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Hersteller-Seminar - Programm

Neu für 2009!


Unser Hersteller-Seminar wird am 7. und 8. April während des Mittagessens im Ausstellungsbereich stattfinden und für alle Teilnehmer öffentlich sein.

Das 15-minütige Seminar wird Ihnen einen erstklassige Momentaufnahme und einzigartige Möglichkeit geben, über die Technologien zu erfahren, mit denen heutzutage gedruckte Elektronik hergestellt wird.


Tuesday April 7th
12.35   iTi
Ms Debbie Thorp
Inkjet Technology for Printed Electronics & Photovoltaic Applications
  • Why inkjet?
  • Real examples
  • ImageXpert
    12.55   ImageXpert
    Mr Yair Kipman
    Machine-Vision Based Metrology Systems for Printed Electronics. Interactive and automated systems for vision based 2-D metrology Print head performance evaluation and fluid characterization through analysis of drops-in-flight Solar cell inspection systems
    HC Starck
    13.15   H.C.Starck Clevios GmbH
    Dr Stephan Kirchmeyer
    Formulation of Polymeric Conductors for Organic Electronics
    13.35  Unijet
    Dr Seogsoon Soon Kim, CEO
    New Applications and Inkjet Printing Technology Development


    Wednesday April 8th
    Rogers Corporation
    13.05   Rogers Corporation
    Dr. William Scholtz
    Rogers Corporation Durel Division: A market leader in the development, design, and manufacture of Printed Electronic products
  • Equipment and manufacturing capabilities that are critical for high precision screen printing
  • High yield manufacturing of electroluminescent lamps for large scale, animated advertising applications
  • Screen printing electronic components quickly, simply, and cost effectively
  • FUJIFILM Dimatix
    13.25   FUJIFILM Dimatix
    Jan Sumerel, Manager, Biomedical Sciences
    Dimatix Materials Printer
  • Gold standard R&D printer
  • Cartridge system for printing proprietary fluids
  • Easy-to-use software for drop watcher and visual inspection after printing
  • First-ever 1 pL printhead for R&D printer
  • Daetwyler R&D Corporporation
    13.45   Daetwyler R&D Corporporation
    Eric Serenius, Vice President Daetwyler R&D Corp
    Precision High Accuracy Gravure for Printed Electronics (PHA-Gravure)
  • MicroStar for high speed Sub-Micron feature engraving
  • AccuPress for Layer-to-Layer/Roll to Roll Printing
  • Micron Lenses for Optical Film
  • Printed Electronics Development Center
  •  Sun Chemical
    14.05   Sun Chemical
    Mr Frank Eirmbter
    Inks and Chemicals for Printed Electronics
    • Different print methods require different inks / fluids for printed electronic devices
    • Introducing "SunTronic" conductive inks, smart inks and printing methods




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