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Covering Active RFID and RFID combined with Wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth and sensors

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The Active RFID Summit 2005

Covering Active RFID and RFID combined with Wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth and sensors

The Active RFID Summit is the premier forum for users and developers of Active Radio Frequency Identification and short range wireless communications devices to meet and discuss moving the industry forward into valuable, commercial opportunities. Presentations discussing the proven business and operational benefits will give the delegates an opportunity to learn how to take advantage of the capabilities of Active RFID for their own benefit, including in the new second generation RFID enabled cellphones.

The Summit is expected to attract between 150 and 200 thought leaders and decision makers in the Active RFID area, ready to act to meet the needs of both the market and society.

The Opportunity for Active RFID

Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has the potential to greatly improve the world around us. By adding sensors, power, long range communication, and other exciting technologies to RFID and short range communications, there is an opportunity to achieve any number of improvements, such as:

  • More accurate tracking of items through the supply chain

  • Healthcare patients receive the best care at the right time

  • Ease of transfer of data between consumer products

  • High value items will be securely located in large area storage facilities

  • Authorized access to secure locations will be enabled using biometrics

  • Food and pharmaceuticals will be verified and at desired temperatures

  • Ports and shipping channels will be more safe from harm

  • Chemical, biological, and radiation sensor tags can grant access or accompany containers through shipping infrastructure

  • Widespread adoption and lower cost technologies drive economies of scale

Much of the opportunity surrounding Fully Active and Semi-Passive RFID is the result of the added capability it has over passive RFID, which is somewhat constrained to dock door, conveyor, or shelf applications. Active alternatives bring visibility to the depot, lot, port, and entire world. Additionally, the increasing ability for active tags to sense and report their environments leads to an enormous range of new and novel implementations. Numerous platforms are emerging to address these opportunities and include communication protocols such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, NFC and the Electronic Product Code (Classes 3 and 4).

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Conference Venue:
Marriott Plaza Hotel
555 South Alamo
San Antonio TX 78205

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