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Day One: Dec 7th

Markets, Logic & Memory, Sensors, Sound and Power

07:30 Registration, Ballroom foyer

Markets, Potential Users and Applications

08:30 IDTechEx, UK: Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman

"Printed & Organic Electronics: Forecasts, Players & Opportunities"

  • Printed and organic electronics forecasts for 2005 to 2025
  • Breakdown by displays, logic and memory, power, sensors and conductors
  • The value chain and routes to market
  • Progress of players

09:00 T-ink, USA: Andrew Ferber, Co-Chairman

"Printed Electronics and the Challenges of Commercialization"

  • Designing the product
  • Integration into manufacturing system
  • Explaining the product in the marketplace

09:30 MeadWestvaco, USA Thomas Grinnan, VP Healthcare Packaging

"Encouraging Consumer Interaction in the Medical and Consumer Markets"

  • Capabilities of smart packaging
  • Market need based solutions
  • Factors to consider in development
  • Our use of Printed Electronics: Interactive DVD sleeves and medical packaging

10:00 Cypak, Sweden Stina Ehrensvard, Marketing Director

"Printed Electronics in Use in the Medical and Security Sectors "

  • Combining RFID with microprocessors, clock and sensors to add functionality and value
  • Recent case studies in medical and security industry
  • Low cost printable antennas and new conductive glue for attaching electronics onto paper

10:30 Networking break & refreshments

11:00 Panipol, Finland Dr Juha Hartikainen, R&D Director

“Printed Electronics case studies: the technology in action today” 

  • Fully Printed Interactive Games and RFID Tags Today
  • Recent advances with Panipol polyaniline materials
  • New inks and coating materials
  • Application examples

Organic and Printed Inorganic Semiconductors

11:30 Acreo, Sweden Staffan Nordlinder

"Reel to reel production of polymer electronics"

  • Smart transistors
  • Logic circuitry
  • Displays
  • Batteries

12:00 Hewlett Packard, USA Dr Thomas Lindner, R&D Manager

"Printed Electronics - HP's Technology beyond Ink on Paper"

  • Introduction of HP ' s Thermal Ink Jet Capability
  • Path to  Printed Devices and Novel Applications

12:30 ORFID, USA Dr David Margolese, VP Technology Development

"A Vertical Organic Transistor"

  • A novel architecture leads to a high current low voltage transistor suitable for OLED displays
  • The same architecture leads to the possibility of simply patterned arrays

13:00 Networking lunch

14:00 Thin Film Electronics, Sweden Rolf Åberg, Managing Director

"Printed Memories"

  • From silicon to paper
  • Non volatile, random access polymer memory
  • Markets & applications

14:30 The University of Illinois, USA : Professor John Rogers, Founder Professor of Engineering

"Printable Forms of Single Crystal Inorganic Semiconductors for High Performance Flexible Electronics"

  • Inorganic semiconductors in the form of micro/nanoscale wires, ribbons, platelets, etc. can be generated from bulk wafers
  • Soft lithographic printing techniques allow these elements to be patterned onto low cost plastic substrates
  • High performance transistors and circuits can be fabricated with these materials

15:00 Plextronics, USA Dr Troy Hammond, VP Products

"Developing a Versatile Platform Technology to Improve Performance in Organic Electronic Devices"

  • Examining the opportunities for printed electronics created by advancements in materials technology
  • Analyzing the impact of these advancements on applications such as OLED displays and printed organic electronics

15:30 BASF Future Business, Germany Dr. Peter Eckerle, Project Leader Printed Electronics

"The first fully printed, low cost, mass-producible ring oscillator"

  • Our mass printable ring oscillator
  • The issues that we encountered on our way
  • Our next steps to get to marketable products

16:00 Networking break & refreshments

Power, sound and photovoltaics

16:15 Georgia Institute of Technology, USA : Bernard Kippelen, Professor Microelectronics/Microsystems, and Optics and Photonics

"Printed Organic Photovoltaic Devices: Progress and Challenges"

  • Recent progress in organic photovoltaic cells
  • Challenges associated with improving efficiency
  • Benefits of highly ordered films with controlled structure and large exciton diffusion lengths, as well as multi-junction architectures
  • Their application to RFID tags and sensor networks

16:45 Nanosolar, USA : Dr James Sheats, CTO

"Flexible, Printed Photovoltaics"

  • Market opportunity and requirements
  • The value proposition for printed PV
  • Technological challenges for roll-to-roll PV manufacturing

17:15 NXT, UK : Geoff Boyd, Managing Director

"Invisible Sound Delivers Interactive High Information Content to Printed Electronics"

  • Introduction to NXT Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) Technology
  • Ultra thin form factor (DM) loudspeakers deliver Interactive High Information Content using Audio
  • Application to promotion, smart packaging, and disposable product

17:45 Thin Battery Technologies, USA : Leonard Allison, President

"Thin Flexible Batteries Add Value to Printed Electronics"

  • Construction
  • Performance
  • Integration
Optional Meet the Experts Gala Dinner

19:30 Court of Palms, Ritz Carlton golf resort


Day Two: Dec 8th

Display Technology, Manufacture Techniques, Materials


08:30 Registration

Display technology

09:00 VTT, Finland Riikka Suhonen, Research Scientist

"Roll-to-roll manufacturing technologies of OLEDs for signage and lighting"

  • OLED fabrication on flexible and rigid substrate
  • R2R manufacturing technologies
  • Arbitrary size and shape displays for signage and packaging
  • Large-area OLEDs for lighting

09:30 3M, USA Dr Tommie Wilson Kelley, Display & Graphics Business Laboratory

"Large(r) Area, Low(er) Resolution, Flexible Displays"

  • Flexible display technology: challenges and opportunities
  • Defining the device: active vs passive matrix and other details
  • The road to robust devices - how do we get there from here?

10:00 Sharp, Japan/USA: Dr Tolis Voutsas, Senior Manager, LCD Process

Technology Lab.

"Flexible Display Technology"

  • Requirements and technologies for Thin-Film-Transistor fabrication on flexible substrates
  • Choice of substrate and trade-offs
  • Is there a killer app for a flexible display - what might be an entry point?

10:30 Gyricon, USA: Robert Sprague, VP and CTO

"The Commercialization of Distributed Digital Signage With Electronic Paper"

  • Gyricon is commercializing a networked solution of battery operated electronic paper displays with wireless connection to a central computer.
  • The signs are managed by scheduling software which has a user friendly interface and links to a number of well known room management software applications..
  • Applications include messaging signs for conference and hospitality room management, retail pricing signage, and outdoor messaging and marquee applications.
  • The advance of printed electronics will have a major impact on the cost, form factor, and functionality of signs using this technology.
  • This talk will describe the technology, describe current products in the marketplace and a roadmap for products planned in the future, and describe some of the technology advances which will move this field forward.

11:00 Networking break & refreshments

11:30 Aveso, USA: Stephen F. Quindlen, CEO

"Commercializing Printed Electrochromatic Displays"

  • High volume smart card and label opportunities for printed electrochromatic displays
  • Production and integration of electronic display inlays using high-speed print processes
  • Market introduction of display-enabled cards and labels

12:00 Parelec, USA Geva Barash, CEO

"Printed Electronics is Diversified"

  • Printed electronics is diversified
  • What are the main applications?
  • How do people print with conductive inks?
  • Where is the future for Printing in the Electronics market?

Manufacture techniques

12:30 MAN Roland, Germany Dr. Reinhard R. Baumann, Special Print Media Projects

"The Impact of Printed Electronics on the Printing Industry"

  • From Color Separations to Functionality Separations
  • Printed Products with Extended Functionalities
  • Conceptions for Appropriate Modular Printing Systems

13:00 Networking Lunch

14:00 Dimatix, USA: Dr Linda T. Creagh, Business Development Director

"New Solutions for Ink Jetting Electronics"

  • Electronics Manufacturing Achievements with Ink Jets
  • Remaining Challenges
  • Digital Electronics Printing the New Way
    • System
    • Printheads
  • Future Directions

14:30 Microdrop Technologies, Germany Willhelm Meyer, Managing Director

"Digital Printing and Material Deposition of Conductive Inks by Inkjet Technlogy"

  • Technology
  • Demands on particle loaded liquids
  • Printing of conductive tracks and other structures
  • New developments - printable isotropic conductive adhesives

15:00 IT Strategies, USA Mark Hanley, President

"How far away are Production InkJet Systems?"

  • The argument for InkJet rather than analog print technology - and as soon as possible
  • A realistic review of the true fit of current Inkjet technologies to Printed Electronics specifications
  • The strategic positioning of InkJet head vendors for Printed Electronics
  • Economics of Industrial InkJet Development. What ten years of experience tells us about what works, what doesn't and who will be able to take the lead in Printed Electronics
  • What will InkJet achieve in printed Electronics in the next 5 years?


15:30 NANOIDENT Technologies AG, Germany: Klaus G. Schroeter, CEO

"Organic Photodetectors"

  • Introduction to NANOIDENT's photonic sensor platform
  • Advantages of organic sensors vs. silicon sensors
  • Production of organic photodetectors
  • Markets and applications

Materials and substrates

16:00 Cabot, USA: Chuck Edwards, General Manager

"A Comparison of IJ Printed Conductors to Conventional Processes"

There is considerable interest in the use of low temperature nano-particle inks for printing of electronic features for applications such as RFID and displays. In this presentation we will compare the performance of these IJ printed inks to convention processes such as etched copper and screen printed silver.

16:30 Columbia University, USA : Prof Stan Kachnowski

17:00 Conference End


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