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Conference Agenda

Wednesday, 20 Nov 2013


The Internet of Things

Energy Harvesting

 Opening Keynotes 
Energy Harvesting: Enabling Technologies for The Internet of Things
Dr Harry Zervos, Senior Technology Analyst
United Kingdom
09:00Disney Research
Printed Energy Harvesters and their Interactive Applications in Books and Printed Media
Dr Emre Karagozler, Post Doctral Researcher
Disney Research
United States
Practical Applications of Energy Harvesting in the Built Environment
Mr Matt Williams, Associate Principal
United States
Improving Building Performance with Wireless Sensor Networks
Mr Eric Eisele, Materials Engineer
United States
Big Data Begins with Little Data
Mr Willard Tu, Embedded Solutions Manager
United States
Navigating the Internet of Things
Mr Henrik Stahl, VP Product Management
United States
Creating a Better World in the Connected World
Mr Benjamin Wesson, VP Product Management for M2M Solutions
United States
12:10Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center, University of California
OpenWSN, Single Chip Motes, and the Future of the Internet of Things
Prof Kristofer Pister, Professor
Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center, University of California
United States
 Enabling IoT Infrastructure 
14:30Linear Technology
Low Power, Reliable Wireless Sensor Networks for the Internet of Things
Mr Ross Yu, Product Marketing Manager, Dust Networks
Linear Technology
United States
14:55Deutsche Telekom
Driving the M2M Business - New Business Opportunities Through Innovation and Partnerships.
Mr Markus Breitbach, Head of International Sales & Partnering
Deutsche Telekom
Energy Harvesting Powered Devices
15:20Orange Mobile Enterprise
Orange and the IoT
Mr Frédéric Veyssière, VP Business Development
Orange Mobile Enterprise
United States
Perpetuum Ltd
Perpetuum Intelligent Power Module (IPM) Enables Multiple External Power Options for OEM Wireless Transmitters
Mr Keith J Abate Sr, Director Global Business Development
Perpetuum Ltd
United States
15:45Gemalto Telecom
Enabling a Secure Connected World - Assembling the Building Blocks for a Successful M2M Application
Mr Jean-Francois Rubon, Director Innovation & Technology Strategy
Gemalto Telecom
United States
Analog Devices & SolarPrint
Optimized System Solutions to Power a World of Self-generating Wireless Sensors
Mr Brendan Daly, System Applications Engineer
Analog Devices & SolarPrint
Mobile Enables the 'Internet of Things'
Mr Joe Speed, IBM m2m Sales Leader
United States
Electronics and System Design to Enable Energy Harvesting Powered Devices
17:10Giesecke & Devrient GB Ltd
Securely Connecting the Next Wave of Devices
Mr Patrick Waters, Head of Operations, M2M & Subscription Management
Giesecke & Devrient GB Ltd
Advanced EH Power Chain Design Techniques
Mr Steve Grady, VP Marketing
United States
17:35RF Monolithics, Inc
Wireless Technology Options for the Internet of Things
Mr Tim Cutler, Director of Business Development - M2M Business
RF Monolithics, Inc
United States
Fraunhofer IIS
Maximizing Power Output of Energy Harvesting Systems with Optimized Power Management
Dr Peter Spies, Head of Integrated Energy Supplies
Fraunhofer IIS
18:00Antaris Solutions
Smart Logistics with the Application of WSN and Internet of Things Technologies
Mr Mark Bijl, CTO
Antaris Solutions
Texas Instruments
A Practical 1uA Sensor Sampling Solution for Deeply Embedded Systems
Mr Mark Buccini, Director
Texas Instruments
United States
18:25Day 1 endsDay 1 ends

Thursday, 21 Nov 2013


The Internet of Things

Energy Harvesting


 New IoT Technology and System DevelopmentsEnergy Harvesting Technologies and Systems 
09:00Intel Corp.
Internet of Things: an Inclusive View of Requirements and Scope
Dr Milan Milenkovic, Principal Engineer
Intel Corp.
United States
Murata Manufacturing
Murata's Energy Harvesting Devices and Applications for WSN
Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa, Device Development Manager
Murata Manufacturing
09:25Freescale Semiconductor
Role of converged gateways to manage Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) for IoT Services
Mr Kaivan Karimi, Executive Director of Global Strategy and Business
Freescale Semiconductor
United States
09:50Redpine Signals Inc
A new Approach to Wi-Fi Based RTLS
Mr Venkat Mattela, Chairman and CEO
Redpine Signals Inc
United States
North Carolina State University
Self-powered Integrated Systems for Health and Environmental Monitoring
Dr Jesse Jur, Assistant Professor
North Carolina State University
United States
Decawave ScenSor Chip: A Game Changer for Indoor Positioning, RTLS and IoT
Mr Luc Darmon, VP of Strategy and Business Development
11:15Imperial College London
Powering Sensors Using Ambient or Directed Electromagnetic Fields
Dr Paul D Mitcheson, Lecturer
Imperial College London
United Kingdom
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Connecting with the Emerging Nervous System of Ubiquitous Sensing
Dr Joseph Paradiso, Associate Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
United States
  Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting 
WSN in the Real World
Ms Alicia Asin Perez, CEO
Marlow Industries
Thermal Energy Harvesting Solutions Today
Mr Stefan Ikelman, Market Manager
Marlow Industries
United States
12:05EM Microelectronic US, Inc.
Energy Harvested Wireless Sensor Networks Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons
Mr Mark Jakusovszky, Sales & Marketing, North America
EM Microelectronic US, Inc.
United States
University of Glasgow
Si/SiGe Microfabricated Thermoelectric Materials, Devices and Modules
Prof Douglas Paul, Director of the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre
University of Glasgow
United Kingdom
Passive Wireless Sensing Powered by Chameleon Self-Tuning Technology
Mr Stan Drobac,
United States
California Institute of Technology, NASA
Thermoelectric Devices Developments at NASA
Mr Jordan Chase, Thermal Energy Conversion Technologies Group
California Institute of Technology, NASA
United States
 WSN and IoT Applications and Case Studies New Developments with Vehicles and Electric Vehicles
Location-aware Sensor Network, the GPS of Things
Mr Jean-Marie Andre, CEO
 Chrysler Group LLC
SAE Standards Development Activities for Capacitive Energy Storage Devices, for Automotive Applications
Mr Oliver Gross, Energy Storage Systems Specialist
Chrysler Group LLC
United States
14:30 Laird Technologies
Thermal Energy Harvesting for Embedded Wireless Solutions
Mr Bob Collins, Business Development
Laird Technologies
United States
Robert Bosch LLC
Future Trends in Energy Research for e-Mobility
Dr Timm Lohmann, Senior Research Engineer
Robert Bosch LLC
United States
14:55Logimesh Technologies, LLC
Energy Harvesting to Empower Better Solutions for Oil and Gas
Mr Bill Gillette, President
Logimesh Technologies, LLC
United States
Komatsu, KELK
Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting for Industrial Waste Heat Recovery
Dr Hirokuni Hachiuma, Director
Komatsu, KELK
CNR/Solbian & IFEVS
Integration of PV-Multifunctional Systems in Micro Electric Vehicles and Boats
Mr Marco Bianucci, Senior Researcher
CNR/Solbian & IFEVS
15:20MicroGen Systems
Energy Harvesting for Industrial and Building Applications
Dr Kathleen Vaeth, VP Engineering
MicroGen Systems
United States
Energy Harvesting Special Interest Group
Overview of UK Energy Harvesting Activities
Dr James Johnstone, Theme Mgr - Metrology, Instrumentation & Standards
Energy Harvesting Special Interest Group
United Kingdom
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Performance Evaluation of Lower-Energy Energy Storage Alternatives for Full-Hybrid Vehicles
Mr Jon Cosgrove, Researcher
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
United States
15:45Meggitt Sensing Systems
Energy Harvesting based Sensor Network for Industrial Monitoring
Dr Tomasz Zawada, Engineering and Research Manager
Meggitt Sensing Systems
WiTricity Corporation
Advances in Wireless Power Transfer Over Distance
Mr David Schatz, Vice President of Sales & Business Development
WiTricity Corporation
United States
Supercapacitor in 300 HP hybrid - 1 year payback
Mr Lars Stegmann, Sales Manager
16:40 Energy Harvesting & IoT Closing SessionINTRASME
SME Driving EV Technology Development in Europe - FP7 INTRASME
IDTechEx, Franco Gonzalez
17:05 WeWi Telecommunications, Inc.
Solar Africa: Driving Societal Change through Solar Power
David Snir, CEO & Founder
WeWi Telecommunications, Inc.
17:30 Red Hat
M2M is Revolutionizing the Transportation Industry
Mr James Kirkland, Principal Solutions Architect
Red Hat
United States
17:55Day 2 endsIDTechEx
Mr Raghu Das, CEO
United Kingdom
Day 2 ends
18:00 Day 2 ends 

Wednesday November 20, 2013

Enabling IoT Infrastructure (14:30 - 18:25)

14:30 - 14:55 "Low Power, Reliable Wireless Sensor Networks for the Internet of Things"
* The Internet of Things promises to make a greener, more efficient world, and the demand for easy access to sensor information has never been higher.
* Low power, reliable wireless sensor networks are a reality, and the speaker will share real-world examples of where they are being successfully deployed
* The ongoing Internet Protocol (IP) standards efforts will combine low power, reliable WSNs with the interoperability of IP systems.
14:55 - 15:20 "Driving the M2M Business - New Business Opportunities Through Innovation and Partnerships."
M2M solutions for the broad M2M market
Business optimization & new business opportunities
Bridging silos to enable new application scenarios
15:20 - 15:45 "Orange and the IoT"
15:45 - 16:10 "Enabling a Secure Connected World - Assembling the Building Blocks for a Successful M2M Application"
  • Towards a trusted ecosystem
  • Combining building blocks for faster time to market
  • Benefits of choosing open technologies in IoT
  • Designing a scalable and evolutionary solution
16:10 Break
16:45 - 17:10 "Mobile Enables the 'Internet of Things'"
Mobile is more than phones and tablets. Advances in technology are enabling machine to machine connections that are creating new revenue streams, operating models and opportunities to provide customer value. We are able to identify things by tagging them and can then sense them in the environment. Advances in nanotechnology are helping us infuse intelligence and processing power into objects to create thinking things. Advances in power technology allow us to power things more efficiently and for longer periods of time and in more remote locations than ever before. This session will cover how these technological advances are enabling new business opportunities like remote monitoring of things like machines, homes and even an individual's health, all of which once required face to face access. It will also detail how context aware devices can proactively push promotions to people in proximity to a particular location and can help items like luggage speak to the systems that move them indicating their location and status.
17:10 - 17:35 "Securely Connecting the Next Wave of Devices"
• From Connected Devices to a Connected Society
• How to Remotely Manage Connectivity - a scalable and secure solution
• Today's Experience from Emerging Use-cases
• Dynamic Lifetime Connectivity Management for the Internet of Things
17:35 - 18:00 "Wireless Technology Options for the Internet of Things"
• This presentation will provide an overview of the various types of wireless sensor network applications and network architectures.
• The presentation then provides a look at the various wireless technologies available and presents strengths and weaknesses of each technology as they pertain to the needs of these applications.
• The presentation will include cellular technologies, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy, WirelessHART, as well as proprietary Frequency Hopping technology in the 900MHz and 2.4GHz bands
18:00 - 18:25 "Smart Logistics with the Application of WSN and Internet of Things Technologies"
  • Technology innovation in wireless sensor networking and GPS/GPRS solutions for the logistics industry
  • From real-time asset tracking to real-time shipment monitoring
  • Case study: Panalpina is sucessfully using WSN ang GPS/GPRS technologies for real-time monitoring of global pharmaceutical shipments
  • Future outlook and expected impact on the global logistics industry
18:25 Day 1 ends