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Great variety of content
Crown Technology
"Great presentations! I found it a valuable learning experience!"
CPqD - Gerência de Soluções em Tecnologia Wireless, Brazil
A very nice event and rich in networking opportunities
Solvay Interox
EnOcean Alliance
We made many new contacts and I was surprised how many more I made by exhibiting rather than just attending this event as we have done previously. We made about six times as many contacts. The quality of contacts was higher than at many other shows.
RK Siebdrucktechnik GMBH
"Great event this year"
Infinite Power Solutions, United States
I was impressed with the attendees
Bently Nevada
Very good presentations. Highly relevant speakers and exhibits by current leaders.
Infronics Systems
Very interesting presentations and exhibitors. Thanks!
End user testimonies and technology offer presentations are well balanced allowing to get highly interesting information [sic].
Schneider Electric
The show had a number of new players present this year - a very good thing for everyone
Infinite Power Solutions
Very interesting ... the only one where I could see what the industry needs
Georgia Tech
Some great presentations in real world practical implementation of Energy Harvesting
Sensors & Instrumentation KTN
The content was great, I really enjoyed the speakers. The exhibit had some excellent demonstrations and the networking opportunities were abundant!
Good balance between technical and business.
Fundacao CPqD
Kimberly Clark
What an excellent conference. In the near future it will be one of the biggest conferences in the world
Samsung Electronics
"Very informative and an excellent cross section of technologies, applications and users."
EchoFlex, Canada
Good mix
Excellent all round
Interesting conference with broad range of presentations
Interesting event
Fraunhofer IKTS
I'm impressed... good vision
G24 Innovations
Useful information
Riga Technical University
XENON launched our Sinteron 5000 at the 2013 Printed Electronics Show because IDTechEx has its finger on the pulse of the printed electronics market. This year's show was hugely successful for us, not only with the quantity of leads but also in quality;
XENON Corporation
"The contents related with energy harvesting are excellent"
Fundacao CPqD, Brazil
Good indication of the status of the technology
Zuyd University
Well organized and appropriately sized. Very pleasant and efficient staff.
Impact Technologies
We find the IDTechEx symposium invaluable for networking with a wide ranging market place of emerging printed electronic technologies. IDTechEx is attracting a vast number of companies to the symposium that we would not be able to reach by other means.
All people who attend this site is very important to future technologies' realization.
We definitely saw more visitors this year. The experience and knowledge levels of the attendees were also generally higher, and the questions our experts addressed following our presentations and at our booth represented a wide range of applications.
The event was very beneficial for our research
Networking and presentations were excellent.
ITT Corp
Volvo Group
Good venue, excellent conference
Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.
Very professional and high-level presentations
Schneider Electric
A fantastic opportunity to see the current state of play concerning Energy Harvesting
New Concept Gaming
Samsung Electronics
OSRAM Sylvania
I found it to be useful
Omega Completion Technology Ltd.
Very well organised
End user needs presentations very informative.
"Very good"
Torque Technology, Austria
Well organised, interesting presentations
University of Bristol
Another well organised and highly informative conference from IDTechEx.
Well worth coming
University of Sheffield/METRC
The conference was excellently organized
Great to see the state-of-the-art
TRW Conekt
Like most conferences some is applicable and some not. Overall, this has been the most well rounded conference to date.
An excellent forum
Wireless Innovation Networks, United States
The content was great, I really enjoyed the speakers. The exhibit had some excellent demonstrations and the networking opportunities were abundant!
For Printed Electronics, there is no other event that holds a candle to this one
Very well organized with very helpful and useful content. I really enjoyed it!
Well organised and good quality of presentations
Murata Electronics
Very well organised!
Swatch Group
Well organised
AGH University
A very professional and high value conference. I travel to many conferences around the world and in terms of information quality, yours was one of the best in many years
Industrial Minerals Magazine
"Very productive networking opportunity. Nice organisation. High quality speakers and attractive presentations"
CEA, France
This conference is very efficient and fruitful!
You and all members of IDTechEx deserve should be complimented for making the Printed Electronics industry achieve the tipping point faster
"...the Boston show last week by far was one of the best I have attended. The talks were mostly relevant, and the companies presenting their materials were exactly who they should be"
Aivaka, United States
Weston Aerospace
"I find the conference useful in terms of networking...as well as learning more about what other companies in the whole related space are doing"
Omnisense, UK
This is a first-of-its-kind conference providing valuable networking and face-to-face technical discussions among the practitioners of the field. Teaching is good!
Excellent reviews
Dreyer Medical Clinic
Excellent conference!
Starkey Labs, Inc.
Quality of presentations
University of Lisbon
As always, the best-run event in the industry!
Blackburn Global
Good coverage of energy harvesting. I felt it was a well-rounded tutoring of this niche area.
Phase IV Engineering
A great mix of papers
Analog Devices
It was beneficial to me
Nicely focused tradeshow, 80% of visitors to our booth were relevant to our business
Good conference!
I was surprised as to what I have learnt in just 2 days after doing active research in energy harvesting and storage for the last 6-9 months. It was very helpful.
Tyco Fire & Security
Our exhibit was very successful. We met a lot of potential future customers and also were able to exchange interesting ideas and business with other companies
Excellent networking opportunities
Melexis Technologies
The reception to POPedge was fantastic, I had a company wanting to "buy" my company, I had multiple companies wanting to partner on the technology to bring us to market and yes, there were even potential customers that I met at the conference
Excellent day
Surrey University
"Well organized event with good presentations"
Rolls-Royce, United Kingdom
This is a great forum in which to participate
Varta Microbattery GmbH
Very good
Schneider Electric
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