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20 - 23 June 2011
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Corinne Jennings
Event Manager
+44 (0)1223 812300 / 810277
"Well organized event with good presentations"
Rolls-Royce, United Kingdom
"Very good"
Torque Technology, Austria
"Very informative and an excellent cross section of technologies, applications and users."
EchoFlex, Canada
"...the Boston show last week by far was one of the best I have attended. The talks were mostly relevant, and the companies presenting their materials were exactly who they should be"
Aivaka, United States
"Very productive networking opportunity. Nice organisation. High quality speakers and attractive presentations"
CEA, France
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alt="New device could turn heat energy into a viable fuel source"
New device could turn heat energy into a viable fuel source
A new device could one day turn the heat generated by a wide array of electronics into a usable fuel source.
alt="Korean smart textiles development flourishes amidst government funding"
Korean smart textiles development flourishes amidst government funding
IDTechEx attended "Preview in Seoul 2017", a traditional textiles exhibition showing various advanced textiles and smart apparel. There were 388 companies involved and IDTechEx here provides an overview of the key features of the event.
alt="Solar Powered Educational Learning Library (SolarSPELL)"
Solar Powered Educational Learning Library (SolarSPELL)
The PLuS Alliance has announced the winning candidates of its inaugural PLuS Alliance Prize, which recognises Research Innovation and Education Innovation.
alt="IDTechEx Show! Exhibit Space Over 90% Sold"
IDTechEx Show! Exhibit Space Over 90% Sold
With over two months to go until the IDTechEx Show! at the Santa Clara Convention Center on November 15 - 16, over 90% of the exhibit space is already sold. The event brings together the hottest emerging technologies including materials, components and systems with end users, who seek to use these technologies to differentiate their products through greater capability.
alt="The myth of EV charging station proliferation"
The myth of EV charging station proliferation
Charging station manufacturers would have you believe that they will swamp the world with their products although they typically have no payback. The argument is that they are essential for the deployment of the pure electric on-road vehicles considered vital in combatting both global warming and deaths in cities from noxious emissions.
alt="Thermoelectrics: Doors Close; Doors Open"
Thermoelectrics: Doors Close; Doors Open
This article covers the challenges companies involved in thermoelectric energy harvesting have faced and possible areas of development in the future.