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Tekscan manufactures flexible pressure sensors, based on force sensitive resistors. Medical applications are a particular focus.
alt="Innolux and E Ink Collaborate on 28 Inch Colour E-Paper"
Innolux and E Ink Collaborate on 28 Inch Colour E-Paper
Innolux and E Ink announced their collaboration on large-sized Advanced Color ePaper panels. Innolux is E Ink's first partner to work on the production and sales of large-sized ACeP. With this partnership, both parties will focus on expanding electronic paper products in IoT and Smart City applications.
Peratech offer integrated pressure sensing solutions based around their proprietary pressure sensitive materials and algorithms. They aim to improve human interactions with electronics devices by enabling different surfaces (including displays) to sense pressure similar to how human skin does.
alt="Free-to-attend virtual event on Opportunities for Printed Electronics"
Free-to-attend virtual event on Opportunities for Printed Electronics
Hear from Coca-Cola, Swarovski, Electrolux, Roartis and Neotech AMT at this new free-to-attend online conference from IDTechEx, hosts of the world's largest event series on Printed & Flexible Electronics.
alt="Electronic Skin Patches 2020-2030"
Electronic Skin Patches 2020-2030
Forecasts taken from IDTechEx report "Electronic Skin Patches 2020-2030"
Skin patches powered by sweat
Particularly for healthcare, there is a growing demand for skin patches and other forms of smart skin for monitoring and even drug delivery and other active functions.
alt="Promising Material Stable Enough for use in Solar Cells"
Promising Material Stable Enough for use in Solar Cells
Soft and flexible materials called halide perovskites could make solar cells more efficient at significantly less cost, but they're too unstable to use.
alt="Sweat Powered Electronic Skin"
Sweat Powered Electronic Skin
The e-skin, made from soft, flexible rubber, can be embedded with sensors that monitor information like heart rate, body temperature, levels of blood sugar and metabolic byproducts that are indicators of health, and even the nerve signals that control our muscles. It does so without the need for a battery, as it runs solely on biofuel cells powered by one of the body's own waste products.
alt="Printed Electronics for Medical and Lesiure Use"
Printed Electronics for Medical and Lesiure Use
VARTA is intensively involved in a large number of research projects, including in the field of printed electronics. The goal is to optimize existing application options and to add new ones.
alt="Nano Dimension's AME Technology and  REHAU Develop 3D Touch Sensor"
Nano Dimension's AME Technology and REHAU Develop 3D Touch Sensor
Nano Dimension Ltd and REHAU succeeded in printing a 3D touch sensor. With the 3D electronic device, the premium polymer products from REHAU can be transformed into back-lit human-machine-interface surfaces.
alt="CPI Announces Smart-Labelling Using Battery-on-Circuit Technology"
CPI Announces Smart-Labelling Using Battery-on-Circuit Technology
CPI announced a new collaborative project with Reelables to demonstrate a novel technology for printing smart Battery-on-Circuit labels, used to track shared objects in workspaces. This low-cost power source will eliminate the need for expensive and bulky external batteries for printed electronics, overcoming a key barrier to their widening application, mass production and industry growth.
alt="Webinar 18 May - Self-Powered Electronics: The Race Is On"
Webinar 18 May - Self-Powered Electronics: The Race Is On
This webinar shares some of the research for the new IDTechEx report, "Energy Harvesting for Electronic Devices 2020-2040". It comes at just the right time. The world's first self-powered smart watches have just arrived. They are not full-function but we are getting there. That billion a year harvester potential will be followed by similar numbers of Internet of Things nodes. Learn other big prizes making several of the world's largest companies research energy harvesting.
Joanneum Research
Joanneum Research (JR) is a publicly funded research and technology organization in Austria. This profile focuses on PyzoFlex® Technology, which is a fully printed sensor based on a ferroelectric (pyroelectric and piezoelectric) material. It reacts very sensitively to changes in pressure, temperature and vibration.
alt="Stretchable Lithium-Ion Battery Based on Micro-Honeycomb Structure"
Stretchable Lithium-Ion Battery Based on Micro-Honeycomb Structure
The microscale reentrant-honeycomb shaped, graphene-based electrode is characterized by an accordion-like structural stretchability. A stretchable gel electrolyte and stretchable separator are also developed for all-component stretchable full cells, with applications for future stretchable devices.
alt="Washable E-Textiles that Seal in Wireless Charging Electronics"
Washable E-Textiles that Seal in Wireless Charging Electronics
Powercast Corporation and Liquid X have announced a printed electronics venture to enable garment manufacturers to easily integrate wireless power functionality into durable, flexible, high performance and washable e-textiles.
Kordsa's New R&D Platform: Thin Films and Flexible Electronics
Kordsa is expanding its capabilities with flexible electronics and thin films and launched the new "Thin Films and Flexible Electronics" R&D Platform in partnership with Sabancı University.
Tacterion offers pressure sensing solutions based around their proprietary flexible, stretchable piezoresistive film. Their sensors are especially well suited to applications in which the sensor material is curved since they do not register a signal on bending.
LEAP Technology
LEAP Technology is a Danish company that offers custom designed flexible strain sensors and actuators, based on highly stretchable capacitors.
alt="Self-Charging Everything: Battle for the High Ground"
Self-Charging Everything: Battle for the High Ground
When some full-function, always-on smartwatches are able to self-charge, the others will look like the horse-drawn cart. When Internet of Things nodes are self-charging at the right size and price, the market for them will increase one thousand times.
Tangio is a technology platform agnostic developer and manufacturer of printed force and touch sensing solutions, primarily for HMI applications. This includes a comprehensive range of single point Force Sensing Resistors, Potentiometers and Trackpads, plus 3D matrix sensors in which they are the market leader. Recently they have launched fuZion hybrid sensors that combine capacitive and resistive sensing.