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IDUN Technologies
IDUN Technologies is developing neural interface technology, using in-ear EEG. Tess Skyrme, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, interviewed CEO, Simon Bachmann.
The Metaverse Standards Forum
The Metaverse Standards Forum is intended as the place for communication between stakeholders to create recommendations for standards to make an interoperable metaverse possible. The Khronos Group-founded organization counts almost 2500 companies as members. IDTechEx spoke to its chair, Neil Trevett, about the Forum's goals and work to date.
TriLite Technologies
TriLite is a developer and manufacturer of laser beam scanning (LBS) projectors, targeted especially for use in consumer augmented reality (AR) glasses. TriLite's Trixel 3 projector is extremely compact to fit in the arm of glasses, uses a single bi-axial MEMS mirror, and does not require external relay optics. The Vienna, Austria based firm has developed innovative machine learning-based software to simplify calibration and control, reducing production costs and increasing manufacturing yields.
Introduction to Laser Beam Scanning Displays for Augmented Reality
This premium article provides an introduction to laser beam scanning (LBS) displays for augmented reality (AR).
HTC's Vive XR Elite: New Design Approaches in Virtual Reality
HTC's new Vive XR Elite brings interesting benefits with its convertible design but poses a tough product targeting challenge.
Amsterdam-based startup Wintor is lowering the barriers to entry for smartphone AR tours with its no code, app-based tour development and deployment system for iPhones and Android.
Wearable Accessory Technology
This premium article explores wearable accessory technology, including rings, chest-straps, helmets, mouthguards and neck coolers.
alt="Back to the Futuristic: 3 Innovative Wearable Technologies Coming Soon"
Back to the Futuristic: 3 Innovative Wearable Technologies Coming Soon
Consumer technology available today is impressive but still not as cool as promised by many classic sci-fi movies. Our dreams of hoverboards and holograms have been replaced by stagnating smartphone designs and doom-scrolling. Yet things look set to change.
Early-stage London-based company using AI to perform marker-less motion capture with as little as two iPhones or other cameras. Its tracking can compare favorably to optical tracking using multimillion dollar setups. IDTechEx met representatives from the company at Laval Virtual 2023.
Event Summary: Software and XR Applications at Laval Virtual 2023
This premium article provides event summary coverage of software and extended reality (XR) applications from Europe's premier XR event, Laval Virtual.
Electronic Skin Patches for Cardiac Rhythm Monitoring
This premium article explores electronic skin patches for cardiac rhythm monitoring, including key market players and devices.
Event Summary: Hardware at Laval Virtual 2023
This premium article provides event summary coverage of hardware developments from Europe's premier XR event, Laval Virtual 2023, including headsets, haptics and motion tracking.
VitreaLab is an early-stage company developing waveguide systems to backlight LCD panels or illuminate LCoS panels using lasers, for virtual and augmented reality headsets respectively. This has significant potential advantages in terms of coupling efficiency with optical systems, color gamut and more.
Readiness Level of Conductive Inks
Innovation roadmap for the report 'Conductive Ink Market 2023-2033'.
alt="Upcoming Webinar: What's Next for Wearable Technology?"
Upcoming Webinar: What's Next for Wearable Technology?
Thursday 27 April 2023 - What is the status and outlook for the wearables industry as a whole? How do the opportunities and challenges vary between wearable sensors and actuators? How is the role of wearables in healthcare evolving? Why wearables for drug-free health management and which technologies have the most commercial potential?
VTT is a Finnish research center with significant activities within printed electronics. IDTechEx caught up with Solution Sales Lead Antti Kemppainen to learn more about recent developments to the roll-to-roll pilot manufacturing line for wearable stretchable electronics with directly mounted components.
MinkTec is an early stage German company that has developed a wearable strain sensor for monitoring spine movement. IDTechEx caught up with Finance, Marketing, and Sales Director Benjamin Holmer at LOPEC 2023.
alt="Join Our Upcoming Webinar: Key Learnings for the E-textiles Industry"
Join Our Upcoming Webinar: Key Learnings for the E-textiles Industry
Thursday 13 April 2023 - This webinar will explore these lessons in depth through discussions on; Market trends across key applications for e-textiles; Manufacturing methods and how materials choice for e-textiles have evolved over the years; Examples from notable relevant companies; A review of the current state of the e-textiles market; Potential opportunities and challenges for the industry
FlexEnable offers materials and technology transfer services for producing flexible active matrix backplanes based on OTFTs (organic thin film transistors). These were originally targeted at the display industry, but increasingly FlexEnable is looking to new applications such as selectively dimmable AR (augmented reality) glasses.
Hearable Technology: Biometric Monitoring
This premium article discusses hearable technology, with a focus on biometric monitoring via in-ear devices.