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Conference Agenda

Wednesday, 20 Nov 2013



 Graphene LIVE! Keynotes
11:20Vorbeck Materials
The Expanding Applications of Graphene
Dr John S. Lettow, President
Vorbeck Materials
United States
11:45Grafoid Inc.
Few Layered Graphene Derived From Raw Graphite Ore
Dr Gordon Chiu, Vice-President
Grafoid Inc.
12:10Cabot Corporation
Engineering Functional Carbon Additives for Various Applications: From Carbon Black to Graphenes
Dr Angelos Kyrlidis, Principal Scientist
Cabot Corporation
United States
High Aspect Ratio Nano Materials
Dr Anand Murugaiah, BN Powders New Product Dev. Leader
United States
Supercapacitors Replace Batteries
Mr Franco Gonzalez, Technology Analyst
United Kingdom
14:55Maxwell Technologies
Ultracapacitors: Gaining Traction in a World of Batteries
Dr Priya Bendale, Sr. Director, Advanced Development
Maxwell Technologies
United States
15:20Cap-XX Ltd
Applications for Energy Harvesters coupled with Supercapacitors
Mr Pierre Mars, VP, Applications Engineering
Cap-XX Ltd
 The Graphene Opportunity in Supercapacitors
Graphene in Energy Storage Applications
Mr Jesus de La Fuente, CEO
16:45Stevens Institute of Technology
Inkjet-Printed Graphene for Micro-Supercapacitor
Dr Linh Le, Group Leader
Stevens Institute of Technology
United States
17:10Graphene Frontiers
Graphene Hybrid Devices for Energy Storage and Sensors
Mr Ryan Mendoza, VP Engineering
Graphene Frontiers
United States
18:00Angstron Materials
Graphene-Enabled Supercapacitors - Recent Developments
Mr Ian Fuller, Project Engineer
Angstron Materials
United States
18:25Day 1 ends

Thursday, 21 Nov 2013


Graphene LIVE!

 Graphene Inks and Composites and Coatings
Graphene: Analysis of Technology, Markets and Players
Dr Harry Zervos, Senior Technology Analyst
United Kingdom
09:25Cambridge Graphene Platform
Low Cost Graphene & 2D Layered Material Inks for Printed Electronics
Mr J. Patrick Frantz, CEO
Cambridge Graphene Platform
United Kingdom
09:50XG Sciences
xGnP in Electrical and Thermal Ink Applications
Dr Ned Hardman, Senior Project Manager
XG Sciences
United States
10:15NanoIntegris Inc
High Mobility Semiconducting Inks - Recent Progress and Applications in Gas Sensing
Dr Nathan Yoder, Chief Technology Officer
NanoIntegris Inc
United States
 Touch Screen and ITO Replacement with Graphene
11:15Bluestone Global Tech
Graphene Electronics: From Flexible Device to Radio and THz Frequency Applications
Dr Yu-Ming Lin, VP of Technology and Co-Founder
Bluestone Global Tech
United States
The Future for Flexible and 3D Formed Touch Displays, How to Succeed
Mr Bob Senior,
12:05Graphene Laboratories, Inc
Moving Forward: Graphene and other Advanced Layered Materials
Dr Elena Polyakova, CEO
Graphene Laboratories, Inc
United States
12:30University of Cambridge
Printing of Graphene and 2d-Materials: A New Platform for Cheap, Flexible and Transparent Electronics
Mr Felice Torrisi,
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom
14:05National Graphene Institute (NGI)
Commercialisation Strategies for Graphene: Beyond the Sticky Tape
Mr Ivan Buckley, Project Manager
National Graphene Institute (NGI)
United Kingdom
 CNT and Graphene TFTs
14:30National Research Council Canada
Thin Film Transistors based on Semiconducting Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes
Dr Patrick Malenfant, Thrust Leader, Functional Materials
National Research Council Canada
 Graphene Production and Applications
14:55Applied Graphene Materials
Scalable Routes for the Synthesis and Commercialisation of Graphene
Prof Karl Coleman, Chief Technical Director
Applied Graphene Materials
United Kingdom
Will the 'Real' Graphene Please Stand Up?
Dr Branson Belle, CTO
United Kingdom
15:45AZ Electronic Materials
Graphene Nanoribbons - A New Form of Graphene with Exciting Potential
Mr Hiroshi Hara, Marketing
AZ Electronic Materials
16:40Graphene Technologies
What Do We Need Graphene For?
Mr Jon Myers, CEO and Founder
Graphene Technologies
United States
17:05PPG Industries
Low Cost Plasma Synthesis of Graphene Nanoplatelets from Methane
Dr Noel Vanier, Director Nanotechnology & New Color Development
PPG Industries
United States
17:30Incubation Alliance
Mass Production of High Quality Graphene and its Applications
Mr Kazuo Muramatsu, CEO
Incubation Alliance
17:55Day 2 ends

Thursday November 21, 2013

Graphene Inks and Composites and Coatings (09:00 - 10:40)

09:00 - 09:25 "Graphene: Analysis of Technology, Markets and Players"
09:25 - 09:50 "Low Cost Graphene & 2D Layered Material Inks for Printed Electronics"
• Brief overview of Cambridge Graphene Platform and group company activities;
• Potential applications for graphene and 2D layered material inks;
• Solution processing and scalable production process;
• Current technology status and development roadmap;
09:50 - 10:15 "xGnP in Electrical and Thermal Ink Applications"
xGnP is a differentiated product from other graphenes in the market place.
The large lateral domain and thin profile enable unique performance in ink applications that are just beginning to be explored.
10:15 - 10:40 "High Mobility Semiconducting Inks - Recent Progress and Applications in Gas Sensing"
10:40 Break


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