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The IDTechEx Awards recognise company development and success. All companies operating within these technologies are welcome to apply. The winners will be announced during the drinks reception which takes place in the Exhibition Hall on Wednesday 13 May.

Best Development in 3D Printing Award

"This award will recognize an important innovation in the 3D printing industry. This could be a development of 3D printing equipment, such as an improvement in speed, volume, precision, productivity, quality, reliability, or uniformity. It could also be research into a completely novel technique; progress in developing a new material for 3D printing; or an innovative and useful purpose for 3D printing."

Most Significant Innovation Award

This award will be given to the most significant new innovation in hybrid or pure electric vehicles whether by land, water or air. Its focus will be the components and systems within the vehicles whether mechanical, electrical, electronic or combined.

Most Significant Advancement In Graphene, CNT, Or 2D Material Commercialisation

This award is for a company or research institute that has made a significant advancement (in the last 24 months) for the commercialisation of carbon nanotubes, graphene, or other 2D material variants. The recipient can be a material producer, player within the supply chain, or end-user and will be judged on the quality of the technological development and the potential market impact.

Best IoT Technology Development Award

Entrants should have made a significant development in improving and enabling IoT, either hardware, software or system based. The judges will look at the merits of all entrants to judge which has the most significant impact on moving forward the application of IoT.

Technical Development Manufacturing Award

This award will be given to the most significant development of a manufacturing device, process or production plant in the industry over the last 24 months. Manufacturing developments optimize the process of lab-scale or mass-scale production by improving productivity, quality, reliability, uniformity, or scale.

Technical Development Materials Award

This award will be given to the most significant technical development over the last 24 months in the field of material development. A material is defined as any consumable used in the manufacturing of a printed electronic device, for example substrates and fluids/inks.

Best Institute/Academic R&D Award

This award will be given to an academic research organisation that has made a significant contribution over the past 24 months to the understanding of the principles and accrued knowledge behind printed electronics.

Best Product Award

This award will be given to a company who has launched a new integrated product based on printed electronics and is either in the process of bringing it to market or it has already been launched. The category will be assessed on the technical development of the product, its potential market, and benefits it brings over alternatives. For this award, a product is defined as two or more materials integrated through a manufacturing process. Judges will focus on the innovation of the product development.

Best Innovative Sensor Technology Award

This award will be offered to a sensor technology with the most significant new innovation, or that can impact our life most significantly.

Best New Wearable Technology Device Award

This will be awarded to the entrant that the judges decide as having developed the most useful and/or innovative wearable technology device. The device should be relatively new (launched within the last 12 months).

Best New Material or Component Development Award

This award will recognize the most significant development of a material or component which will have a large effect on enabling wearable technology devices, overcoming prior limitations of wearable technology devices.

Best Poster

This award will be judged at the show and all organisations displaying a poster in the exhibition will be entered for this award.
This award will be given to the company or academic organisation for the most promising advances in this technology area. The category will be assessed on the technical development of the work, its potential for market entry, and the benefits it brings to the body of work in the given area.

Best in Show Award

IDTechEx celebrate the brightest, busiest and most innovative booth at the IDTechEx Show!

The Judging process
On the opening day our panel of judges will assess every stand at the exhibition.

What the Judges will be looking out for:

  • An eye catching booth with unusual/creative design
  • The best use of space available - irrespective of booth size
  • Inviting from a visitor perspective
  • Outstanding presence in the hall engaging visitors to the booth
The winners will be announced and presented with an Award at our Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 13 May 2020.

For more information contact Chris Clare

Good Luck!

Closing date - 1 April 2020

Download application form
  • Name of organisation
  • Award(s) applying for
  • Title of project
  • Approximate 200 word summary of project
  • Approximate 500 word explanation of why you should win the award with suitable evidence
  • Please provide a contact for publicity purposes
  • Please provide a contact for the project
  • Judges may request further information on your submission
  • Submissions should not contain confidential data
  • Companies that apply will not be named
  • The winners will be announced on Wednesday 13 May

If you win an award we do require a representative from your company to attend the award ceremony.

List of Previous Winners


Winners of the IDTechEx Show! awards will receive publicity in our weekly journals and post-event articles. Winners will also have the opportunity to present a slide at the award ceremony on Wednesday 13 May.

Award Winners Feedback

Best New Wearable Technology Device

It's an honor to have our Meta 2 Development Kit recognized as the Best New Wearable Technology Device by the IDTechEx Show,

Best New Material or Component Development

We are extremely pleased and honored to have received the award for the Best New Material or Component Development... solid-state and customized batteries are going to help revolutionize the next stage for wearables and IoT Technology

Best Development in 3D Printing

We are delighted our industrial MetalFAB1 system has won the award for the Best Development in 3D Printing. This will greatly support the entry of our industrial 3D printing systems for series production on the US market

Additive Industries b.v.
Most Significant Innovation

The Shockwave Motors Team really appreciates the opportunity provided by IDTechEx and the belief and confidence they have shown in us. This amazing learning experience has been capped off by winning the Most Significant Innovation Award. For us, this has been a life-altering event; one we never forget!

Shockwave Motors, Inc.
Best Technical Development within Energy Harvesting

We are delighted to have won the IDTechEx Award in recognition of our Freevolt technology.

Drayson Technologies
Best Technical Development within Energy Storage

24M is honored to win the award for Best Technical Development within Energy Storage from IDTechEx. We'd like to thank the team at IDTechEx for deeming our work worthy of this great honor.

Best IoT Technology Development

We are thrilled our Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit is being recognized by IDTechEx as the Best IoT Technology Development this year