November 15 - 16, 2017 | Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA
Connecting Emerging Technologies With Global Brands

Apparel Zone

The Wearable USA exhibition will feature the 'Apparel Zone', an area for companies to exhibit apparel items that demonstrate wearable technology.

Preview of the Apparel Zone:

Motion Dress

Uses a motion sensor to light up 16 LED Ribbons in a repeating lightning pattern while making large movements.
Dress made by RFactory
Photo by Hanep Creative Studio
Powered by 360Fash Tech "Motion" Kit

Robotic Dress

Uses 6 servo motors to lift 6 robotic legs to sway and move with the wearer, and transforms from a day dress into a ball gown.
Dress by Michal Starost
Maker: Bruce Bateman
Photo by Hanep Creative Studio
Powered by 360Fash Tech "Robotic Dress" Kit

Smart Glove by Azreal YM

This fasionable smart glove was created together with Azreal YM. A smart glove where users can control the lighting pattern according to their gestures and body movements.

Synchronized Smart Gloves

1620 Synchronized Smart Gloves for Intel's Cooperation with CCTV Spring Festival Gala "Spring Wind" Performance. Using gesture recognition to synchronize 162 dancer's gloves lighting patterns, we were able to help director Jiang Gang achieve his fantastical futuristic showcase to 1.3 Billion viewers during Chinese New

E-Textile LED Bag

Beaded E-Textile Dress & Bag.
"Unicorn Bag" by Carley Rose and 360Fashion Network


Scrolling text, draw, animate, sound activated interactive LED T-Shirt. Interactive washable LED T-Shirt pair ur Mobile, Scroll Text, Draw, Bounce Equalizers on LED T-Shirt of Music on