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Oxford PV sets new solar cell world record
Oxford PV, a pioneer in the field of next-generation solar cells, has set a new world record for the efficiency of a commercial-sized solar cell, marking a significant breakthrough in the drive towards a low-carbon global economy.
Kaneka was founded on 1st September 1949 with paid-in capital of 33.046 million yen. The company's line of business include Vinyls and Chlor-Alkali, Performance Polymers (MOD), Performance Polymers (MS), Foam & Residential Techs, E & I Technology, PV & Energy management, Performance Fibers, Medical, Pharma & Supplemental Nutrition, Foods & Agris. Within the PV & Energy management sector, it has decorative slate tile-integrated photovoltaic modules, roof tile-integrated photovoltaic modules (VISOLATM), photovoltaic modules designed specifically for synthetic slate tiles (SoltileXTM), photovoltaic modules for inclined roofs and deck roofs (GRANSOLATM), and see-through photovoltaic modules.
Microquanta Semiconductor
MicroQuanta is a Chinese company focusing on perovskite solar cell commercialization, production and sales.
Component Attach: Market readiness of solders & conductive adhesives
An innovation roadmap comparing component attachment size for sustainable electronics manufacturing.
alt="How Can Smart Packaging Best Add Value?"
How Can Smart Packaging Best Add Value?
What is packaging for? From its initial purpose of simply protecting the product to driving sales via consumer engagement, the role of packaging has substantially evolved. Smart/intelligent packaging continues this trend towards greater functionality, employing sensors, printed electronics, and wireless communication to add value in novel ways.
Smart Packaging Industry Overview
Innovation roadmap for the smart packaging industry.
Maxeon is a company focusing on PV.
Founded in 2004, MiaSolé-Hi Tech is a producer of lightweight, flexible and powerful solar cells and cell manufacturing equipment, mainly focusing on copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar cells on stainless steel substrate.
IDUN Technologies
IDUN Technologies is developing neural interface technology, using in-ear EEG. Tess Skyrme, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, interviewed CEO, Simon Bachmann.
alt="Advanced Semiconductor Packaging: Trends and Growth Drivers"
Advanced Semiconductor Packaging: Trends and Growth Drivers
Advanced semiconductor packaging technologies are crucial due to the slowing of Moore's law and rising costs of monolithic Si IC development and manufacturing. Initially, components were individually packaged and integrated at the PCB board level, but as devices become smaller and require higher processing capabilities, component integration needs to be pushed beyond board level.

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