Enabling point of care diagnostics
and continuous monitoring
25 - 26 September 2019 | Cambridge, UK

Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2019 is a conference and table-top exhibition focusing on the latest developments in the use of wearables and sensors in continuous monitoring of individuals and point-of-care diagnostics.

Sessions covering:

  • Wearables in healthcare
  • Electronic skin patches
  • Devices for remote patient monitoring
  • Sensors in healthcare
  • Biosensors in healthcare
  • Gas sensors in healthcare

Analyst-led masterclasses:

  • Introduction to Wearables: Technologies, Players, Markets
  • Biosensors for Health Diagnostics
  • Electronic Skin Patches
  • Sensors: Flexible, Printed, and Stretchable

Why point of care diagnostics and continuous monitoring?

As healthcare spending around the world increases, innovative methods of delivering cost-effective healthcare must be developed. Continuous patient monitoring and point of care diagnostics are two such trends that are driving the industry towards value-based care, decentralized care, and patient-centric approach.

Curated by IDTechEx analysts who have been researching these themes over the past 5 years, the two-day conference will consist of over 30 speakers from the pharmaceutical, medical device, materials, and electronics industries who are developing or utilising wearables and sensors in healthcare.

IDTechEx Research forecasts significant market growth in segments related to these two trends:
  • Medical wearables market will reach $19.7 billion by 2024
  • Market for biomedical sensors at the point of care will reach $43 billion by 2029
  • Revenue from electronic skin patches will reach over $20 billion by 2029
  • Annual revenue from CGM devices will overtake test strip and glucometer revenue by 2020

Event focus:

  • Latest in wearable and sensor technologies for continuous patient monitoring in health and wellness
  • Electronic skin patches in remote patient monitoring
  • Connected medical devices and digital health
  • Latest in sensor technologies for point-of-care diagnostics
  • Focus sessions on biosensors and gas sensors for point-of-care diagnostics
  • How innovations in medtech such as medical wearables and sensors are driving digital health and disrupting traditional healthcare

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Dr Nadia Tsao


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Research Director, Personnel Lead

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