Meyer Burger Flexible Electronics Manufacturing Solutions (Printed Electronics USA 2016)

Mr Claus Lichtenberg, CEO
Meyer Burger Group


IDTechEx Show! USA Presentation - Meyer Burger Group*
IDTechEx Show! USA Audio Presentation - Meyer Burger Group*

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Presentation Summary

In today's connected world, electronics is changing shape. Wearable devices, IoT nodes and the growing use of sensors ask for further miniaturization and 3D integration. The fields of printed and hybrid electronics, IC packaging, display technology and electronics assembly are clearly starting to merge. Meyer Burger will present the latest on their toolbox of manufacturing solutions opening the way to highly integrated and flexible electronics.

Speaker Biography (Claus Lichtenberg)

Claus Lichtenberg, CEO
Started at Meyer Burger (Netherlands) B.V. in 2009 and CEO since 2011. Claus fulfilled several C-level managerial functions at stocklisted companies (Carl Zeiss, Suss Microtec, BESI and others) in different industries such as semiconductor, precision optics, process automation and vacuum coating.

Company Profile (Meyer Burger)

Meyer Burger logo
Meyer Burger enables flexible and printed electronics. Meyer Burger manufactures functional inkjet printers for both R&D and mass manufacturing applications, thin film encapsulation and ALD equipment for moisture barrier manufacturing as well as innovative thin film battery coating solutions. Meyer Burger serves printed electronics, solar, OLED, display and battery industries.
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