E-mobility Reinvented
27-28 April, 2016 | Berlin, Germany

Demonstration Street

The IDTechEx Show! exhibition will feature "Demonstration Street", a large area dedicated to showing a full range of complete working products.

Preview of Demonstration Street

Cambridge CMOS Sensors

Cambridge CMOS Sensors will be showing their CCS811 on an eval kit. CCS811 is an ultra low power digital gas sensor for indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring.

Ilika Technologies

Ilika will be demonstrating the ability for its pioneering solid state batteries to power autonomous sensing devices for Internet of Things applications. The solid state batteries developed by Ilika are a type of lithium-ion batteries in which the usual liquid or polymer electrolyte has been replaced by a ceramic ion-conducter for: faster charging, high capacity for low footprint, increased cycle life, low leakage currents, non flammability.

Futaba Europe GmbH

Futaba will be demonstrating the Futaba Flexible OLED with diagonal size up to 2 inch, a resolution of 256x64 pixel; 700 cd/m2 luminance; single & multi-color; and a 40mm bending radius.

Pauline van Dongen

The Solar Shirt - Created in collaboration by Holst Centre and renowned fashion designer Pauline van Dongen, the shirt brings the worlds of high tech and high-street fashion together. It combines solar panels and flexible electronics into an attractive, off-the-peg T-shirt for everyday wear that can charge your smartphone or other portable devices. The Solar Shirt generates power from 120 thin-film solar cells integrated into the fabric itself. In bright sunlight, it produces around 1 W of electricity - enough to charge a typical phone in a few hours. Electricity generated through the solar panels can be used immediately or stored in the shirt's battery pack for later use.
Photo Credit: Liselotte Fleur

Phototrope - Phototrope enhances our ability to respond to the change of light surrounding us at nighttime. This illuminated running shirt incorporates LED ribbons, which are hidden behind soft and flexible TPU foils. Through their prismatic structure they refract the light of the LED's in a vibrant and subtly multi-coloured way. The aim of the shirt is to improve the safety of the wearer and by doing so boost the experience of running at night. When worn during the day, the foils add a new and distinct look and materiality to the domain of sportswear.
Special thanks: Schoeller Textiles
Photo Credit: Hammond Images

Perpetuus Carbon Technologies Limited

Graphene Glass Resistive Heaters (GRs) are unique. The key component is the electro-conductive high surface area graphenes that conducts the heat, which is preferred to conventional metal wires or carbon films. GRs heating elements deliver comfortable warmth providing even heat distribution without hot spots.Most importantly, GRs heaters are flexible, safe and non-combustible owing to their self-fusing capability.Another critically important advantage delivered from our patented process for producing the graphene enabled heating element is a strong yet flexible component that does not break or oxidize, both of which are weaknesses often exhibited by conventional metal wire and carbon heater products.

GRs heating elements can be produced in a range of electrical resistance parameters to operate on various Voltage supply sources to meet a range of specified Watt densities per heated area.

GRs heating elements can be manufactured in a range of physical configurations including heating rolls of films or tapes and heating panels.


PrintAgora will show a concrete graphene paver with graphene protection, a pavingston with full-colour print, UV protected by graphene.


Visionect will show the Joan Meeting Room Assistant, an eco-designed digital door label. Connects to Wi-Fi, online calendars, and requires no cables.


Vittoria will show race bike wheels with graphene.

Vittoria Wheels with Graphene

  • High End Carbon Clincher Wheels with
  • 10% more heat dissipation
  • 15% more weight reduction
  • 26% more material strength
  • 18% more impact strength
  • 20% more spoke hole strength
  • 24% more flexibility
  • 50% more lateral stiffness

Vittoria Race Bike Tire Corsa Speed (Tubeless ready) with Graphene:
40% less rolling resistance compared to the same product without Pristine Graphene. Independent test institutes proved that it is the fastest tire in the world. Lab tests have shown a 32 second speed advantage over the nearest competitor after 50 kilometers. The Corsa Speed is also showing superior grip and puncture resistance. In combination with the most flexible Aramid-enhanced cotton casing ever developed this product is the best performance tire in the world.

Come and watch our nail board test during the Presentation on April 28 at 8:30 am in Room 5.

Visitors to Demonstration Street will have the opportunity to examine prototypes, and commercial products.

We invite any company with suitable products to apply for a free space in this area which can be used to demonstrate your product. Qualifying companies will be able to place a brief description of the product next to it, along with business cards and a plaque bearing the company logo. Companies exhibiting at the event will also have signage next to their products referring people to their stands.

Why will this benefit your company?

IDTechEx events are strongly marketed to many end user verticals. Attendees include brand managers and buyers who want to see working products rather than the components in the value chain. Demonstration Street aims to facilitate this by showcasing to potential customers your working products. In addition, this part of the exhibition will receive large press coverage from media beyond the electronics and manufacturing sectors.

How to apply

To apply please submit an application form. To be eligible to show your product in Demonstration Street we do ask that you are an exhibitor or attendee at the event. Please email Sarah Parish s.parish@IDTechEx.com with any queries on the entrance criteria.

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