch sensors.

Company Profile (Meyer Burger Netherlands)

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Meyer Burger Netherlands, member of Meyer Burger Technology company, is a world leading provider of innovative functional inkjet and high throughput PECVD and spatial ALD coating equipment for (structured) functional layers for high tech electronics manufacturing. Meyer Burger Netherlands serves several industries: OLED, photovoltaics (focus application thin film encapsulation), batteries (battery anode enhancement) and printed and flexible electronics. They offer complete manufacturing solutions including pre- and post-processing and automation modules as well as R&D systems. With their strong process know-how and extensive network of module and material partners, they are well positioned to develop and provide complete solutions for both full and pilot scale production.
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