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alt="New Wearable Tracks Vitamin C Levels in Sweat"
New Wearable Tracks Vitamin C Levels in Sweat
A team has developed a wearable, non invasive Vitamin C sensor that could provide a new, highly personalized option for users to track their daily nutritional intake and dietary adherence.
alt="Riddled With Holes: Making Flexible Thin-Film Electronics More Durable"
Riddled With Holes: Making Flexible Thin-Film Electronics More Durable
The prospect of the widespread commercialization and application of flexible electronics has kept researchers worldwide searching for ingenious ways to enhance their performance and durability. From wearable smart devices to solar cells and health sensors, flexible electronics holds much promise in many engineering fields. Unfortunately, flexible devices are usually as fragile as they look; mechanical deformations, such as bending, can induce the formation and propagation of microscopic cracks that ultimately cause devices to fail.
alt="Pulse Electronics"
Pulse Electronics
This profile outlines Pulse Electronics' FluidANT printing technology, which uses viscous conductive inks with micron-sized particles to print conductive traces onto 3D objects. It is an alternative to laser direct structuring (LDS) and is primarily used for printing antennae.
alt="How Flexible Integrated Circuits Unlock Their Potential"
How Flexible Integrated Circuits Unlock Their Potential
Flexible hybrid electronic (FHE) promises to combine the functionality of conventional rigid electronics with the flexibility of printed electronics. A prototypical FHE circuit, in which an integrated circuit is combined with multiple other elements, includes (for example) printed sensors, an antenna, a thin film battery and even thin film PV. Not all components need to be included, or even printed, for a circuit to count as FHE, but it must include as a minimum both printed and placed functionality.
Lightricity is a niche photovoltaic player with 9 people, spun off from Oxford University in the UK. They focus on indoors because their technology has an exceptional 30% efficiency there, particularly under LED (blueish?) lighting.
alt="Electrics and Electronics Becomes User-Dedicated Smart Material"
Electrics and Electronics Becomes User-Dedicated Smart Material
An important new trend is buying electrics and electronics you customise to function not just shape. See the new IDTechEx report, "Complete Electronics as Smart Material, User-Customized 2020-2040". Builders, textile manufacturers, those doing home improvement and others are starting to buy electrically-smart materials direct from materials companies, bypassing the electronics industry.
dpiX is both a manufacturer of x-ray image detectors and a foundry for (primarily) backplanes. It has a Gen 4.5 line spanning 239,000 sq ft, which is the largest outside Asia. It has recently extended its capability to make flexible image sensors using amorphous silicon on flexible polyimide substrates.
alt="Flexible and Stretchable Single Crystal Electronic Systems"
Flexible and Stretchable Single Crystal Electronic Systems
Researchers have discovered that certain crystals are more flexible and stretchable compared to current materials used for electronic applications. These new materials could therefore be used for making sensors and in robotics.
alt="C3Nano Launches Financing Round with Investment from Nitto Denko"
C3Nano Launches Financing Round with Investment from Nitto Denko
C3Nano Inc has closed an initial equity investment from lead investor Nitto Denko, as the first step in an anticipated $15 million funding round. Nitto Denko Corp is a major supplier of films and touch panel display products for the global smartphone, tablet, and display industries. The two companies will collaborate on further development of the supply chain channel for the global flexible display market.
alt="Ynvisible Acquires Business of Electrochromic Display Company Rdot"
Ynvisible Acquires Business of Electrochromic Display Company Rdot
Ynvisible Interactive Inc announces a Business Transfer Agreement to acquire the printed electrochromic displays business of rdot AB of Gothenburg, Sweden. The deal expands Ynvisible's client list, strengthens the Company's sales and marketing team and brings new assets to its digital marketing and product creation.

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