An IDTechEx Conference SeriesWireless Sensor Networks & RTLS Europe 2011Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS Europe 2011
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20 - 23 June 2011
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Corinne Jennings
Event Manager
+44 (0)1223 810277
"Very informative and an excellent cross section of technologies, applications and users."
EchoFlex, Canada
"Well organized event with good presentations"
Rolls-Royce, United Kingdom
"Very good"
Torque Technology, Austria
"The contents related with energy harvesting are excellent"
Fundacao CPqD, Brazil
"Great event this year"
Infinite Power Solutions, United States
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Taken from the free daily IDTechEx service Energy Harvesting Journal - see
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Joanneum Research
Joanneum Research (JR) is a publicly funded research and technology organization in Austria. This profile focuses on PyzoFlex® Technology, which is a fully printed sensor based on a ferroelectric (pyroelectric and piezoelectric) material. It reacts very sensitively to changes in pressure, temperature and vibration.
Edit-able Smart Materials
Edit-able Smart Materials Bypass Conventional Electrics and Electronics Production
alt="Free Webinar 14 May - Off-Grid Clean Electricity Riding the Megatrends"
Free Webinar 14 May - Off-Grid Clean Electricity Riding the Megatrends
Learn how zero-emission microgrids will slice into the energy market to become a massive $350Bn business in 2040. See the examples of mining, remote villages and urban water taxis. For distributed generation, what is the most popular new form of high-power solar harvesting after silicon and why? Examples? It is all in this webinar.
alt="Self-Charging Everything: Battle for the High Ground"
Self-Charging Everything: Battle for the High Ground
When some full-function, always-on smartwatches are able to self-charge, the others will look like the horse-drawn cart. When Internet of Things nodes are self-charging at the right size and price, the market for them will increase one thousand times.
Self-Powered Smart Watches and Other Wristwear
Energy harvesting is an enabling technology uniquely spanning sixteen magnitudes of power from 0.1 microwatts electronic standby to 1GW in output. Here we consider the low power half of that as applied to wristwear.
Electric Leisure & Sea-going Boats and Ships 2021-2040
Forecasts taken from IDTechEx report "Electric Leisure & Sea-going Boats and Ships 2021-2040"