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Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS

Europe's largest event on Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS and their application

Speakers Include:

Dr Kai Koenig, Scientist

ABB, Germany

Mr Sebastien Boisseau, Research Engineer - Energy Harvesting Expert


Mr Roger J Hazelden, Technology Leader Sensors & Optoelectronics

TRW Conekt

Thierry Abensur, Expert

EADS Astrium

Ms Alicia Asin Perez, Chief Executive

Libelium Comunicaciones Distribuidas SL

Mr Dieter Schill, President & Chief Executive Officer

Millennial Net

Ricardo Ferreira, Corporate Devleopment, Sensor Technologies

Living PlanIT

Amit Shah, CEO

E-Senza Technologies GmbH

Ms Joy Weiss, President

Linear Technology/Dust Networks

Mr Paul Berenberg, Director, Firmware Engineering

Cubic Global Tracking Solutions

Mr Armin Anders, Co-Founder & Vice President of Product Marketing

EnOcean GmbH

Dr Thomas Foerste, Vice President Sales and Marketing

Nanotron Technologies

Mr Henrik Zessin

Fraunhofer IIS

Dr Ningning Wang, Staff Researcher

Tyndall National Institute

Mr Burkhard Habbe, VP Business Development

Micropelt GmbH

Mr Horst Diewald, Chief Architect MSP430 MCUs

Texas Instruments

Reghu Rajan, Technical Marketing Manager




International conference and exhibition covering Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) and other forms of Active RFID.

WSN and RTLS will be used to automatically monitor building occupancy and climate control, oil and gas pumping, industrial manufacture processes, forest fires, traffic, assets in hospitals and other buildings and much more over wide areas over the coming years. The technology is taking off thanks to established protocols and standards, lower power electronics and better energy harvesting and storage technologies. The technologies are creating a multibillion dollar yearly industry.

This event appraises the technologies, markets and opportunities, bringing the community together. The first day of the event is dedicated to end users who will discuss their needs and experiences with the technology, followed by a day covering all the technologies. With a proven track record in organising RFID, Printed Electronics, WSN and Energy Harvesting events, this IDTechEx event will cover the complete value chain for you with assessment of the technology, user needs and the opportunities.

Benefits of attending:

  • Do business and network with the key players in the locating and sensing industries at the exhibition.
  • Discover the latest developments and implementations with WSN and RTLS during the two-day conference through case studies presented by end users.
  • Expert opinions will be given by end users, industry thought-leaders and researchers; giving you a comprehensive view of the industries.
  • Experience locating and sensing in action during local company tours.
  • Access the independent view at the Masterclasses led by IDTechEx analysts; leaders in their fields.

This event, Europe's largest on the topic and growing rapidly every year, is your information and networking hub on the topic, with an international trade show. It is the meeting place for users, suppliers, academics and investors.

The event will cover the following topics:

  • Case studies from WSN/RTLS adoptions in industry, healthcare, consumer, military, aerospace and other applications
  • Wireless/mesh networks assessed: ZigBee, 6lowPan, Wireless Hart and other protocols
  • Real Time Locating Systems assessed: Wi-Fi, Ultra Wide Band (UWB), ultra sound and other protocols
  • Energy harvesting powered wireless sensors
  • Passive RFID sensors
  • Progress with ultra low power electronics
  • Networking and system architectures, scaling, implementation challenges

Co-located Event

WSN-logoThis event is co-located with the annual IDTechEx event "Energy Harvesting & Storage". The co-located conference will be shedding light on the latest uses and technology trends from major innovators in these sectors

Attendees have access to BOTH events and the common trade show to maximise value. Click here for further information on Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe.



Over 50 world class speakers - some presenting exclusively for the first time here - cover the components, materials and applications in the following topics:


Europe's largest exhibition on energy harvesting and storage technologies, ultra low power circuits and complete systems, including wireless sensor networks

  • Home and Industrial Automation - Rapid Roll-Out
  • Real Time Locating Systems: Roll Out
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Footstep Harvesting for Grid Replacement
  • Application of Energy Harvesters to Textiles/Fabrics
  • Assisted Living and Healthcare Applications
  • Bringing Radical Changes to Vehicles
  • Home and Industrial Automation - Rapid Roll-Out
  • Significant Energy Storage Progress
  • Thermoelectric Energy Harvesters
  • Vibration and Motion Based Energy Harvester
  • New Photovoltaic Options: Printed & Flexible
  • Ultra Low Power Electronics and System Design
  • Mesh Networking: Roll Out
  • New Consumer Electronics Applications


Have your questions answered by experts in interactive consultancy-style sessions, which will bring you up to date with the topics. Masterclass delegates also attend exclusive company visits.
  • Introduction to Energy Harvesting for Low Power Electronics
  • Wireless Sensor Networks, RTLS and Active RFID
  • Energy Storage
  • Photovoltaics: Technologies, Markets, Progress
  • Electric Vehicles: Batteries, Infrastructure, Energy Harvesting

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