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AVX serves a broad range of markets including: telecommunications, data processing, automotive, consumer and medical sectors. A broad array of specialty and advanced product offerings including high power ceramic and low ESR tantalum capacitors, connectors, thick and thin film capacitors, filters, circuit protection products, RF microwave capacitors, KDP oscillators and resonators, varistors and integrated passive components differentiate AVX as the passive component industry technology leader.
AVX is a leading international supplier of electronic passive components and interconnect solutions with 26 manufacturing and customer support facilities in 15 countries around the world.
At:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Supercapacitors Europe 2013
Cellergy designs, develops and produces Pulse Supercapacitors for industrial, consumer,
mobile, and medical electronic devices and applications.
Cellergy is a global supplier in the field of flat, low-voltage, high-current and high-capacity
Aqueous Electrolyte Supercapacitors for pulse applications. Cellergy's breakthrough
proprietary screen printing process enables the delivery of cost-effective, energy-saving, highperformance, customizable and environmentally-safe supercapacitors.
Cellergy is a subsidiary of PCB Technologies (http://www.pcb.co.il), a member of the Prior Tech
At:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Supercapacitors Europe 2013
Applied Graphene Materials
Durham Graphene Science has developed a brand-new process to manufacture large quantities of very high specification graphene.
Using a sustainable, bottom-up process, DGS creates graphene platelets that are free of any transition metal and suitable for applications across multiple market sectors.
Since establishing a large scale production facility, DGS is engaging end-users globally to develop a whole range of custom applications
At:Printed Electronics Europe 2013Supercapacitors Europe 2013
Fraunhofer IFAM
The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials (IFAM) undertakes research and development work in Shaping and Functional Materials and Adhesive Bonding Technology and Surfaces. The Institute employs more than 500 people with most of its staff in scientific technical area. Fraunhofer IFAM counts among Europe's biggest neutral and independent research facilities and is one of 66 institutes of the non-profit Fraunhofer Society. The department of Functional Structures at Fraunhofer-IFAM has long-term experience in engineering manufacturing processes, that allow the integration of functions into materials and components. Several technologies, e.g. inkjet- and aerosol printing, dispensing technologies, as well as sputtering processes are available for functional integration and development in electronic, automotive, aerospace and life science applications.
At:Printed Electronics Europe 2013Supercapacitors Europe 2013
IDTechEx is the world leading market and technology research firm covering Printed electronics, RFID, Energy Harvesting & Storage, Electric Vehicles and New Electronic Materials & Devices.
At:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Printed Electronics Europe 2013Supercapacitors Europe 2013
Saft Batteries
Saft (Euronext: Saft) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced technology batteries for industry. The Group is the world's leading manufacturer of nickel batteries and primary lithium batteries for the industrial infrastructure and processes, transportation, civil and military electronics markets. Saft is the world leader in space and defence batteries with its Li-ion technologies which are also being deployed in the energy storage, transportation and telecommunication markets. Saft's 4,000 employees present in 19 countries, its 16 manufacturing sites and extensive sales network all contribute to accelerating the Group's growth for the future.
At:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Supercapacitors Europe 2013
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American Elements
American Elements is the world leader in engineered & advanced materials including high purity metals & chemicals, nanoparticles, organo-metallics and crystal-grown materials for thin film, lasers, semiconductors, photovoltaics, and electronics. American Elements maintains research and laboratory facilities in the U.S. and manufacturing/warehousing in the U.S., Europe, China & Brazil. www.americanelements.com
At:Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013Printed Electronics Europe 2013Supercapacitors Europe 2013