E-mobility Reinvented
27-28 April, 2016 | Berlin, Germany

IDTechEx Launchpad

IDTechEx proudly supports start-ups in many ways. Our latest initiative is an "EVES Launchpad" for Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage start-ups where they can exhibit free of charge at this event. The EVES Launchpad will embrace all in the EV and ES value chains - supercapacitors, batteries, materials, services... everything.

Technologies covered:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Energy Storage

Winners of IDTechEx EVES Launchpad:

Seven early-stage companies have been selected for the IDTechEx EVES Launchpad, an exciting initiative that provides them the opportunity to showcase prototypes and demonstrations of their new products.

Aero Service

Aero Service will demonstrate the EV4, a 4 wheel drive vehicle made from an aluminium alloy. www.ev4.pl


Bike2 Aps

Bike2 Aps is a Danish company founded in 2011 created for the development, production and distribution of the Bike2.0 bicycle and drivesystem. www.bike2.dk

BroadBit Batteries

BroadBit will show batteries using sodium-based chemistries to power the future green economy. Uses include battery packs for electric vehicles including cars, buses, boats and planes. www.broadbit.com

Ce.S.I. Centro Industriali Srl

Ce.S.I. is Project Coordinator of AMBER-ULV project, Co-funded by the European Union under FP7 GC.SST.2013-3 "Future light urban electric vehicles" theme, aiming to increase passive and active safety, performances and driving qualities of EVs www.amberulv.eu

Navitas Solutions Inc

Navitas Solutions will show a live demonstration of the working prototype of the wireless battery management system (WiBMS), where cell sensing data from a multitude of slave BMS is transmitted to the master BMS through a reliable wireless communication.

SIGRA Technologies Inc

SIGRA Technologies develops advanced automotive systems that are targeted towards electric and autonomous vehicles. www.sigratech.de