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Nov 14-15, 2006 - Atlanta, GA, USA
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Conference Agenda

Day One: Tuesday November 14

Day one chairman
IDTechEx, UK Dan Lawrence, VP Business Development


9:00 IDTechEx, UK Dan Lawrence, VP Business Development
“Active RFID 2006-2016”
  • The size of the Active RFID market 2006-2016
  • Comparison of technologies
  • Hot sectors, impediments, opportunities and trends

9:25 Wavetrend, USA Campbell Tingey, Chief Operating Officer
The Business case for Active RFID
  • The benefits of active RFID technology
  • Payback and Return On Investment (ROI) from Active RFID implementations

Experience from the world's largest companies

9:50 General Electric, USA Lynn DeRose, Researcher
Active RFID for asset tracking at GE
  • Approach to Technology Evaluation
  • Results of Testing
  • Pilot Results
  • Future Plans

10:15 BP, USA. Curt Smith, Director of Applications - Chief Technology Office
          IBM, USA. Vinod Chavan, Global Solutions Executive
A case study - petrochemical industry workplace safety

10:40 Boeing, USA. Steven C. Venema, Associate Technical Fellow, Mathematics & Computing Technology, Boeing Phantom Works
Leveraging Active RFID for an enterprise network location service at Boeing

11:15 Exhibition and networking break


11:45 Aventura Hospital and Medical Centre, USA Dr In K Mun, Director
Issues to consider before selecting a RFID asset management system
  • Defining the application to choose the right technology
  • Active RFID in healthcare environments
  • Implementation case studies and learnings

12:10 Information Mediary Corp, Canada Michael Petersen, Chief Operation Officer; Nick Sherstyuk, Chief Engineer
Semi-active RFID technology platform for sensors in pharmaceutical packaging and temperature tracking
  • Benefits of semi-active RFID - low cost battery provides longer life time, 10 year shelf life, two years active life - for an overall low cost product, making disposable sensors a reality!
  • Looking for a low cost sensor? We print on label stock using a regular narrow-web press - this is our answer to low cost sensors!
  • An integrated solution with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

12:35 Visonic Technologies, Israel Tuviya Katz, VP Research & Development
Rethinking Active RFID in Healthcare
  • Asset tracking products using Active RFID is now being considered and deployed to realize the full potential of this technology
  • Healthcare is now starting to view Active RFID as a scaleable enabling technology and this rethinking is shaping the worldwide drive for applications
  • The presentation and discussion of practical real-world strategies for growing single-focus Active RFID installations

13:00 Exhibition and lunch break



14:15 WhereNet Corp, USA Steve Raymond, Vice President, Consulting Services
Case study: how Active RFID system accelerates the supply chain
  • How to automate high - velocity , dynamic distribution environments
  • How to drastically reduce inventory carrying costs, enhance customer service, and win new business
  • How to realise a 6-9 month ROI via best practices

14:50 Ubisense, UK David Theriault, Director Strategic Relations
Precise real-time Location with Active RFID: Success and ROI in Logistics and Manufacturing
  • Technology challenges in deploying Active RFID location technology in logistics and manufacturing environments
  • Case study: Combining Active RFID and Barcode technology to deliver rapid ROI in logistics
  • Case Study: Deploying Active RFID to improve manufacturing processes

15:15 Panel Discussion


 Maritime Logistics Innovation Center (MLIC), Page Siplon, Executive Director
Logistics Innovation - A View From the Top


 Savi Networks, a Lockheed martin/Hutchison Whampoa joint venture, Lance Ludman, Director of Government Affairs
A Global RFID Network for Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Commercial shippers are now adopting RFID solutions in their priority international supply chains
  • International standards have led to network investment, device innovation
  • Savi Networks and MLIC are partnering to deliver the benefits to shippers whose cargo transits key transportation nodes in Georgia


 Georgia Electronic Design Center Joy Laskar , Director
Innovations in RF Technology

15:55 Exhibition and networking break


16:25 Sealed Air Corp, USA Bill Roberts, Research Fellow
A drop-in solution for RFID temperature monitoring
  • Why RFID?
  • Unique aspects of Turbo Tag (TM) solutions
  • Case study: shelf life monitoring
  • Case study: operating in an EPC environment

16:50 Deloitte Consulting, USA Chris Hook, Wireless Technologies Leader
"Utilizing semi-passive RFID tags for monitoring the condition of fresh produce in transit"
  • Description of using temperature logging tags on pallets.
  • Key findings about the lack of uniformity of temperature in a chilled transport container
  • Observations on what this means to the handling of fresh produce from farm to customer.


17:15 Syscan International, Canada Axel Striefler, President and CEO
How to overcome traditional RFID performance barriers and build solid ROIs
  • How to overcome traditional RFID performance barriers and build solid ROIs?
  • The Syscan Advantage: iCE (i-Communicate-Effectively) technology
  • Life Sciences Case Study: Secured Cold Chain



17:40-18:30 Exhibition and Networking Cocktail Reception


Day Two: Wednesday November 15

Day Two Chairman
Graphic Solutions International, USA Bob Zaccone II, Executive VP


9:00 US Navy, USA  Melissa Miller President


9:25 LOGMATION Inc, USA Robert Hampe, President
Active RFID in the Department of Defense
  • What DoD has accomplished to date
  • What it has yet to do to fulfill its RFID mandate
  • What are the challenges and what may be next



9:50 National Information Society Agency, Korea Lee Jae-Geun, Principal Researcher of u-Service Team (RFID/USN Team), u-Service Division
Korea's Ubiquitous Sensor Network (USN) field test result and forecast
    4 USN fields tests :
  • marine (environment monitoring)
  • farm (agro cultural product growing environment management)
  • architecture (concrete curing management)
  • hospital (blood and anti-cancer agent management)
  • USN Industry forecast

  • 10:15 Texas A&M University, USA Rohit Singhal, Lecturer,
    Wireless sensor monitoring combined with Active RFID networks
    • Design, development, testing and installation of a chemical monitoring system using Active RFID and Sensors for a chemical warehouse in Dallas, Texas
    • Chemical considered for the project is used for creating photo-resist for semiconductors and requires a highly stable temperature environment for storage. T C
    • System is efficient, saves time, money, provides real time data that can be accessed 24/7 on a standalone laptop or via internet and definitely less tedious compared to the previously employed manual data collection system using temperature recorders.
    • Goal is to have a visible seamless connectivity from the supplier to the end user. Other enhancement for Hazmat and Insurance issues were also looked into.  

    10:40 AVX Corporation, USA Tom Anderson, Product Manager
    Encapsulation of Active RFID Tags for Harsh Environments
    • Expansion RFID tags for harsh environments
    • Low temperature, low pressure molding process to encapsulate PCB's and electronics modules
    • One shot molding process creates a complete package
    • Integral mounting features of specific configurations to meet individual application needs


    11:15 Exhibition and networking break

    11:45 IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, USA Roderick O'Keefe, VP of Sales & Marketing
    Return on Investment (ROI) & benefits of wireless sensing & RFID
    • How Projects were deployed and related Benefits
    • ROI deliverables in Wireless Sensing & RFID
    • First Steps in Deployment
    • IDENTEC Corporate Overview


    12:10 Parelec, USA Geva Barash, CEO
    Low cost Active RFID, it is here today
    • How to install low cost RFID infrastructure for RTLS
    • Low cost RFID tags
    • Real 1ft accuracy.

    12:35 Cisco, USA Pradeep Gandhi, Director Business Development
    Cisco active RFID/RTLS overview strategy
    • RTLS solution
    • Active RFID ecosystem
    • Solutions
    • Active-passive convergence

    13:00 Exhibition and lunch break

    14:15 Aeroscout, USA Josh Slobin, Director of Marketing
    Active RFID and Wi-Fi: integrating real-time location technology into standard networks
    • How Wi-Fi and RFID are increasingly working hand in hand, and how combining Active RFID systems with existing Wi-Fi wireless networks is enabling customers to reach their Active RFID goals at a lower total cost of ownership.
    • Short case studies of customers in multiple industries (health care, manufacturing, logistics, public spaces) that are benefiting from this converged solution.
    • The increasing importance of software platform solutions in this space, to bridge the gap between various location technologies and multiple types of user applications.

    14:40 Visible Assets, USA John Stevens, Chairman P1902.1 Workgroup
    An introduction to RuBee (IEEE P1902.1) and its use in real-time visibility networks
    • Definition and technical specification of RuBee Tags
    • RuBee visibility networks have delivered significant ROIs in healthcare, government, and livestock

    15:05 Q-Track, USA Dr. Hans Schantz, Chief Scientist
    Near-Field RF: an emerging wireless discipline
    • What is the “Near Field?”
    • A Brief History of Near-Field Wireless
    • The Near-Field Industry: NFC, RFID and RTLS
    • Near-Field Antennas and Propagation

    15:30 Exhibition and networking break


    16:00 Georgia Institute of Technology, USA Prof Gisele Bennett, Director, Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory
    Active RFID: development and deployment lessons learned
    • Issues with power management / scavenging
    • Sensor integration
    • Environmental and operation factors
    • Field test results and lessons learned
    • Future of Active RFID

    16:25 Michigan State University, USA Dr Robb Clarke, Assistant Professor
    Passive to Active RFID networking
    • A look at active and passive systems
    • Compatibility issues with a complex read environment
    • Resolution versus range, active tag solutions
    • Passive and active applications
    • Future research issues for active RFID and sensory networks

    16:50 Closing remarks and close of conference

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    The second annual Active RFID Summit covering Active RFID and Active RFID combined with Wifi, Sensors and Zigbee. Attended by over 180 delegates from 9 countries!