November 20 - 21, 2019 Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA
Emerging Technologies Applied

About the IDTechEx Show!

About the IDTechEx Show!

What is the IDTechEx Show!?

The IDTechEx Show! is hosted twice a year - in Berlin in Germany and in Santa Clara in the USA. It covers a number of high growth emerging technologies, providing insight on the applications and latest technical and market progress of each.

Each of the technologies have their own full two-day conference, with a combined exhibition. Attendees to any conference can attend all conference sessions for any topic with their conference pass.

Analyst Driven

The event is organized by IDTechEx, a technology and market research firm that has served clients in more than 80 countries from offices in three continents. Our highly technical analysts devise the program topics and speakers, ensuring that attendees learn about the most important aspects of the topics at the event - from covering requirements and case studies from end users to showcasing the latest global technical and market developments.

The analyst-driven approach means that the whole event is geared towards identifying and appraising the commercial opportunities for these emerging technologies. We address questions such as What is really valued? How big really is the opportunity?

The Value of the Co-located Event

The IDTechEx Show! is unique by integrating inter-related technologies at one event, allowing attendees to network across the value chains and exploit new opportunities at the intersection of these technologies.

Bringing together overlapping emerging technologies with global brands

For example, material and equipment providers can engage and learn about the needs and challenges from major brands and OEMs across many different industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare and retail. Similarly OEMs can evaluate the new technologies that are becoming available that will help them differentiate their products and become more competitive.

IDTechEx recognize that it can be challenging to identify and commercialize the best opportunities for emerging technologies - which is why the IDTechEx Show! is designed to help you speed up that process.