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Nov 14-15, 2006 - Atlanta, GA, USA
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Hear and learn from users, systems integrators and all about the latest technologies. Uniquely, IDTechEx analysts tie it all together for you by explaining how these all fit in so you understand the issues and potential. We assess progress of the major players throughout the value chain, the market size and technology roadmaps.


IDTechEx, UK

Dan Lawrence
VP Business Development
IDTechEx is the leading consultancy, publisher and conference host in RFID smart labels and the overlapping areas of printed electronics and smart packaging. Its market knowledge and global reach is unrivalled. Its annual conferences take place in the USA, Europe and East Asia and its technical experts travel intensively.

Wavetrend, USA

Campbell Tingey
Chief Operating Officer

Experience from the world's largest companies

General Electric, USA

Lynn DeRose



Curt Smith
CTO Office - Director of Applications


Vinod Chavan
Global Solutions Executive

Boeing, USA

Steven C. Venema
Associate Technical Fellow, Mathematics &
Computing Technology, Boeing Phantom Works


Aventura Hospital and Medical Center, USA

Dr In K Mun


Information Mediary Corporation, Canada

Michael Petersen
Chief Operating Officer

Information Mediary Corporation, Canada

Nick Sherstyuk
Chief Engineer

Visonic Technologies Ltd, Israel

Tuviya Katz
VP, Research & Development

Logistics & Manufacturing

Wherenet, USA

Steve Raymond
Vice President, Consulting Services


Maritime Logistics Innovation Center

Page Siplon
Executive Director

Georgia Electronic Design Center

Joy Laskar

Savi Networks, a Lockheed Martin/Hutchison Whampoa joint venture

Lance Ludman
Director of Government Affairs

Ubisense, UK

David Theriault
Director Strategic Relations

Retail and food safety

Sealed Air Corp, USA

Dr Bill Roberts
Research Fellow, Packaging Research


Deloitte Consulting, USA

Chris Hook, Wireless Technologies Leader
Wireless Technologies Leader


RFID's future today

Syscan, Canada

Axel Striefler
President and CEO


Active RFID and the military

US Navy, USA

Melissa Miller


Robert Hampe

Active RFID and sensor networks
National Computerization Agency

National Information Society Agency, Korea

Lee Jae-Geun
Principal Researcher of u-Service Team(RFDI/USN Team), u-Service Division


Texas A&M University, USA

Rohit Singhal

AVX Corporation, USA

Tom Anderson
Product Manager


Roderick O'Keefe
VP of Sales & Marketing

Active RFID technologies

Parelec, USA

Geva Barash, CEO


Cisco, USA

Pradeep Gandhi
Director Business Development
Cisco Systems have invested or partnered with several providers of Real Time Locating Systems. Find out why.

Aeroscout, USA

Josh Slobin
Director of Marketing
Aeroscout, a relatively young RFID company, have over 150 global implementations. They offer active RFID systems which are parasitic over WiFi networks, making huge savings compared to putting in new infrastructure.

Visible Assets, USA

John Stevens
Chairman P1902.1 Workgroup
Chairman of Visible Assets, Inc.


Q-Track, USA

Dr. Hans Schantz
Chief Scientist

Deploying Active RFID

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Prof Gisele Bennett
Director, Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory

Michigan State University

Michigan State University, USA

Dr Robb Clarke
Assistant Professor-

Michigan State University

AssetPulse, USA

Vijay Sarathy


WhereNet, USA

John Rosen
Director of Product Marketing


IDTechEx, UK

Raghu Das


Wavetrend, USA

Deon Raben
Technical Manager


Intelleflex, USA

Ashish Asthana
VP Marketing & Product Strategy


Graphic Solutions, USA

Bob Zaccone II
VP & General Manager

The second annual Active RFID Summit covering Active RFID and Active RFID combined with Wifi, Sensors and Zigbee. Attended by over 180 delegates from 9 countries!