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What can printed electronics do for you?

Printed electronics products offer many new possibilities because they can be flexible, stretchable, low cost enough to be disposable, improve existing electronics such as displays, be integrated with fabrics, are more environmental, and improve safety and much more...

Across many industries, from toys to medical products, and cell phones to packaging, more information is needed on products and packaging and it needs to be easier to access. The user interface and product form factor are vital for brand enhancement - printed electronics can do all of this.

Dull posters and packaging have been brought to life with low cost moving displays and effects, while still retaining flexibility and thinness. For the first time, cheap electronic features enhance products such as packaging, blister packs, bill board posters and clothing. Over 3000 global organizations are developing the technology and now radical new products have emerged.

Why should you explore this further?

Printed electronics will revitalise industries such as publishing, as evidenced by two magazines that have already integrated displays in them - and sold out rapidly. It is enabling self medication through automated disposable skin patches. It is reducing the weight in vehicles by replacing conventional heavy wiring, displays and other components. Many new markets will be created.

Printed electronics has a surprisingly wide range of applications and is already giving huge benefits and competitive advantage.


IDTechEx is an impartial analyst and events company that has tracked printed electronics and allied technologies. Our free website Printed Electronics World will keep you updated with the global progress in your industry. Our flagship conference and exhibition, Printed Electronics Asia 2010 (Hong Kong, October 13-14) is the worlds largest on the topic and is the ideal opportunity to learn and see the technology, along with 1000 other attendees.

Why should you attend Printed Electronics Asia 2010?

The fourth annual IDTechEx Printed Electronics Asia event brings both industries and technology developers. Hear from major end users discussing their requirements and experiences, along with the full breadth of technologies from around the world. Over 40 International speakers will present on the latest research and applications. The trade exhibition will feature Printed Electronics in action.

"This is an excellent conference for people from the academic sector to attend because it gives them great exposure to the needs of industry"

Cambridge University

"This event has been carefully organized providing opportunities for interactions between all levels of the business market"


"What an excellent conference. In the near future it will be one of the biggest conferences in the world"

Samsung Electronics

"For Printed Electronics, there is no other event that holds a candle to this one"


"Excellent! So many partners and customers"

Hitachi Chemical

"Great Conference"

Procter & Gamble

Printed Electronics USA

The one-stop shop for printed and flexible electronics You will see:

» How this technology could benefit your products/business
»   The current state of development of the technology in your interest area
»   How other adopters are using the technology
»   Actual demonstrations of printed electronics in action
»   Key developers in the industry that you could work with

Printed Electronics in use today - case studies

The following lists a range of actual uses of printed electronics in different industries. For more information, read the IDTechEx report "An Introduction to Printed Electronics"



Consumer Packaged Goods / Retail

» Smart blister packs to monitor medication compliance » Interactive board games and toys
»   Iontophoretic cosmetic skin patches   »   On-package battery testers
  Disposable glucose test strips
Interactive questionnaires
  »   Sound and motion activated displays on beverage bottles, cigarette cartons etc
»   ECG/TENS electrodes   »   Interactive questionnaires
»   Light therapy bandage   »   Advertisement posters
        »   RFID

Consumer Electronics & Automotive



» Displays and lighting on cellphones, computer peripherals, portable music players, watches, car key fobs etc »
Heated jackets
Heated car seating
»   E-readers   »   Pressure sensing automotive seating
»   TVs   »   Lit clothing
»   Backlighting in vehicles   »   Solar bags
»   Heating systems   »    
»   Haptic feedback on touch   »    
»   Keypads and touch displays   »    



Military and Other

» Lighting panels » Flexible solar cells for portable power
»   Lit/interactive Signage   »   Grid connected solar
»   Billboard displays and other promotional posters   »   Micro displays for eye glasses
»   Changing advertisements in magazines   »   Fluid sensor strips
If you would like to learn more about this technology first, we would be delighted to explain its potential and examples of how it can be used in your industry. Please contact
Raghu Das
+44(0)1223 810275