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Sales Director - Printed Electronics, Graphene
+44 (0)1223 812300
Sales Director - Printed Electronics, Graphene & 3D Printing
+44 (0)1223 810297
Sales Director: Wearable Technology and Sensors
+44 (0)1273 900 810

Demonstration Street

The Printed Electronics Europe tradeshow will feature "Demonstration Street", a large area in the exhibition hall showcasing the World's largest collection of complete working products. It will include printed flexible displays such as wearable technology, consumer electronics, interactive posters, bistable displays, actuators and audio paper, interactive games, OLED displays, electronics in fabrics, interactive printed controls and menus, 3D printed electronics, conformal electronics, flexible and printed sensors, Internet of Things devices and much more.

All attendees can access Demonstration Street: Register Now

Demonstration Street Exhibitors


Have a new product? Showcase them here.

Our events, are attended by a large number of end users from many vertical industries, including electronics, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, military, advertising and media and toy industries. These companies attend our events to meet with suppliers and preview what is available and becoming available.

We invite any company with a suitable product to apply for space in this area, which can be used to showcase your product. Qualifying companies will be able to place a brief description of their product next to it, along with business cards. Companies exhibiting at the event will also have signage next to their products referring people to their stands.

Why this will benefit your company

IDTechEx events are strongly marketed to many end user verticals. Attendees include brand managers and buyers that often want to see working product rather than the components through the value chain.

In addition, this part of the tradeshow will receive large press coverage from media beyond the printing, electronics and manufacturing sectors.

How to Apply

To show your product on Demonstration Street we do ask that you are an exhibitor or attendee at the event. In order to apply for space, please contact Sarah Parish ( and she will send you further information. IDTechEx cannot guarantee that all entries will be accepted.