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alt="Rubber material for flexible, unbreakable devices"
Rubber material for flexible, unbreakable devices
A group of researchers have discovered a stretchy miracle material that could be used to create highly resistant smart devices and scratch-proof paint for cars.
alt="A new way to print electrical circuits"
A new way to print electrical circuits
Graphene-based inks can be printed with traditional methods like inkjet printing. With the thickness of an atom, graphene is the thinnest material in the world — and one of its greatest potentials is its ability to be used as a conductor.
alt="Korean smart textiles development flourishes amidst government funding"
Korean smart textiles development flourishes amidst government funding
IDTechEx attended "Preview in Seoul 2017", a traditional textiles exhibition showing various advanced textiles and smart apparel. There were 388 companies involved and IDTechEx here provides an overview of the key features of the event.
alt="Low-cost wearables manufactured by hybrid 3D printing"
Low-cost wearables manufactured by hybrid 3D printing
A collaboration has created a new additive manufacturing technique for soft electronics, called hybrid 3D printing, that integrates soft, electrically conductive inks and matrix materials with rigid electronic components into a single, stretchable device.
alt="Green light for ultra-fine display colours"
Green light for ultra-fine display colours
Chemical engineers have succeeded in generating ultra-pure green light for the first time. The new light-emitting diode will pave the way for visibly improved colour quality in a new generation of ultra-high definition displays for TVs and smartphones.
alt="IDTechEx Show! Exhibit Space Over 90% Sold"
IDTechEx Show! Exhibit Space Over 90% Sold
With over two months to go until the IDTechEx Show! at the Santa Clara Convention Center on November 15 - 16, over 90% of the exhibit space is already sold. The event brings together the hottest emerging technologies including materials, components and systems with end users, who seek to use these technologies to differentiate their products through greater capability.
alt="Paper-based electronics continues to advance"
Paper-based electronics continues to advance
Imagine folding up a paper-thin computer tablet like a newspaper. It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but such flexible electronics are moving closer to reality.