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  • Over 200 exhibitors expected
  • 250 company presentations
  • 2500 attendees from over 35 countries expected
  • End-user focused - needs and experiences aired
  • Latest technology developments and roadmaps
  • Demonstrations, samples and much more
  • Co-Located Events

    Wearable Technology LIVE! USA is co-located with the following relevant events. Each of the events are full two-day executive conferences, co-located with a common tradeshow. We co-locate these events because there is strong overlap across these topics, exposing you to the full relevant supply chains and customer and supplier bases, saving you time and money from attending separate events.


    Attendees to any conference will have access to all the co-located conference tracks and the combined tradeshow.

    3D Printing LIVE!     Graphene Live 2012     Graphene Live 2012

    Wearable technology products will be fashion items, therefore 3D printing will play a role by enabling cheap and cheerful personalization.

    Wearable technologies will spur on work on miniature and distributed sensors. Customers will demand energy harvesting solutions to make them long-lifetime hassle-free fit-and-forget solutions. Low-power electronic systems will be used in portable, mobile and low-power wearable devices. These will benefit from solutions already optimized for energy harvesting applications.

    Wearable and textile based devices will require interconnects that are rugged, robust, stretchable and washable. Graphene already shows great promise in being the right solution here.

        3D Printing LIVE!    

    Wearable technology devices will be connected, joining the growing family of connected devices sharing data as part of the an emerging global cloud system. IoT looks at this emerging system for IP-connected devices

    Wearable technology needs to be robust, light, thin, flexible and even stretchable. The electronic components already undergoing this paradigm shift include displays, batteries, backplanes, conductors, sensors, etc. Printed, large-area, and/or organic electronics enables this paradigm shift towards electronics with new form factors.

    Wearable devices will be mobile and portable, requiring thin energy storage solutions that can be powered up rapidly. Indeed, energy storage is likely to be a performance bottleneck, as with other mobile devices. Supercapacitors will form part of the emerging solutions as they prolong battery lifetime, accelerate the charge up process, and enable features demanding fast power discharge.