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Conference Agenda

Thursday, 21 Nov 2013



 New Supercapacitor Materials and Structures
09:00Florida State University
High Energy Density Li-ion Capacitors
Prof Jim Zheng, Chair & Professor
Florida State University
United States
09:25University of Newcastle
Enhanced Electrochemical Capacitors for Energy Storage Applications
Prof Scott Donne, Applied Electrochemistry Group
University of Newcastle
09:50Australian National University
A New Colossal Dielectric Constant Material and its Potential Applications
Prof Yun Liu, Head of the Functional Materials Research Group
Australian National University
Activated Carbon Structure and Effects on Volumetric Capacitance
Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman
United Kingdom
11:15JSR Micro Inc
Supercapacitors at JSR Micro
Mr Jeff Myron, Energy Solutions Program Manager
JSR Micro Inc
United States
 Scaling up Manufacturing and Evaluating Supercapacitors
11:40University of Surrey
Up-scaling Complexity, Considerations for Lab to Pilot Scale Production
Dr Peter Wilson, CTO/R&D Manager
University of Surrey
United Kingdom
12:05UC Davis
The evaluation methods of supercapacitors and the performance metrics of various carbonaceous materials
Mr Sanliang Zhang, Research Assistant
UC Davis
United States
12:30Paper Battery Company Inc
Supercapacitors as Integrated Systems for Portable Electronics Battery
Dr Shreefal Mehta, CEO
Paper Battery Company Inc
United States
 New Developments with Vehicles and Electric Vehicles
14:05Chrysler Group LLC
SAE Standards Development Activities for Capacitive Energy Storage Devices, for Automotive Applications
Mr Oliver Gross, Energy Storage Systems Specialist
Chrysler Group LLC
United States
14:30Robert Bosch LLC
Future Trends in Energy Research for e-Mobility
Dr Timm Lohmann, Senior Research Engineer
Robert Bosch LLC
United States
14:55CNR/Solbian & IFEVS
Integration of PV-Multifunctional Systems in Micro Electric Vehicles and Boats
Mr Marco Bianucci, Senior Researcher
CNR/Solbian & IFEVS
15:20National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Performance Evaluation of Lower-Energy Energy Storage Alternatives for Full-Hybrid Vehicles
Mr Jon Cosgrove, Researcher
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
United States
15:45VISEDO Oy
Supercapacitor in 300 HP hybrid - 1 year payback
Mr Lars Stegmann, Sales Manager
SME Driving EV Technology Development in Europe - FP7 INTRASME
IDTechEx, Franco Gonzalez
17:55Day 2 ends

Wednesday November 20, 2013

The Graphene Opportunity in Supercapacitors (15:45 - 18:25)

15:45 - 16:10 "Graphene in Energy Storage Applications"
16:10 Break
16:45 - 17:10 "Inkjet-Printed Graphene for Micro-Supercapacitor"
• Inkjet-printed graphene micropatterns demonstrated for flexible packaged micro-supercapacitor that meets ARDEC designs requirement
• Opportunity to optimize: packaging material, current collector, electrode design, electrolytes selection, etc.
• New insight into fundamental research goal for hybrid 3D materials
• Institutional-level entrepreneurship activities through example of FlexTraPower - a Stevens spin-off
17:10 - 17:35 "Graphene Hybrid Devices for Energy Storage and Sensors"
• Technology overview; properties and advantages of graphene for use in hybrid devices.
• Graphene/Carbon Nanotube hybrid supercapacitor for high surface area and rapid charge/discharge times.
• Graphene based biosensor hybrid for highly selective, sensitive, and rapid diagnostics and analyte detection
18:00 - 18:25 "Graphene-Enabled Supercapacitors - Recent Developments"
18:25 Day 1 ends