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"Printed Electronics in Photovoltaic and OLED Display Technologies: Market Forecasts 2013-2023"

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Covering vacuum and solution processed OLEDs for displays and lighting: materials, deposition, TFT backplanes, scaling, market opportunities

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLEDs) are a $10 Billion market in 2013, used as displays in cellphones and other small portable electronics. As LCDs compete by moving to higher resolution, so too are small sized OLED displays, opening up new manufacturing opportunities for vacuum and additive processing. The second wave of OLED opportunity are OLED TVs - commercial this year and made in larger area sizes. Printing or partly printing these displays is viable but only when technical challenges are overcome. In parallel, organizations are selling OLED lighting - utilizing similar materials an d equipment. Design of the luminaires is critical to their success versus completion from LED solid state lighting (SSL).

OLEDs LIVE! is Europe's event covering all aspects of the technology and opportunity. Hosted by IDTechEx, OLEDs LIVE! covers the market opportunities, challenges and technical progress from around the World. Attendees will develop a comprehensive yet detailed understanding of the state of different technologies as we cover key topics including:

  • Appraisal of applications and market trends
  • Progress and unmet needs for vacuum and solution deposited materials - across the full OLED stack
  • Manufacturing equipment, scale up and analysis of costs and yield
  • TFT developments - metal oxides, graphene, CNTs, organic semiconductors (OSC), aSi
  • Barrier film technologies
  • Latest academic breakthroughs
  • Competitive analysis - opportunity versus progress with LCDs and LEDs
  • Progress by technology

  • The event brings together users, material providers, equipment makers, policy makers, academics and investors from around the world.

    Assess all the key technologies and opportunities in one location.

    OLEDs LIVE is co-located with Printed Electronics Europe - featuring relevant topics such as transparent conductive films, conductors, flexible electronics and much more. More than 1,500 people will attend this event, now in its tenth year, to aid their critical business and technology development strategy decisions in this emerging, high growth topic. Attendees to OLEDs LIVE! have access to all sessions and the combined tradeshow.

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