Graphene-Enabled Supercapacitors - Recent Developments (Graphene LIVE! USA 2013)

Mr Ian Fuller, Project Engineer
Angstron Materials
United States


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Speaker Biography (Ian Fuller)

Mr. Ian Fuller, Project Engineer at Nanotek Instruments Inc., has been with the company for five years. He graduated in 2012 from Cornell University with his M.S. in Material Science and Engineering after having received his B.S. from Wright State University in Engineering Physics. His primary research focuses include nanomaterials and energy storage and generation. Mr. Fuller holds one issued U.S. patent and has authored one peer-reviewed journal article. Currently, Mr. Fuller is engaged in several projects centered on bringing nanomaterials and advanced energy storage solutions from lab-scale successes to real-world products.

Company Profile (Angstron Materials)

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Established in 1997 and headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, Nanotek has been one of the companies on the forefront of the nanotechnology revolution. The company was founded by Dr. Bor Jang, a leading expert in the research and development of low-cost carbon nanomaterials, batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells with over 170 patents issued or pending. Nanotek has assembled a truly skilled workforce of engineers, chemists, and material scientists with the aim of bringing nanotechnology into everyday life. In 2007, Nanotek spun off a company, Angstron Materials, Inc., to develop and manufacture a cost-effective, high-performance, nano-scale material called nano graphene platelets. Angstron is currently the world's largest producer of both oxidized and pristine nano graphene platelets (NGPs).
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