Connecting the EDGE
10 - 11 April 2019 Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany

Demonstration Street

The IDTechEx Show! exhibition will feature Demonstration Street, a large area dedicated to showing a full range of wireless products and prototypes, helping to create The Internet of Things and the Internet of Everything. It will include devices incorporating sensor, printed electronics and wearable technologies; including wireless power, wireless charging, wireless sensors and much more.

Preview of Demonstration Street

Demonstration Street is now full, we are no longer accepting any further applications.


Impossible Objects printed with the FluidFM µ3Dprinter. Tiny "impossible objects" printed out of solid copper.


Electronic origami animals, printed with conductive ink, to teach a young audience the basics of


Vehicle Overhead Control Panel (OHCP) using IMSE Technology. Vehicle overhead control panel concept, produced using IMSE™ technology - light, thin (3mm), 3-dimensional smart molded structure with electronic functions..


FlexStress Dynamic answers to challenges of reliability testing of flexible and stretchable structures by combining mechanical stresses with environmental


The NERA E- Motorcycle by NOWLAB is the world's first fully 3D printed electric motorcycle.

Software for Chemistry & Materials

Amsterdam Modeling Suite. Powerful computational chemistry software for modelling chemistry, materials & processes.

Kundisch GmbH & Co KG

The NFC Seal protects cabinets and detects any kind of tampering attempt. The ink separation once tampered cannot be restored.

Cosinuss GmbH

A continuously measuring wearable sensor which is seamlessly capturing HR, HRV, body temperature, steps and 3-D acceleration in everyday life.

Insplorion AB

InAir - Insplorion Optical Air Quality Sensors. Miniature, low cost, sensitive and robust optical nanoplasmonic sensor for measurement of pollutant gases in

The Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology

Graphene Thermal Conductive Film. Thermal conductive film, suitable for heat dissipation of electronic devices.


Terraultra G 260. Revolutionary graphene-enhanced rubber delivers the world's toughest grip on hard-packed trails, while next-generation underfoot technology strikes the perfect balance between comfort and responsiveness.


3D Printed Personal Nutrition. Tailor made to order and shipped straight to your door every month.

Saule Technologies

Perovskite Powered IoT. An indoor light harvesting perovskite solar module powers Internet of Things applications.

SEG Sonnenrepublik Energie GmbH

SolarBee: Miniature Solar Emergency Unit. Hightech combination of miniature USB solar charger, ultrabright LED lamp and key ring with optimized efficiency and multi-functionality, German engineering.


Sheldahl Flexible Technologies, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Flex Ltd., is a US-based company that has been delivering reliable, flexible and printed electronics for over 60 years. Our state of the art equipment enables design for manufacture solutions, which helps to optimize your cost/benefit equation. Through vertical integration, we offer thin, lightweight electronics that will conform and adapt to the needs of your products form and use.


Pireta E-Textile Technology. A free-form process for adding durable, conductive patterns to textiles without impacting their performance, enabling a new generation of truly wearable smart garments and e-textiles.


IQ-BOND electronic adhesives. (Micro-)electronic adhesives for assembly of reliable, low cost, printed electronic devices at very high speed and at low temperatures.


BotFactory SV2 PCB Printer. Just like a 3D Printer, our SV2 Desktop PCB Printer allows you to prototype in minutes instead of